14 in 2014 Update

Believe it or not, we’re almost halfway through 2014!  I have several other posts planned for between now and June 30th, the halfway point of the year, but still wanted to ensure that I reflected upon one of my big goals for the year – to complete 14 races in 2014.


So far, I have completed six races:

Disney World 10k
Disney World Half Marathon
Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Half Marathon
Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run
Jaguar 5k

And I am currently registered for another four races:

Firecracker 5k
Leesburg 20k
Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon
Army Ten Miler

That only leaves me with four more races to choose.  With a number of possible fall races that I’m currently considering, its entirely possible that I may complete more than 14 races this year.  I’m not any closer to making a final decision about a fall half marathon, but whether or not I run a fourth half this year has no bearing on whether or not I will accomplish my goal to complete 14 races this year.

I feel really good about the races that I’ve completed, and the races that I’m currently registered to run.  When I made it my goal to complete 14 races this year, my intention was not to run every race possible just for the sake of checking a box off.  I feel as though I’ve been very selective in the races I’ve chosen to run, and the repeat races that I’ve either already completed or have signed up to run again were races that I felt were well organized and that I thoroughly enjoyed.  And part of why I’m having the debate I am about a fall half marathon is because I want to make sure that I’m choosing the right races for me.

I can’t wait to see what the second half of 2014 has in store for me as I continue to challenge myself to become a faster, but more importantly, a stronger runner.


QOTD: How are you progressing in meeting your yearly goal(s)?

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14 Responses to 14 in 2014 Update

  1. Jennifer says:

    I think you will find the perfect set of races to round out the 14 (or more). I love repeat races for the reasons you articulated. There are so many races to explore, but they also come with many unknowns. Thank goodness for the internet and running community for all the recaps out there (but then again… my overall bucket list is growing) 🙂

  2. My vote is for the Arlington Memorial 9/11 5k (for sentimental reasons of course)! 🙂

    I’m happy to say the running goals are right on track: slowly increasing mileage, keeping on at the gym so I can hopefully keep the knee issues away, and paying better attention when the bones say they need a day off. You can’t make progress if you’re worn out!

    • I really liked the 9/11 race last year. Its definitely up for consideration again this year.

      Great job in making progress with your own goals! Keep up the great work, especially paying attention to what your body is telling you it needs.

  3. You live in a great area where races seem to be pretty plentiful. You’ll definitely have some great options as far as choosing a race!

  4. You’re doing great with your 14 in 2014 goal! I’ve completed 8 of my 14 races so far!

  5. ooh, I was looking for a July 4th race – the Firecracker in Reston looks like it could be a winner! I also second the Arlington Memorial 5k. GREAT race, early evening, yummy post race food and a medal.

    • Firecracker was very well organized last year. PRR always does a great job with their races! You won’t be disappointed! And I had a great time at the Arlington Memorial Race last year. I believe the post race theme was eat all the pizza and drink all the beer, lol!

  6. AWESOME! You’ve already done so much, and sounds like you have a lot of great options here. It’s amazing how all these races start to add up, right? 🙂

  7. Juliana says:

    great job! I just logged my 7th race last weekend for a new 10k PR. I’m all signed up for the rest of my races, I just gotta keep training and wait for them to come!

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