2014 Arlington Police, Fire & Sheriff 9/11 Memorial 5k Recap

Six days after running my third half marathon I ran another race: the Arlington Police, Fire & Sheriff Memorial 5k.  Although my legs still felt heavy the morning of the race, I decided to at least attempt to run it, especially after Preston decided to run the race at my pace.  I’m not sure that I would have run the entire race had it not been for him running beside me.

We opted to pick up our race packets the evening of the race, and arrived in Crystal City where the race was held about 75 minutes before the start of the race.  Packet pickup was held in the basement of a local hotel, and after running our race shirts back to the car, as well as making a bathroom stop back at the hotel, we headed out to the start line.  One of my favorite parts of this race was that an American flag was hung from the ladders of two fire trucks.  It was the perfect backdrop for the start of such a patriotic race.


In the hour leading up to the race, I wondered whether or not the race would be delayed or canceled because of the threat of thunderstorms.  Fortunately, the race was able to be held as scheduled, and most runners crossed the finish line of the race before lightning started to appear in the sky.

With the storm rolling in though, the weather was anything but ideal for the race.  The temperature was well above 90 degrees and the humidity was close to 100%.  The weather was one of the main reasons why Preston decided to run with me at my pace.

Preston and I before the start of the race

Preston and I proudly wore our Team RWB shirts for this race

The course started and ended in Crystal City, with a loop around the Pentagon.  While the course itself isn’t my favorite 5k course that I’ve run, I absolutely loved the support and entertainment along the course route.  The entertainment included a local high school marching band and bagpipers.  The sense of patriotism was more than evident at this race, which is the main reason why I decided to sign up for this race in the first place.

Despite how heavy my legs felt, and how unbearable the weather was, I was able to pace myself and keep moving until the last hill during the last half mile of the race.  I had slowed down to nothing much faster than a shuffle, but Preston encouraged me to keep trying and to not give up and walk.  I’m so glad that I did, because I was able to reach my A goal, having finished the race in 34:00.  While this is a couple of minutes slower than my current 5k PR, I’m beyond proud of myself given the weather and the fact that I had just run a half marathon six days earlier.

I must applaud the race organizers for quickly adapting to the storm that rolled in.  We received a bottle of water immediately after crossing the finish line, and the rest of the food and drinks were moved under an overhang in the front of the hotel.  There was more than enough food to go around, which included pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, and bananas.  Drinks included water, Gatorade, and beer.

Because we were worried about driving through the storm, we didn’t stick around for long after the race.  After eating a couple slices of pizza and a banana (which served as our dinner for the evening), as well as enjoying a beer, we made our way back to the car and headed home.

Proudly wearing my second medal of the week!

Proudly wearing my second medal of the week!

QOTD: What are the worst weather conditions that you’ve run in?

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16 Responses to 2014 Arlington Police, Fire & Sheriff 9/11 Memorial 5k Recap

  1. Great job on your second race of the week! Glad the weather held out for you to run. I think the worse for me was last year at surf n Santa ten miler. Cold rainy and windy. Doesn’t get much worse than that.

  2. Pam says:

    Nice job Kathryn and how fun to run with Preston by your side. I think the worst conditions I ran in was a training run in the rain so I knew on any race day I could handle it. No fun, but yes, it has kept rain away during my races!

  3. Lesley says:

    Great job-love the bling too! I did a 5K where the temperature was below freezing. At the water station around mile 2, runners would throw their extra water on the sidewalk (where we were running!). The water would immediately freeze and you had to avoid it. Unfortunately, it took a lot of runners down, including myself!

  4. Rockstar!!! Great job girl!!! And how awesome to have your hubby by your side!

  5. great job. most terrible weather conditions definitely happened last winter while marathon training. freezing temperatures plus ice and rain. ugh!

  6. Great work!! I absolutely love this race and sadly missed it this year. I remember it storming bad that evening though.

  7. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    I’m so bummed I missed this race because of my achilles! I ran it last year and loved it, Next year I guess! I do have to say though, in a way I’m glad I missed it with the heat and humidity! I picked a good week to have to rest!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Great job Kathryn. I thought of everyone that afternoon/evening as the storm was looming. It is so nice when a race organization has a backup plan for events like these (moving post race indoors). I haven’t run in Crystal City in a long time so this is a run to consider for next year.

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