2014 Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Expo

Last Saturday morning I kicked off my racecation by spending a couple of hours at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach expo, which was held at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.  Because we drove down to Virginia Beach Friday afternoon/evening, with a stop in Williamsburg for some shopping at the Yankee Candle Flagship Store and a pasta dinner, we were able to head to the expo first thing Saturday morning.


Just like last year’s expo, parking at the convention center was plentiful, and the expo itself was well organized.  Once we arrived, our first stop was to pick up my bib.  The line for my corral was short, and I waited less than five minutes to pick up my bib.  With my bib in hand, I headed a short ways down to retrieve my race shirt and gear bag, and then we exited into the official merchandise area.

So excited to have the bib for my third half marathon!

So excited to have the bib for my third half marathon!

Unlike at the previous Rock ‘n’ Roll expos that I’ve attended, I was much more impressed with this event’s official race merchandise.  I debated between two different tops for awhile, and ultimately decided to get a new long sleeve half zip, which I’m sure will get a lot of use this fall.  Preston also wanted a pint glass to add to his collection to commemorate his volunteering at the race.

As we were getting ready to exit the official merchandise area, we ran into Meranda and Lacey from Fairytales and Fitness.  After talking with both Meranda and Lacey online for awhile now, it was great to finally meet these sisters in person!

With Lacey and Meranda, who ran the Mile on the Sand before we met up at the expo

With Lacey and Meranda, who ran the Mile on the Sand before we met up at the expo

After saying goodbye to Meranda and Lacey and paying for our merchandise, we entered the main area of the expo.  We immediately walked into the Sports Authority area, where I picked up a couple of pairs of Thorlos Experia socks for a great price.  I also picked up a new pair of sunglasses (so that I don’t have to keep running in my regular sunglasses), as well as a new Sparkly Soul headband for only $10.  We also tried a couple Power Bar samples and visited with the J&A Racing booth since we hope to register for Shamrock Marathon weekend, which is in March.

Im pretty proud of my conservative shopping at the RnRVB expo

I’m pretty proud of my conservative shopping at the RnRVB expo

Compared to last year’s expo, we found this year’s expo to be very underwhelming.  It seemed as though the number of vendors present at this year’s expo was much fewer than the number that had been present at last year’s expo.  We didn’t leave all too disappointed, as we had hoped to not spend too much money at the expo (which we didn’t).  It just meant that we spent less time at the expo than we had planned on, which allowed for us to spend more time at the beach.

After the expo we headed to the beach, had lunch on the outdoor patio at Waterman’s Surfside Grille while overlooking the Virginia Beach boardwalk and the Atlantic Ocean, and then enjoyed an afternoon on the beach.  Lounging on the beach was just what I needed in order to relax before the half marathon the next morning.


QOTD: How do you relax the day before a major race?

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20 Responses to 2014 Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Expo

  1. Jennifer says:

    Nice loot from the expo 🙂 I’ve also found several of the expos I’ve attended this year have been underwhelming – which my wallet is probably thankful for 🙂 My next few races will probably have expos on the smaller end, I may stop by the MCM expo to look for shoes on sale.

  2. I love the loot that you did find at the expo- sorry to hear it was a bit disappointing! I haven’t had a race-cation yet but I will be going to Vegas in Nov for the Rock’n’Roll and I am hoping to find some fun stuff at the expo there!

  3. You got some great stuff at the expo! And I always love the official merchandise!!!

  4. Chaitali says:

    I’ve heard from multiple people that the expo wasn’t what they were expecting 😦 Relaxing at the beach the day before a race sounds perfect though!

  5. It was so nice to finally meet you as well. That sweatshirt is so cute. I wish it would have been a little less expensive.

  6. samtravels20 says:

    Glad you had a good time there on Saturday! I ran this one last year, it was my first expo – left me comparing all future expo’s to how amazing RnR holds an expo!

  7. RnR expos are always so great, although we did think this one was a little less quality then last year. You did get some great merchandise though. I loved the color of those shirts this year. So great to see you there!

  8. i’m usually an in and out person for expos so i don’t mind when they are smaller!

  9. Pam says:

    I was disappointed int he expo this year too. When we ran the race in 2012, we got so much free stuff at the expo and there were games and it just seemed like a much more festive atmosphere. The only thing I bought was a racerback tank in the same color as your 3/4 zip top. We are also huge fans of Thorlo Experia socks. They are the best!

  10. Kathleen says:

    Cannot wait to read your recap tomorrow!! Was the course pretty flat?? I need/want to start pricing out Shamrock… I want a PR next spring on a flat course 🙂

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