Today’s The Day

Today is the day I’ve been working on preparing my students for since the first day of school.  Today 59 of my students will take their AP World History exam.  For most of them, this is their first ever AP exam.

Four of my AP World students left this note on the board for me back in November.  Its notes like these that make my job worth it!

Four of my AP World students left this note on the board for me back in November. Its notes like these that make my job worth it!

Just like them, I have a mixed bag of emotions going into today’s test.  With this being the first year that I taught this class, I’m hopeful that I did enough to help them prepare for the exam.  I’m optimistic that they listened to my last minute advice about how to approach the exam and to not stay up all night cramming.  I’m nervous about the prompts that the College Board selected this year for the three essay topics.  I’m also nervous about how my students will do on the exam.

One thing is for certain: I’m hoping for the best and crossing my fingers that they will all earn the scores that I know that they’re capable of.  Until I receive their scores n July, I’ll be doing my best to remind myself that I did all that I could to help prepare them for this exam.

QOTD: When you were in high school did you take any AP exams?  What emotions did you experience going into your exams?

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11 Responses to Today’s The Day

  1. Best of luck to your students! We are in the middle of the math EOC tests (like the VA SOLs), so I know the feeling. I’ll be praying for you and your kids today!

  2. I’m sure your students will make you proud! I remember the best part of APs in high school was not having to take finals for those classes-yay early summer!

  3. SuzLyfe says:

    I took a ton of APs and ended up going into college with 31 credits/credit hours. It was so, so worth it. I’m trying to remember how I really felt going into it–I think that I felt more pressure to get the scores that were expected of us than I really did taking the test! Good luck to your students!

  4. With such a great teacher I’m positive your students will do great! Yes I took several AP Classes and exams in high school. I remember being nervous but I always did well.

  5. Found your blog via the Sweat Pink FB and had to click over — I remember AP Exams SO vividly. I took 8 AP exams in high school and my first one ever was AP Bio. I was SO nervous and excited for it. I’ll always remember our teacher having breakfast for us in the morning before we went in to take the test!

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