My Half Marathon Bucket List

The past week has been filled with lots of excitement in the running world.  With the release of the Marine Corps Marathon lottery results last week and the NYC Marathon lottery results yesterday, social media has been a buzz with runners sharing whether or not they were selected.  I can appreciate the nail biting anxiety that these runners have experienced, as registration for the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run, which I’ll be running in ten short days, is also only by lottery.

Many runners have these races on their bucket lists and enter these lotteries year after year.  With all of the excitement about the lottery results for these races, I thought it appropriate to share some of the half marathons that I currently have my eyes on.  Some of these races are much closer to home than others, and only time will tell if/when I’ll be able to run these races.

In no particular order, my half marathon bucket list includes:

rnrvegas1.  Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon

I have never been to Las Vegas.  Preston and I would love to plan a future racecation around Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas and run the strip at night.

wineanddine2.  Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Preston and I have a love for runDisney races.  Although we had hoped to register for this year’s race, circumstances didn’t allow for that to happen, but we hope to run this nighttime race in the near future.

keywest3.  Key West Half Marathon

Preston and I vacationed in Key West in April 2012 and quickly fell in love with the laid back atmosphere of the city.  I actually a won a race registration to the 2014 race that I was sadly unable to use since the race was the weekend after the Disney World Half Marathon.

shamrock4.  Shamrock Anthem Half Marathon

I’ve heard nothing but great things about this annual race held in Virginia Beach every March.  Every runner’s review I’ve read about this race is nothing but positive.  Similar to runDisney race weekends, there’s a challenge that you can run called the Dolphin Challenge, which involves running an 8k on Saturday followed by a half marathon on Sunday.

kauai5.  Kauai Half Marathon

For our honeymoon, Preston and I spent two weeks in Hawaii.  I started talking about returning to Hawaii before we even left to come home.  In 2011 we spent time on three islands (Oahu, Big Island, and Maui), and I’m eager to make a return trip to Hawaii and explore Kauai this time.  The Kauai Half Marathon is held annually over Labor Day Weekend, which isn’t the easiest time of year to travel given my school schedule, but a girl can dream, right?  I can’t imagine a more beautiful place to run 13.1 miles!

Baltimore_Half-Medal-Logo6.  Baltimore Half Marathon

Although I’ve heard that the Baltimore Half Marathon is extremely hilly, I’ve also heard amazing things about the organization and crowd support for this race.  I’m actually considering running it this fall.

historichalf7.  Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon

Just like the Baltimore Half, the Marine Corps Historic Half is also known for its hilly course.  This race is held in Fredericksburg, Virginia every May.  Preston debated running it this year, but ultimately decided to hold off since our May calendar is already jam packed, and we’ll be out of town at least two weekends that month.  Even though Fredericksburg is only about an hour south of us, we decided that this just wasn’t the year for either of us to run this race.  Maybe next year!

logo-wnrs8.  Divas Half Marathon

The Divas race series is one of several women’s focused races.  Ten cities currently host this race, with the closest one to us being in Leesburg, Virginia, which is about an hour west of us.  Since I’m considering running Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach over Labor Day weekend and the Leesburg race is two weeks later, 2014 isn’t looking like it’ll be the year for me to run this race.

rwhalf-logo-altra9.  Runner’s World Half Marathon

This year Runner’s World will host the 2nd annual Runner’s World Half Marathon and Festival.  This event is held the same weekend as the Baltimore Half Marathon, so clearly both of these races cannot be completed in the same year.  So many races, so many choices to make!

And if I ever run a marathon…..

marathonweekend10.  Disney World Marathon

If I ever run a marathon, the only one I have my eyes on right now is the Disney World Marathon.  This is the only marathon that Preston has run, and currently is the only marathon that Preston plans on ever running.  I figure if I ever run a marathon (which I currently have no plans or intentions to do), there’s no place other than the place where I ran my first half marathon that I’d want to run 26.2 miles.

QOTD: What races are on your bucket list?

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46 Responses to My Half Marathon Bucket List

  1. Jennifer says:

    This is a GREAT list! The Baltimore Half was my first official half (I ran Marine Corp before). It is hilly, but I dont think any of the hills are as steep as the RNR Calvert Hill. The second half is definitely a net downhill towards Camden Yards 🙂 As for bucket list races in the mid-Atlantic area, I would say Richmond, Shamrock, and Runners World are definitely on it. Outside the area, I would say Portland, NYC, Chicago, and Napa. This list can def grow and grow… haven’t even listed ones abroad.

  2. Great list girl! We are already registered for RnR Vegas and I am so excited!

    I’ve had my eye on one of the Diva races ( probably the one in VA too) but the timing never works out!

    I did the Runner’s World Festival 10K last year and it was a blast. RW really puts on a good weekend but I would say you really need to be there for Saturday’s events as well.

    Lacey has done the Shamrock Marathon for the past few years and it is a flat and fast course! I assume the half would be too.

    Hoping to see you guys at some future races!

  3. I am running #RNRLV half this year can’t wait! I have ran 11 Half’s and 1 Full. If I do another Full it will probably be WDW same as you. Love your list especially #7 and #9 are on my wish list as well.
    #5 would be a “bucket race” for me. Nearly impossible but oh wow how great would that be!
    Great post!

