Weekly Training Log – Week of March 17th

Having run the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Half Marathon last Saturday, this past week was focused mainly on recovery and letting my body relax.  However, with the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run coming up in two weeks, I didn’t want to go a full week without running.  I did two shorter runs this past week, and plan to keep it easy on the running front between now and my next race.  The next two weeks will be focused on conditioning, and not on increasing my speed or distance abilities.

The highlight of this past week was the absolutely gorgeous weather that we had on Friday and Saturday.  It was so nice on Saturday (sunny and a high of nearly 70 degrees), that it would have been a crime to not get outside on the trail for awhile.  Preston and I even got Riley outside on the trail with us for the first time since last fall.  With Preston and I having run a race last weekend and Riley not having run with us for awhile, we took it easy on the trail, taking frequent walk and water breaks.

Riley and I before our Saturday afternoon run

Riley and I before our Saturday afternoon run

Mon 3/17 – Rest day

Tues 3/18 – 15 minutes of yoga

Wed 3/19 – 20 minutes on the elliptical, 1.48 mile powerwalk on the treadmill, abs

Thurs 3/20 – 2.00 mile treadmill run, 0.29 mile cool down walk, kettlebell squat swings, abs

Fri 3/21 – Rest day

Sat 3/22 – 3.30 mile run on the W&OD Trail, 0.81 mile cool down walk

Sun – 3/23 – 30 minutes of yoga

Total Weekly Mileage – 8.59 miles

QOTD: How many days do you take off from running after you run a race?

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16 Responses to Weekly Training Log – Week of March 17th

  1. You’re really keeping yourself busy! I was sad that I wasn’t able to get out and run during this beautiful weather! -M

  2. It depends. After Dopey, I took 2 weeks off. I usually run on feel after a half. After Shamrock, I tried to run Wed night (3 days later) and my legs weren’t in it so I hopped off the treadmill and got on a bike. I ran Friday afternoon and felt much better. I usually think a week or so is about right for me. I think it’s easy to underestimate the importance of recovery after a hard race.

    • I definitely ran based on feel this past week. On Thursday when I did my 2 mile run I had intended to run closer to 3, but my body wasn’t feeling it, so I decided to stop and not push it. And you’re right, the importance of rest and recovery can definitely be underestimated, and during recovery periods its so important to listen to what our bodies tell us to do.

  3. I was able to get a run in with the gorgeous weather as well, I can’t wait for it to stick around longer! Considering I’ve only completed one race I definitely took too much time off after and lost a lot of motivation. I’m hoping to change that after my next race by scheduling more to keep me going!

  4. Kristin says:

    I ran Shamrock Half a week ago and was in recovery last week. I did not run until Friday and then walked Saturday and ran Sunday! I feel pretty good now!
    I hope you have a great week this week!!!!

  5. Recovery is important girl! Great job taking it easy this week! It depends on my training schedule how many days I take off after a race. I usually only take about 3-4 days off and then I’m back at it lol!

  6. After my first half many, many moons ago, I took off two weeks. That first run back was the WORST! Then after last year’s Wine and Dine, I was ready to rock 4 days later. I don’t give myself a set time to return to the pavement, i just listen to what my body tells me.

    And Riley is a total cutie! 🙂

  7. Chaitali says:

    Your dog is so adorable! I can’t believe how nice the weather was on Saturday and how cold it is again today. I’m glad I got out for a run on Saturday while the weather was nice. I hope you have a good week 🙂

  8. Jennifer says:

    Cute dog! Depending on the race and distance, my recovery days will vary. I usually will take a rest the day following the run and then resume my normal routine. This week I used the elliptical and had some strength training sessions, but now the hamstrings are sore from lunges and deadlifts – resulting in more rest days! Oh well!

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