Let The Training for Half #3 Begin!


Believe it or not, I’m officially in training for half marathon #3!  Yesterday marked the first day of my 18 week training plan for Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach.  After utilizing Jeff Galloway’s beginner training plan for my first half, the Disney World Half Marathon, I’ve decided to utilize his “finish in the upright position” plan.  I figure since Galloway’s plan worked so well the first time around, and since I’m a huge fan of his run-walk-run method, that I shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken!

Preston and I got to meet Jeff Galloway at the Disney World Marathon Weekend expo back in January

Preston and I got to meet Jeff Galloway at the Disney World Marathon Weekend expo back in January

With Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach being the same day as the Disneyland Half Marathon, I didn’t even have to transfer Galloway’s training plan to another calendar – all I had to do was print off his Disneyland training calendar.  Although I foresee having to switch some of my long runs around due to other events on my calendar, I plan to follow his calendar pretty closely.

If I can't train to run at Disney, then using a "Disney" training plan is one of the next best things :)

If I can’t train to run at Disney, then using a “Disney” training plan is one of the next best things 🙂

One of the biggest differences between the beginner and “finish in the upright position” plans is the length of the longest run.  Under the beginner plan I only ran 13.1 miles as my longest training run.  Under this plan I’ll run 14 miles as my longest training run.  While .9 miles might not seem like a huge difference numerically, I know that it can make a difference come race day.

I can’t wait to see how this training plan works for me!  I foresee my two biggest challenges being balancing my training with a very busy schedule, which includes being out of town the next two weekends in addition to other weekends this summer, as well as managing the summer heat and humidity.  But I’m up for the challenge, and I can’t wait to prepare for my third half marathon!

QOTD: What is the next race that you’re training for?  What are your preferred training plans?

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25 Responses to Let The Training for Half #3 Begin!

  1. jaymeball13 says:

    Uhh. I have a marathon Sunday. Injury and illness kept me from training. I am looking at a 50k in November and the goal is to actually follow a training plan. Never have before. I kinda fly by the seat of my pants. I look forward to that race and an actual training plan. 🙂

  2. Pam says:

    I love Jeff’s plans for the Disney races. I used them for both the Goofy and the Dopey Challenge and did run/walk for the full marathons. It will be interesting to see if the extra mileage will be helpful for race day. We will be at Rock ‘n Roll Virginia Beach too!

  3. Laura says:

    Sounds like you have everything planned out 🙂 I did my first half marathon in may last year after only a couple of months of running, I didn’t train properly for it and whilst I don’t regret doing the race, I do regret not training properly! It’s so important.

    I don’t have any races planed currently whilst I’m recovering from surgery, but I’ll get back on it when I’m cleared to start running again.

    Laura | Health and Fitness Blogger

  4. I used Jeff’s plan for my first Wine and Dine (the one with a 17 miler as the longest run!). I think due to the higher mileage at that point in the plan, I got worn out and ended up getting sick two weeks before the race. For last year’s W&D, I followed a homegrown plan from a more experienced runner friend that maxed out at 10 miles and had the best race! I think it’s all part of the learning process of what works best for you. I’m actually going with a running coach for this year’s W&D (thank you Krissy Murphy!:), so we’ll see how close I can get to a 2 hour half this time around! Good luck with your training and make sure you don’t overdo it and end back in the ER again!

    • Its so important to figure out what works best for you. What works best for one person may not work at all for somebody else. Hopefully you find Krissy’s guidance beneficial! (And yes, I’ll definitely be watching that I don’t overdo it again!)

  5. I can’t wait till i’m in a position to get out there and start a training plan! Hopefully very soon!

  6. deborahbrooks14 says:

    I’ve never used that training plan but I know a lot of our MRTT members swear by it. Hope it works well for you. RnR VA beach is supposed to be a great race-have fun! Perhaps we can do some long training runs together. Deborah @ Confessions of A Mother Runner

  7. Chaitali says:

    Sounds like a great plan! I’m using a Hal Higdon plan to train for a June 10k right now. Once that’s done, I’m planning to switch to the Jeff Galloway plan for the Tower of Terror 10k. Then I’m thinking I’ll just transition over to his Wine & Dine training plan to finish half marathon training for the Richmond Half Marathon since it’s just a week after Wine & Dine.

  8. Good luck with the training! I’m currently not training for anything. It is too hot now for racing here on the Gulf Coast. My next half isn’t until October!

  9. Good luck with training for half #3! My next race is Rock ‘N’ Roll Philadelphia, I’m probably going to just use my TOT training guide since it brings you up to 13 miles right around my race weekend, very convenient!

  10. jenzenator says:

    Those upper miles are a huge mental struggle…more so than physical. You got this!!!

  11. Juliana says:

    I love Jeff’s plans and modify them for all my races. They work well, only require 3 days of running, and are easy to adapt to weekend plans.

  12. kyoung1986 says:

    I run with a group here that is based out of our local running store. They have training groups for the first half of the year and second half of the year or you can do the full year! It’s great, I feel so prepared for my first half this Sunday from their training and the coaches knowledge. I love it!

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