The World Is My Stage

During my first half marathon training cycle my mindset was centered on survival.  Each week I focused on getting each run in in order to improve my running endurance, distance abilities, and overall, prove to myself that I could do it.

During my second half marathon training cycle, my mindset was on conditioning.  Since I ran my second half marathon only two months after my first, I wanted to ensure that I was as prepared as I could be to improve my finish time.

This time around, as I train to run my third half marathon, I feel like I’m in complete control of my training.  I’ve already proven to myself twice that I can run a half marathon, including under unideal health conditions.  During the early weeks of this training cycle, I saw significant improvement in my 5k speed.  More recently, I’ve proven to myself that even in the midst of a crazy schedule, I can still do what’s necessary to move my training forward.  I’m shown myself just how strong I am, both physically as well as mentally.

Recently, I’ve had similar feelings as I did when I was dancing.  As I finished my eight mile run on Saturday, I had similar feelings of accomplishment that I did when I was dancing.  As I stepped off the trail and began to stretch, the runner’s high I was on was similar to the proud feelings I felt at the end of a great dance performance.  I had put in the hard work, and the hard work was paying off.

Celebrating one of my many successful dance performances

Celebrating one of my many successful dance performances

Fellow runner Jeff Fleming told me a couple of weeks ago: “You’re still dancing, its just a different kind of dance floor.”  His words truly resonated with me.  There’s many similarities between dancing and running, particularly when it comes to hard work, focus, and dedication.  Without any of those, I wouldn’t have been a successful dancer growing up, and I wouldn’t have accomplished all that I have since I started running last March.

world is my stage

The world is my stage.  I’m still dancing, its just on a different stage, whether its on the treadmill, out on the trail, around the neighborhood, or at a race.  Whatever I set my mind on accomplishing, I know that I can do it.  It’ll take time, patience, and determination, but I know that I can succeed at whatever I attempt to do.

QOTD: What recent accomplishment are you proud of?

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12 Responses to The World Is My Stage

  1. I’ve had the same experience. Finishing a hard run or improving on a time definitely feels similar to nailing a really hard combination/step. I love the rush of it 🙂

  2. Chaitali says:

    Really interesting post. I hadn’t really thought about the similarities between running and dancing or other performances. And I love that quote! It sounds like your training is going really well for your next half. One of the things I love about running so far is the ease of measuring progress. Even a year ago at this time I would have never thought I could run 6 miles but I just completed a 10k. Yay for exceeding self-imposed limitations!

  3. Wonderful post! It’s a great feeling, I’ve always said, when you are no longer running but flying (or dancing!)!! What an awesome feeling!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Lovely quote and post Kathryn!

  5. What a great quote! We can apply that to so many aspects of our lives! Beautiful dance picture Kathryn!

  6. Pam says:

    I absolutely love your dance photo. Both of you girls are beautiful. Enjoy your new journey with different goals in mind,. Running clearly has become your next passion!

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