April 2014 Monthly Goals

Happy April!  Its hard to believe that 2014 is already a quarter of the way done, and that three months ago I was preparing to run my first half marathon.  It feels like that was ages ago!

This past month has been focused mainly on recovery and rebuilding my strength and endurance.  I am far from being 100% healed, but I’m making progress each day, and I have to credit my focus and determination to train as a big part of why I’ve made the progress that I have.  I’ve learned a lot over this past month about the importance of finding a balance between work and life outside of work, and although its often a difficult balance to find I know how critical it is to not let my life revolve around work.

My goals this past month centered around my recovery.  What grade am I giving myself in working towards these goals?


1.  Complete my second half marathon.

Grade: A

My neurologist cleared me to run Rock ‘n’ Roll USA just five days before the race.  Although I was not in the shape for the race that I would have liked to have been, and had thoughts of giving up during the race itself, I didn’t let myself give up.  No matter how much I had to walk, I still pushed myself forward and crossed the finish line (and PRing by 20 minutes wasn’t so bad either!).

2.  Start doing yoga at least twice a week.

Grade: C

While I did practice yoga at least twice every week, some of my yoga sessions only lasted for 15 minutes.  I would have preferred that all of my yoga sessions lasted at least 30 minutes, but some days I was just far too tired after work to push myself more than I did this past month.  However, I have noticed that practicing yoga has helped me to keep my stress level down, which is one of the main things that I’m working with my neurologist on accomplishing.

3.  Focus on me time.

Grade: B

I tried the best I could this past month to worry less about my work obligations and focus more on the things that make me happy.  Although I still have quite a back log of grading to get caught up on (and the quarter ends this coming Friday so it’ll be interesting to see how all of it gets accomplished), I have refused to let work consume my life.  I had a heartfelt conversation with my principal this past month, during which he emphasized the importance of putting my health first.  There were some days I stayed at work later than my doctor has advised me to, and I know that I need to do a better job with this.

Based on the recovery progress I made in March, as well as the training success that I also had, I have three goals for April:


1.  Run, walk, and elliptical a total of 60 miles.

This was one of my February goals, and since I was only 0.74 miles shy of reaching this goal I want to push myself to reach this goal this coming month.  In March I completed over 50 miles, and that was with having to take almost a third of the month off from training, so I’m confident that this goal can be reached this coming month.

2.  Continue practicing yoga.

My neurologist has emphasized the importance of destressing and focusing on me time, and I found practicing yoga to be extremely helpful in helping reach those goals last month.  Although I have other training goals and focuses for April, I don’t want to let my practice of yoga go to the wayside.

3.  Weight train at least twice a week.

Just like my mileage goal, this was also one of my February goals.  Weight training wasn’t a priority in March, and I want to work to make it a priority again.

QOTD: What are your goals for April?

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14 Responses to April 2014 Monthly Goals

  1. Kristin says:

    I love this!!! Very good goals and I know you’ll achieve them all!! My goals align quite nicely with yours!! I want to continue practicing yoga each week and weight training each week along with my runs and swims!! Great job!!

  2. Olive to Run says:

    You are an organized goal setter! Love your April goals 🙂

  3. Awesome goals Kathryn! I know you will ROCK them this month!!!

  4. Great goals for April Kathryn! My goal for April is to finish the Big Sur Marathon feeling good and injury free!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Great April goals (and I love your floral graphic print too). This month I would like to be better about yoga and the other is cleaner eating (I think birthday/lots of running led to overindulgent behavior this month – at least it was good at the time 🙂 )

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