Random Thursday Thoughts

Its been over a month since I last wrote a random thoughts post.  With so much going on lately, and a lot on my mind, I thought I’d share some of my mixed bag of emotions and thoughts with all of you.

1.  Getting back into the gym last night felt amazing.


Yesterday evening was hot, humid, and stormy, so instead of getting in the car to the gym I opted to instead work out in the gym in our apartment building’s basement.  Because the AC wasn’t working properly in the gym, I was forced to slow my pace way down.  Despite being slow going, it felt great to run after several days of not feeling 100%.

2.  I’m getting better about recognizing my limitations and boundaries.

Earlier this week I was quite worried that I’d be making an emergency call to my neurologist.  I had a migraine on Sunday (which made for an absolutely wonderful drive back from Kentucky), and the lingering effects continued on into Monday and Tuesday.  Tuesday I was completely drained, and my Assistant Principal could see it written all over my face from the moment she first saw me that morning.  She and I both knew that I needed to pace myself throughout the day in order to prevent any repeat symptoms from earlier this year.  As I shared yesterday, I came home from work and realized that working out wasn’t in my best interest whatsoever, and the extra rest day yesterday has definitely helped me to feel more like myself again.

3.  There’s less than two weeks left in the school year.

Yesterday was the two week mark to the end of what has become the never ending school year.  June 25th cannot get here soon enough!  Although this summer is going to be much shorter than usual, I cannot wait to focus on the exciting events that we have on our summer calendar, the highlight of which is purchasing our first house.

4.  Our closing is scheduled for July 2nd.

Preston and I are crossing our fingers that there aren’t any major hiccups, and that we’ll close on our new townhouse on July 2nd.  We cannot wait to finally have our first house, and get in there and make it our own.  We’ve learned quite a bit throughout this entire house buying process, and once we get closer to our closing date I’ll share some of what we’ve learned about real estate.

5.  Yesterday was my parents’ 31st wedding anniversary.

mom and dad

Aren’t my parents adorable?  They received the pillow they’re holding last year for their 30th anniversary.

QOTD: What random thoughts are on your mind today?

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16 Responses to Random Thursday Thoughts

  1. Sounds like there is a lot going on!
    -I’m so glad you listened to your body! It’s so important to recgonize those limitations. Get some extra rest!
    -End of the school year —- wooo hooo! That’s such a great feeling 🙂
    -I hope everything goes well with the closing! I remember when we moved it was a mix of stress and excitement alll at once but when we finally settled in it was awesome 🙂

    Karen @karenlovestorun

  2. Ahhh, fingers crossed that all works out with the closing. That is SO exciting! Also? Your parents ARE adorable! Too cute. Congrats to them!

  3. All amazing things, especially your parents anni! THEY ARE PRESH!

  4. Chaitali says:

    Your parents are so cute! I’ve been having a hard time this week with working out too (I keep coughing so much I can barely breathe and I think it’s because of the construction at my office) but I’m feeling god so far today and hoping to get to the gym tonight. I hope it feels good for me too 🙂

  5. Jennifer says:

    I am glad you got some rest yesterday and hope you are feeling better today! Best of luck with the closing and looking forward to reading about your home buying process (I am thinking about it for the fall).
    PS – your parents are adorable and love the pillow!

  6. Rebecca Jo says:

    Ahhh – look at your sweet parents 🙂

  7. Oh the simple beauty of a REST DAY!!!

  8. I’m glad you had an extra rest day. Sometimes focusing on your health means listening to your body and resting rather than working out! Sounds like you are getting pretty good at that, though!

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