When Your Body Screams “No!”

My goal this week was to get back on track with my training.  Unfortunately, my body is catching up with how busy my schedule has been lately, and I spent all day yesterday feeling extremely run down.  I came home from work earlier than I normally do, and took a nap in hopes of waking up feeling rested and ready to get to the gym.  However, I woke up feeling even more tired, and knew full well that although my mind was motivated to get to the gym, my body just couldn’t do it.

I know that getting back on track is never easy, and its so hard when your body can’t keep up with your mind.  I’m trying not to feel guilty about taking an extra rest day, particularly since my body was screaming for the extra rest yesterday, but at the same time I’m eager to get back on track, which is making me feel guilty for taking the extra rest yesterday.  I’m trying to not feel guilty, but its certainly easier said than done.

I know that I shouldn't be feeling guilty, but its so hard not to!

I know that I shouldn’t be feeling guilty, but its so hard not to!

My mind wants to get going, but my body is having trouble responding to the idea.  Despite how eager I am to get back on track, I feel like my body was just screaming “No!” yesterday.  I’m crossing my fingers that this is just a small hiccup, and that my body will be ready to get back on track and keep up with my mind.  I’m so eager to get back on track with my training plan for Virginia Beach, but at the same time I also know that its so important to listen to your body in order to prevent injury.

QOTD: What do you tell yourself when your body cannot keep up with your mind?  Do you take the extra rest that your body is yelling at you to take, or do you push through the exhaustion?

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16 Responses to When Your Body Screams “No!”

  1. After all this time, i’ve learned – just listen to my body. The trick is in knowing the difference between it just wanting to be lazy or actually needing the rest. I think 90% of the battle is just getting out there and getting it done, so If after 5-10 minutes it’s just not “getting it”, then I know it’s time to rest and not push it. An extra rest day won’t undue all the work you’ve already put in up to now. 🙂

  2. You have worked so hard katherine! You deserve to take time off if you feel like. If i’m in the middle of a run, I always finish even if i’m exhausted but if i’m way too tired I usually don’t go for a run.

  3. Chaitali says:

    It sounds like your body was really tired and that you needed the rest. If I’m just normal tired, I try to push through knowing that the workout often gives me more energy. But something like what you’re describing sounds like the rest was needed. I hope you feel better!

  4. Juliana says:

    That was me today! I woke up and was exhausted and decided an extra hour of sleep would do wonders for me and it did! Sometimes our bodies just know what is right. So I will take a complete rest day today and get back with it the rest of the week as I have a 10k on Sunday

  5. Katrina Elle says:

    You need to yell at me to do this more – I just bought a shirt that says “Sleep is for the Weak” HAHAHA

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