Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Half Marathon Training Log – Week 6

This past week did not go as I had planned, let alone hoped, it would go.

I was on a training high after week 5.  I successfully completed my 10 mile training run 20 seconds faster than my goal time.  And I was able to complete my run outside while enjoying absolutely gorgeous weather.

Then I took my planned rest day on Monday.  The rest of the week unfortunately didn’t go as I’d planned though.

Due to stress, I took an extra rest day on Tuesday.  I completed my only run of the week on Wednesday.  And then Thursday is when my week turned from bad to worse.

Thursday afternoon around 1pm I began to feel a migraine coming on.  This isn’t unusual, as I’m prone to migraines and have suffered from them since college.  I came home from work, took a dose of Excedrin around 5pm, and thought that within a couple of hours, if not after getting a good night’s sleep, that I’d feel better.

Around 3am Friday morning I woke up in excruciating pain.  The pain had gotten worse.  After tossing and turning I eventually took another dose of medicine, and then got ready for work.  Preston questioned if I should call in sick, but at that moment writing sub plans was the last thing I wanted to put myself through.

As I drove to work though, I questioned if I’d made the right choice.

After getting to work I realized that there was no way I was going to make it through a full day of school.  Since my first two classes were working on a group project, and already had their instructions, I figured I’d try to push through the pain and leave during my planning period, which is midday.  I went to the main office to find out if one of the substitutes in the building was subbing for a teacher with last period planning.  The secretary assured me that somebody could cover for me, and asked if I wanted subs to cover all of my classes.  I told her I’d try to push through the pain.

I started my first block class, and less than five minutes after school started a substitute and one of the main office secretaries showed up at my classroom door.  They had found coverage for my first class and were working on coverage for the rest of the day.  I continued to ask the sub and secretary, “Are you sure?” and they firmly told me that I needed to go home.

Five minutes later, one of the Assistant Principals arrived at my classroom and said that they had found a sub to cover each of my classes.  He told me that I looked too sick and too weak to stay.

After quickly scribbling some sub plans down (I’m not even sure if they were legible) and updating my department chair on what was going on, I headed home.  During my drive home, I began to feel the left side of my face go numb.  This has never happened before with a previous migraine.  I came home, quickly changed into sweats, and tried to sleep.  I think I slept for all of 15 minutes.  As the numbness became more and more prominent, I began to worry more and more.  Some quick research online revealed that it was advised that if you experience facial numbness during a migraine that you should seek medical attention.  So I called Preston, he left work, and shortly thereafter we were off to urgent care.

After a quick evaluation, we were sent to the ER.  About two hours and a clear CT scan later, the ER doctor recommended that I be admitted for observation and further testing.  Bell’s Palsy was ruled out, as was a full on stroke.  After about 24 hours in the hospital, a second CT scan with contrast, a MRI, and a series of blood work all failed to reveal any answers, the final diagnosis was a migraine with aura, and a possible TIA (although according to the doctors no test exists that can confirm such a diagnosis).  I’ve now been referred to a neurologist for further testing, and in the meantime, have strict orders for lots of rest and destressing.

At least I had a friendly towel animal to keep me company while I was in the hospital, courtesy of hospital housekeeping

At least I had a friendly towel animal to keep me company while I was in the hospital, courtesy of hospital housekeeping

A week ago I never thought that this is where I’d be a week later.  Its amazing how so quickly life can change.  Not only did this week confirm that I need to slow down and take more time for myself, but that anything can happen when you least expect it.

What implications does this have for Rock ‘n’ Roll USA on March 15th?  At this point, that is unknown.  What I do know is that I’ll be resting as much as possible and following the doctor’s advice, and if that means I have to walk my second half marathon, or not complete it altogether, then that’s what I’ll be doing.

Mon 2/24 – