PRO Compression Marathon Socks and Calf Sleeves Review

Last fall when I kicked off training for my first half marathon, I quickly went into investigation mode about the “must have” products for half marathon training.  As my miles started to increase, I did more and more research into the best way to promote recovery after a long run.  My research led me to compression socks and sleeves.

After asking other runners via posts in several Facebook groups that I belong to, I concluded that PRO Compression would be my company of choice.  PRO Compression offers runners both compression socks and calf sleeves, and both are meant to promote the same elements of recovery for runners.

According to PRO Compression, their products “deliver maximum comfort and speedy recovery times.  The science is complex, but benefits such as improved blood flow, stability and comfort are universally understood.  The moment you put these socks on your feet, you will feel the difference.”

Photo Credit: PRO Compression

Photo Credit: PRO Compression

After a short debate between socks and calf sleeves, I opted to go the sleeves route.  I figured that by having the sleeves I’d have the option to wear the sleeves both at home to recover as well as out in public with both sandals or with my own socks and shoes.

After my first time wearing my sleeves, I was convinced that I’d made the right choice.  The next day, my calves felt amazing, and not tight at all.  I felt like I could have gone for another run.  It was clear that my sleeves had done what they were designed to do.

Since I purchased my calf sleeves, I’ve worn them after every long run and major race.  I wore them around Epcot the afternoon after my first half marathon, and wore them on the plane ride home two days after my first half marathon when I started to feel my calves swelling after the plane took off from Orlando.  Since the swelling didn’t go down for several days, I also wore my calf sleeves to work under my dress pants.  Nobody at work knew I was wearing them, and they further aided in my half marathon recovery.

Sporting my PRO Compression marathon calf sleeves at Epcot the afternoon of my first half marathon

Sporting my PRO Compression marathon calf sleeves at Epcot the afternoon of my first half marathon

At the end of February, PRO Compression hosted a Facebook giveaway.  Five winners won a pair of their Shamrock Marathon Socks, and I was one of the five lucky winners!  Not only was I excited to win a pair St. Patrick’s day apparel, but I was also excited about the opportunity to compare their socks to their sleeves.  My socks arrived just before Rock ‘n’ Roll USA, and I have worn them a couple of times since the race.

Sporting my Shamrock Marathon Socks while relaxing at home

Sporting my Shamrock Marathon Socks while relaxing at home

Just like the calf sleeves, the socks also promote speedier recovery.  I received a pair of the socks in the same size as my sleeves, and found the sizing to be consistent.  My socks are just as tight on my calves as the sleeves are.

So which PRO Compression product do I prefer – the socks or the sleeves?  Being only 5’3″ I’m finding that the socks come up very high up on my legs.  If I wanted I could probably stretch them above my knees.  My sleeves do not stretch out on my legs as much as my socks do.  In addition, the socks themselves are a bit thinner for wearing in shoes than I prefer, so if I’m going to wear my PRO Compression gear outside of my apartment then I’d prefer to wear my sleeves.  Lastly, if you want to wear sandals with your compression gear then the only option is to wear the sleeves.

My final verdict?  While I like both the socks and the sleeves for recovery, the sleeves are more practical for my preferences and lifestyle.  I’m constantly on the go, and the sleeves allow for more flexibility in terms of what shoes I can wear with them.  However, the socks are great for lounging around at home.

Disclaimer: I received my Marathon Socks for free and paid for my Marathon Calf Sleeves.  I did not receive any compensation for this review, and as always, all opinions are my own.

QOTD: Do you wear compression gear after long runs and races to help promote recovery?  Which do you prefer, socks or sleeves?

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26 Responses to PRO Compression Marathon Socks and Calf Sleeves Review

  1. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    I LOVE my procompression!!!

  2. LOVE Pro Compression! I wear mostly socks but do have one pair of sleeves that I love too!

  3. Chaitali says:

    Thanks for the review! I have one pair of compression socks and one pair of calf sleeves (both Zensah) and I love them. I’d love to try another brand to compare so I may give these a try 🙂 I’m not sure which I like better yet, the socks or the sleeves. The socks I have are pretty cushioned in the foot and therefore really comfortable to wear.

  4. I have ProCompression socks and love them! You’re right, though, they don’t leave you much option of footwear. I may have to look in to the sleeves sometimes!

    Have you tried wearing them while running? I can’t anymore, I get too hot wearing them during a race!

  5. Juliana says:

    I loved this review! I’ve been debating buying pro compression socks to try them out and this review definitely put me over the edge. I’ve never tried sleeves before but may have to give them a shot

  6. Honestly, I am a hardcore Pro Compression sock fan. I will NOT run without them, whether it’s 2 miles or 20 miles, and I am convinced that they have completely saved my feet and legs both during and after races. Can’t live without ’em! I’ve never tried the sleeves, but can see how they’d be perfect to pair with my usual choice of post-race footwear: flip-flops. 🙂

  7. Syl says:

    I love compression socks! I wear the Zoots but would like to try Pro Compression. I have to wear the full socks, though, the calf sleeves don’t keep the swelling off my ankles… nice blog!

  8. Rachel says:

    Great review! I love my Pro Compression socks as well. I look forward to trying sleeves as I am also short (5’1″) and realized I can pull them quite high. Thanks!

  9. Rachel O says:

    Interesting take. I have many procompression socks and 1 pair of sleeves. My sleeves are L/Xl and very tight, whereas my socks are sm/md and fit good.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the review Kathryn. I have pro-compression socks, but honestly I could have easily gone with the sleeves (I debated for a couple of days before making my purchase). I would have to agree with you, the socks are thinner than I would prefer (especially for longer runs, since I have socks that I love wearing) – so sleeves would have made better sense. The socks do feel great after a race. I’ll have to add the sleeves to my wish list or get them when they go on sale again. PS-the Shamrock socks are adorable!

  11. cheriarmour says:

    I have a lot of CEP Compression because that’s what we carry at the Fleet Feet Raleigh location. The rule of thumb (even though it’s totally cool that you do the sleeves) are that the socks are better for recovery, since they have the foot/ankle piece and can shoot that blood back to where it needs to go, and the sleeves are great for performance. I need to dig my socks out, now that I’m thinking about it….

  12. I have the pro compression sleeves and I love them. Like you said they are more convenient and I can wear them with flip flops. Not a fashion choice I would normally make but it does happen! I am short too and my compression socks always come up over my knees too. I want to fold them down but they have a print on the side and I think it might look goofy. Hence why I haven’t worn them out of the house yet!

  13. I love my PRO Compression socks! I wear them typically for recovery after a long run and kept my legs feeling fresh after hitting the parks post wine and dine. I just got a pair of calf sleeves and I can’t wait to try those out as well!

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