Friday Five – May 2nd – Five Things I Love About My Dog

Today is a very special day in our family – it is our dog, Riley’s, second birthday!

Riley celebrating his first birthday with his friends at doggie daycare last year

Riley celebrating his first birthday with his friends at doggie daycare last year

We adopted Riley when he was eight months old, and since he joined our family he has brought nothing but joy to our home.  Everyday Preston and I ask Riley how we got so lucky to have found him and added him to our family.

There are so many wonderful things about having a puppy child.  Riley is an absolute joy, and I don’t think we could have chosen a better match for us.  Some of the things I love about him include:

1.  He’s a great cuddler.


Riley cuddling with his stuffed cow

2.  He’s a great fitness buddy.


Preston and Riley on the Mt. Vernon Trail last month

3.  He makes me laugh.


Riley helping make a grocery list

4.  He’s loyal.


Riley laying by my side while I worked from home

5.  He always greets us when we come home.  There’s no better way to arrive home than to know you were missed.

QOTD: Do you have a dog?  What do you love most about your dog?

As always, thank you to the DC Trifecta Bloggers (Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC, Mar from Mar on the Run, and Cynthia from You Signed Up For What?!) for hosting the weekly Friday Five Link Up.  Be sure to check out their posts as well!


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29 Responses to Friday Five – May 2nd – Five Things I Love About My Dog

  1. Chaitali says:

    Aww… This is so sweet, Riley is adorable. We have 2 kitties that we adopted from a shelter. The way they greet us when we come home is always one of the best things about my day.

  2. oh sweet pictures! Looks like a loyal buddy. Fun to do the linkup with you.

  3. YES!!!!! I can’t imagine my life without a mutt, especially the Wonder Mutt! Ironic that I grew up scared of dogs. We should have a Team runDisney group mutt photo op, lol! Can you imagine the chaos?

  4. kathleenb85 says:

    I wish my dog was a fitness companion!! She prefers to lounge around and sleep all day 🙂

  5. aw man, this is so freaking cute!!! Happy Birthday Riley!!!!! I want a dog, but am never home and fear I’d neglect it. But I’m so close to just changing my ways to accommodate 🙂

  6. Lauren says:

    I love this post! Riley is such a cutie, Happy Birthday pup! I’m totally in love with my puppy as well, my favorite thing about her is probably just how much never ending love she gives and how loyal and protective she is. It’s so funny because whenever we are on a walk, if a stranger says hi to me she starts to lunge at them as if to say – Stay away from my mommy! 🙂

  7. What a cutie!! I don’t have a dog of my own (yet), but I love all dogs all around 🙂

  8. awwww – yesterday was my baby’s birthday! having a dog is THE BEST. when i got sick during shamrock weekend and was ill all week, sasha never left my side. she’s the best. happy birthday riley!

  9. Happy Birthday Riley! He’s so precious! I don’t have a dog but I have a cat who thinks he’s a dog lol! Pets bring so much joy to our lives!

  10. Happy Birthday to Riley! He’s absolutely adorable. I couldn’t imagine living without a dog, they’re another member of the family and have their own personalities! I have a Jack Russel named Rumble who is NUTS but really cute (which is how he gets away with so much)

  11. Coco says:

    Aw! I probably like most how much my dog make me laugh.

  12. jaden1976 says:

    Riley is *adorable*!!! Is he a springer spaniel? My family had one when I was in college (he passed away about 3 years ago) and he was the best dog ever. So smart, loving and loyal!

  13. Happy Birthday, sweet Riley! I have 4 fur babies, so I know all about loving those sweet pups like they are real children.

  14. We just got a 6-month old puppy from the Humane Society, and she is awesome! Happy birthday to your puppy 🙂 He sounds like a great dog!

  15. What a cutie! I grew up with a dog and she was a member of our family. Somehow I developed allergies and my husband and son has them as well, so no furry friends for us 😦

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