Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon Training Log – Week 16

This week was another fabulous week of training!  I’ve been working hard, and I’ve really seeing my hard work pay off lately!  If you follow me on Social Media then it should be of no surprise that the highlight of this week’s training was the Leesburg 20k, which I ran yesterday.  I cannot wait to relive this fabulous race when I write my recap this week.

Approaching the finish line Photo Credit: Potomac River Running

Approaching the finish line
Photo Credit: Potomac River Running

The Leesburg 20k was just the icing on the cake to a very productive week of training.

Mon 8/11 – Rest day

Tues 8/12 – 3.10 mile treadmill run, 0.37 mile cool down walk, kettlebell squats, abs, legs, chest, back, arms

Wed 8/13 – Rest day

Thurs 8/14 – 30 minutes of yoga, 1.20 mile neighborhood walk with Riley

Fri 8/15 – 3.10 mile treadmill run, 0.32 mile cool down walk, arms, back, glutes, abs

Sat 8/16 – Rest day

Sun 8/17 – Leesburg 20k

Total Weekly Mileage – 20.72 miles (9.10 miles more than week 15)

Total Half Marathon Training Mileage – 242.27 miles

Yesterday’s race was my last long run of this training cycle, which means I’ve finally arrived at taper town!  I’ve been working hard and now its time to let me body rest a bit so that I can put all of my hard work, focus, and determination to good use and give Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach 100% in two weeks.  With all of the high mileage that I’ve logged in recent weeks, its going to be difficult to scale back on the running, but I know that its for the best.

If being only two weeks out from my third half marathon wasn’t exciting enough, I saw this on Timehop yesterday:


Was it really just one year ago that I was plotting out my training plan for my first half marathon?!?!?

If this isn’t representative of the running progress that I’ve made then I don’t know what is!  Here’s to the next two weeks as I taper and finish getting ready for half marathon #3!

QOTD: A year ago, what major event(s) were you preparing for?

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15 Responses to Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon Training Log – Week 16

  1. Jennifer says:

    Great picture! Glad we were able to meet up yesterday – looking fwd to your recap. Ooh do you mind emailing the pic of the four of us from Sunday. Thanks!!

  2. You are motivating me to really focus for Richmond training. My knees have been acting up in a MAJOR way and I know that’s because I’ve been slacking at strength training. Seeing your workouts (and others) is really helping. Looking forward to seeing you in VA Beach! 🙂

  3. Girl you look amazing and so strong in that picture! Can’t wait to hear all about the race! Have fun tapering!

  4. Chaitali says:

    I love the way the photo captured you with both your feet in the air! I hope the race went well and I look forward to the recap. As far as a year ago, I was doing the couch to 5k training program trying to get ready for a color run in September.

  5. Last year at this time was training for RnRVB too! You had a great week of training…I think you’re going to have an awesome 3rd half marathon!

    I decided to not run RnR VB 😦 I’ve been having some IT band issues, and I just don’t think it’s a good time to be running another race. I’m really sad about it, but at the same time it’ll hopefully save me from more serious issues!

  6. Debbie @ Deb Runs says:

    Can’t wait to read your race recap! In the meantime, LOVE your finish line picture. I think PRR’s free pictures is such a great race perk.

    Last year at this time I was training for the Hokie Half Marathon. I’m running it again this year, but it’s a month later than last year (they have to schedule it around Virginia Tech’s home football schedule). My next big race is DC Ragnar, less than a month away!

  7. i LOVE your finish line picture — can’t wait for your race recap 🙂

  8. So bummed i missed you at Leesburg! Glad you had a great race and love that picture from the race! Last year at this time I was training for my very first marathon MCM. And I’m doing the same right now, although NOW it’s my 2nd marathon 🙂

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