My Goals for Saturday’s Clarendon Day 10k

Saturday marks my second race in a week.  It could also potentially mark the first time that I run in a week.

After being sick for a week, I finally went to the doctor Tuesday afternoon.  She didn’t advise me against running, just said to listen to my body and play things by ear.  I’m hoping that I’ll feel up to going for a short run after work today, to see how my body reacts to running.  I’m trying to stay positive and think that I will in fact be able to run Saturday’s race.


Assuming that I run Saturday’s race, I definitely won’t be pushing myself hard.  I achieved my new PR last weekend at the Dulles Day 10k on the Runway (which I still need to recap), so I’ll just be going out and running completely based on how I feel.

Naturally, I have three very different goals for Saturday’s race.

Goal A – Finish the race in under 1:08:11 (10:58 pace) – my PR from last weekend, which I’ll push myself towards if I’m feeling up to the challenge

Goal B – Finish the race in under 1:11:08 (11:27 pace) – my current half marathon PR pace, which is what I’ll likely be striving towards since I’ve been sick

Goal C – Cross the finish line – what I’ll aim to achieve if I’m not feeling up to running the entire race

QOTD: Have you ever run a race after being sick during the week leading up to the race?

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24 Responses to My Goals for Saturday’s Clarendon Day 10k

  1. Jennifer says:

    Great plan and attitude approaching this race – I know you will listen to your body. I hope you start feeling better. Have a great time and I look fwd to reading everyones recap!

  2. Craig says:

    ehen I race after being sick my heart rate tends to spike. I back off in the opening 2 miles and pick up the pace half way in. By mile 4 you should know if this will be a race or fun run with a lot of people. If I feel good at that point, I go wide open to the finish. Good luck.

  3. Pam says:

    It is no fun being sick and running. However, look at it this way, if you feel good on Saturday, you have enjoyed a mini taper and can be very speedy! I suffered from a cold for nearly two weeks before my big marathon in March and it was tough. I ran through it all, but was so happy that come race day, the virus was totally gone. Good luck and have fun!

  4. Chaitali says:

    Yuck, sorry to hear you’re still under the weather. I’m finally beginning to feel better and made it out for a run yesterday. Good luck with the race this weekend!

  5. Good luck on your 10k this weekend. I have never ran a race after coming off of being sick. Luckily it’s not a greater distance. You shoult have no problem!

  6. running with / or right after a cold, yes. i’ve done that many times. there was also that time i tried to run a marathon when i had the norovirus. that didn’t work out so well. however…i made it to mile 17 on pure grit and i think you can absolutely have a great race saturday. see you there!

  7. Amy Lauren says:

    I’m in DC for the weekend and saw that race. I just ran a 10K, but I hope you have fun doing it. I would say just run it for fun and not think about a PR or a real goal. I have a tendency to get sick after a big race myself, I have read your immune system takes a hit after an endurance event so maybe just enjoying it is the way to go. I was sick the weeks leading to my marathon and that made it very tough. It’s so hard to stay healthy this time of year with allergies and changing weather, too!

  8. FLRunnerBoy says:

    I hope you are back to feeling 100% soon!! I seem to always get a touch of the sniffles 2-3 weeks leading into a race without fail. Also, I’ve run one race with a minor chest cold but obviously didn’t push myself super hard. And on one other occasion I racedjust a week after having a stomach bug that landed me in the ER completely dehydrated. Those were rare situations though, typically I’m a run by feel kinda guy

  9. I ran my first 10k while getting over a really bad cold. It was the farthest I’d ever ran and I about coughed up a lung at the end. My goal was to run the entire thing, no matter how slow, and I did it! Good luck on your race!

  10. Coco says:

    Good luck! I’ve heard it’s such a fun event. I’ll be out doing the Reston Perfect 10.

  11. haleyduke17 says:

    I haven’t ran after being sick, but I did run a half marathon in my first trimester, so I know what it feels like to be under the weather during a race. Speed goes right out the window and finishing becomes the main goal.
    Hope you feel better. Good luck mama.

  12. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    It was so great to meet you today! I hope you made the goals you wanted too!

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