I’m Registered to Run with the Army!

Yesterday was the day to register for the 30th annual Army Ten Miler.  After volunteering at the race in 2013, I knew that I wanted to run it this year. atm In recent years, registration has opened at midnight.  Preston wanted to run it so badly last year that he went to bed early, set his alarm, and got up in the middle of the night to register.  This year, registration opened at 10:00am, and I made plans to register both of us for this year’s race. Despite some issues with the Army Ten Miler site (it was down at times, and slow at others), I successfully registered both of us for the race!  It required that I take my computer to lunch with me (our lunch period starts at 10:20am everyday, which was perfect timing given when registration opened), and a lot of patience and persistence, but by 11:00am we were both registered!  My department chair jokingly told me at lunch, “You’re not allowed to work in here,” since we only get 25 uninterrupted minutes to eat each day, but if I hadn’t “worked” through lunch then I may not have gotten both of us registered since the race sold out in less than two and a half hours! atm registration I won’t be shocked if in the future this race goes to a lottery system, which the Marine Corps Marathon went to for the first time this year.  You can also only register for the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run by lottery. I’ve been putting off registering for a fall half marathon until I knew whether or not I’d be running the Army Ten Miler this year.  Now that I’m registered, I’m able to start thinking more seriously about if and what half marathon I might run this fall. QOTD: Who else is registered for the Army Ten Miler?  Did you try to register and not get into the race?

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16 Responses to I’m Registered to Run with the Army!

  1. Congrats on getting registered in time!!!

  2. Chaitali says:

    Yay for getting registered in time! I saw multiple people mention they had problems with the site 😦 I can definitely see this one going to a lottery system in the future too.

  3. Congrats on being able to get registered! I actually have never heard of the Army ten miler. There are so many great races in the month of October. It’s going to be hard to decide which one I want to do

  4. Wow! You are really racking up the races. You are having such a busy year. You will definitely have some bling to display when you get your new place!

  5. I’m sure that will be an amazing race to do!

  6. Congrats on signing up for another race, you’ve been on a roll lately! I look forward to see what you decide about a fall half!

  7. I decided not to register this year. I’ve run it 3 times and there are things I love about it and things I hate. I think I might volunteer instead…

  8. I totally forgot about registration – boo! But I’m sure you’ll love the race!

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