Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon Training Log – Week 3

After an okay week 2 I was determined to have a better week 3 of training.  I put my mind to having a great week of training, and I’m so proud of myself for accomplishing just that!

Despite how busy this past week was (my students took their AP exam on Thursday which meant lots of extra time after school helping those who wanted extra assistance studying last week), I managed to keep on top of my running schedule as well as find time for yoga and the elliptical.  I’m feeling on top of the world with all that I accomplished, and I hope to use my runner’s high to fuel another great week of training.

In addition to a busy week of training and school, we had a busy week on the house hunting front.  We put in an offer Saturday morning for a townhouse that we saw on Thursday evening.  As of last night, all that our realtor had heard from the listing agent was that the sellers plan to counteroffer, but we have yet to receive the formal offer.  This entire experience has been one roller coaster full of emotions, filled with lots of waiting, and those of you who know me well know that I’m not a very patient person.

Because I have no control over the house hunting roller coaster we’re on, I’m trying to focus my energy into my workouts.  I did just that over the weekend.  After meeting with our realtor and writing the formal offer Saturday morning, I completed a five mile run Saturday afternoon, celebrated my friends’ recent engagement Saturday evening, and then on Sunday took the dog for a walk as well as spent time on the elliptical.

It was absolutely gorgeous Saturday afternoon for a run on the trail

It was absolutely gorgeous Saturday afternoon for a run on the trail

Mon 5/12 – 2.90 mile treadmill run, 0.57 mile cool down walk, kettlebell squat swings, abs, glutes, chest, back, arms

Tues 5/13 – Rest day

Wed 5/14 – 3.10 mile treadmill run, 0.37 mile cool down walk, glutes, abs, legs, arms, shoulders

Thurs 5/15 – Rest day

Fri 5/16 – 30 minutes of yoga

Sat 5/17 – 5.09 mile run on the W&OD Trail, 0.69 mile cool down walk

Sun 5/18 – 1.65 mile walk with Riley around the neighborhood, 30 minutes on the elliptical, 0.33 mile cool down walk, abs, glutes

Total Weekly Mileage – 16.23 miles (5.12 miles more than week 2)

Total Half Marathon Training Mileage – 40.17 miles

With Memorial Day next weekend, which many consider the unofficial kickoff to summer (I won’t consider it summer until we’re out of school, which won’t be until June 25th), I’m looking forward to my lazy days at the pool and beach, and using those days as my motivation for the coming week.


QOTD: What is something currently going on in your life that you have little control over?  How are you managing dealing with it?

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14 Responses to Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon Training Log – Week 3

  1. Katrina Elle says:

    You’re doing awesome girlie! I tend to be OCD so try to control everything – what I can’t control is the pace at which things happen 😉

  2. LilMysNinja says:

    Now I totally feel slack since I haven’t even started my training for VA Beach Rock n Roll!! 🙂 I’ll be there too. But I’ve got to give myself a couple more weeks of rest to allow my achilles to heal 100%. 😦 Fingers crossed that it’s nothing more serious!

  3. Looks like you are doing a great job with your training plan. We’ve got to get you out running with our group. I know you are close by!

  4. I so remember the stress of buying a house. The counteroffer thing can be so frustrating. Hope it works out! I can’t believe your school lets out so late! When do you start the new school year? We are halfway through our summer at the end of June! Great job with the training girl! 🙂

  5. Great job on your training! Goodluck on the house hunting. Hopefully the counter offer will work out. I can’t wait for summer too, although I never really feel like I have a summer break. Just knowing it’s summer is a good feeling. One thing I would say I have no control over is my work schedule. There has been so many fun things lately and coming up that I cannot be a part of because of work:(

    • The counter offer didn’t work out (they actually decided to pull their house off the market – ugh!), but hopefully another house will come our way soon.

      And why does work always have to get in the way of all the fun? 😦

  6. nice week, lady! sorry to hear about the house — house hunting is stressful. i know the perfect house will present itself soon!

  7. kelly says:

    are you still run/walk/run…my goal this year is to run without a walk break and to get faster..just curious!

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