  4. kathleenb85 says:

    Many of these same races are on my ultimate bucket list as well!! Sometimes I wish I lived either on the east or the west coast so getting to these races would be easier, but having 2 huge airports near me that fly virtually anywhere, I cannot complain! I hope you do Baltimore this year and can report on it for all of us because I’m seriously considering putting that one on the list for 2015!
    And I was like you just a short time ago saying that I’d never run a full… but the way I tell people– I’m going to run the WDW Marathon in 2015 and that will be my first and last full marathon. The training is a full time job alone!

    • I hear you about the training. Our November and December weekends revolved around our training schedule as we trained for Marathon weekend. That’s one of the many reasons why I continue to say that I doubt I’ll run a marathon, but I suppose I should never say never.

  5. What an amazing list! I’d love to run Vegas, Runner’s World, Shamrock, Wine and Dine, and Divas for sure! Maybe one day! And Disney was my second full marathon! It was an amazing experience running through all 4 parks!

  6. Gabby says:

    Shamrock Half and WDW full are both on my bucket list too. I’m crossing off Baltimore and Wine and Dine this year. You should totally sign up for Baltimore 🙂 The hills made me nervous, but I read Sparkly Runner’s recap from last year and it sounds awesome!

  7. Chaitali says:

    Fun! I’ve never heard of the Diva races but those sound interesting. RnR Vegas and the Disney marathon are definitely on my list. So is the Flying Pig in Cincinatti since my family is from Ohio and my brother mentioned he would do that one with me if I signed up.

  8. The Runners World half is on my bucket list! My parents live in Leesburg and I had a few friends that ran Diva’s last year. Since it was the first year I heard it was a royal (haha) mess – there is only one road to the winery that hosted and traffic was backed up so badly they had to delay the race start. Probably better to give it a few years for them to work out those kinks, but that area is gorgeous and would definitely be a pretty course. The Marine Corps Historic Half has caught my interest too, I think that would be a gorgeous run as well.

  9. Irene says:

    Awesome list! My first half-marathon was the Diva’s race in 2011. I’d love to do the LAS Vegas Rock N Roll.

  10. cheriarmour says:

    You think you have any fulls on your wish list?

  11. stephanie says:

    I love your list! Some of those races are on my bucket list too. The one that I would love to do would be the Athens Marathon.

  12. Baltimore is not that hilly! I promise! 🙂 We are in the same dilemma for the Runner’s World Half Festival and the Baltimore Running Festival this year- too many great choices!

  13. Dan says:

    All excellent choices. I’ve run the Marine Corps 1/2, the Wine & Dine 1/2 and the Disney Marathon, all of which have been very fun. I also intend on running the Kauai Marathon in 2016 to finish my 50-states quest. I highly recommend the Disney race for your first venture into the 26.2 mile distance — there is so much entertainment on the course and so many distractions that you’ll completely forget how insanely long the course is 🙂

    Here’s my own bucket list:

  14. Kristen says:

    I’m registered to do my first half November 16th – the Potomac River Run Half Marathon. It’s along the C & O Canal Towpath and is billed as “the Easiest Marathon in America — Flat course, no road crossings, no turns!” Hope they’re right!

  15. LD says:

    Ahh I also want to do Wine and Dine and the Rock n’ Roll in Vegas! Shamrock is AMAZING. You should definitely make sure it happens!

  16. You’re list is fantastic! Right now I have every single Disney race I have not run yet (which is almost all of them). I would also love to do an international race. Rome would be my choice since that’s where I studied abroad and the Rome Marathon photos were taunting my on Instagram all weekend!

  17. kristenk says:

    Oh my god this is my exact bucket list as well! Right down to my future possible marathon in Disney! I seriously hope to do each of these races sometime in my life. Good luck and have fun crossing these off your list!

  18. Jolene says:

    The Marine Corp Marathon is on my list for sure! I will likely participate next year by lottery or charity. This is a great list! I hope you get to do all of them!

  19. Awesome list! You know I love the Disney races, especially, haha. Wine and Dine is a BLAST, and if you liked the WDW Half, then you will LOVE the full! (I am fairly certain that you will run a full someday…it’s only a matter of time…haha). I, too, want to run the RnR in Vegas — I’ll bet that’s an awesome time! Runner’s World is a lot of fun, too — the course was SO hilly and totally killed me, but the entire weekend was a blast!

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  21. marywdw says:

    If I ever run a marathon it will also be the Walt Disney World Marathon!

  22. Gigi says:

    I am a new follower of yours 🙂

    I have done a few of these races and want to do a few others.

    Just did RnR LAs Vegas….AWESOME and you must go!
    Key West is in 2 months and I couldn’t be more excited!
    Baltimore was very hilly but great all at the same time plus bonus bling for doing Frederick in May.
    Marine Corp Half…I am registered for 2015 🙂
    I did the Diva here on Long Island twice (the first being my first) the organization is great but the course here on LI is BOOORRRRIIINNNNGGGG
    Runners World was AMAZING but CRAZY HILLY!!!
    Shamrock was one of the best organized races but the weather was sooo cold and windy this year it hurt. Also the course was pretty boring.

    Hope to see you at a race one day!

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