Friday Five – July 18th – Friday Favorites

With us having moved from our apartment to our townhouse last Saturday, and having spent much of this week unpacking and trying to get back to normal life, its been an absolutely crazy week!  Since our house isn’t dog proof yet and Riley’s separation anxiety makes crating him an unrealistic solution (trust me, we’ve tried!), somebody has always had to be at the house with him, which has added another level of complexity to our already crazy week.  Given that we also still don’t have Internet set up at our new house yet (Verizon is scheduled to finally come on Sunday!), I’ve been going a bit nuts this past week!

But a few (new) favorites have helped to ease the stress of this past week.

1.  Daily Internet time at Starbucks


Starbucks has been my Internet home away from home this week.  I’ve spent time each day at Starbucks (there are two locations within five minutes of our house), which is the only reason I’ve still been able to blog almost everyday this past week.

2.  Wegmans

While in college at AU, I heard people, mainly those from New York, rave about Wegmans.  Then when a Wegmans store opened in Fairfax I started to hear about people driving up to an hour to go there for their grocery shopping.  It just didn’t make sense to me – why would people drive up an hour each way just to go grocery shopping?  With Wegmans now being 15 minutes away from our new house, I now understand why people will drive there.  This place is great!  The meat, seafood, and produce is super fresh, and their bulk meat prices are comparable to that at Sam’s Club or BJ’s without having to pay for a club membership.  I went to Wegmans last Sunday, and I cannot wait to do the majority of our grocery shopping there!

3.  Our new grill

Preston and his brother cooking burgers on our brand new grill!

Preston and his brother cooking burgers on our brand new grill!

One of the many things that Preston and I looked forward to buying for our new house was a grill.  Since most apartment complexes, including the one that we lived at, prohibit them, we couldn’t wait to buy one.  Other than one night this week when it was pouring rain, we have cooked dinner on it every night this week.

4.  Trying new recipes

lime fiesta chicken salad

Wednesday evening Preston and I made something new to us for dinner – Lime Fiesta Chicken Salad.  Stay tuned to the blog next week – I’ll share the recipe with all of you and introduce you to the new cooking challenge that Preston and I are putting ourselves up to.

5.  Exploring our new neighborhood

new neighborhood

This week I was able to get out a couple of times, both running and walking, to explore our new neighborhood by foot.  Running here is completely different than in the area we used to live.  I have found some great areas to complete short distance runs, and I cannot wait to further explore this weekend and discover new places to go to during my longer distance runs.

QOTD: What is one of your newly discovered favorites?

As always, thank you to the DC Trifecta Bloggers (Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC, Mar from Mar on the Run, and Cynthia from You Signed Up For What?!) for hosting the weekly Friday Five Link Up.  Be sure to check out their posts as well!


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18 Responses to Friday Five – July 18th – Friday Favorites

  1. We have a Wegmans some what near us but I never visit. ( i’ve been there maybe 2 times!)

  2. Jennifer says:

    I can’t wait to read your salad post / the challenge- looks good + refreshing 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  3. Chaitali says:

    I love Wegmans. There’s a rumor that one might be opening near us, and that would make me super happy. That’s awesome that you’ve been able to explore the new neighborhood while running 🙂

  4. I recently discovered a new trail that is great for running!

  5. runsaltrun says:

    These are all wonderful things! I have internet at home and sometimes I still like to go hang out at Starbucks with a coffee and just relax. 🙂

    One of the first things we are getting when we buy a house is a great new grill. Jealous!

  6. That salad looks awesome! Looking forward to the recipe!
    I can’t wait till we can get a new grill! Def waiting till we have a house with a better back yard though!
    Oh the joys of no internet! 3 years ago I did my entire thesis writing at a Starbucks since we had major issues getting our internet hooked up!
    Have fun exploring 🙂

  7. Momshomerun says:

    Going without internet can be really hard! I agree. I’ve made so many connections through the internet, I would really miss them if I had to do without it. So thanks for Starbucks!

  8. I, too, have been without internet this week (only half of it, though) and hit up Starbucks yesterday for some WiFi! I always feel so sophisticated sitting in Starbucks, drinking coffee, and working on my computer–I don’t know what it is!

  9. yep, wegams is amazing. i knew you’d love it! 🙂

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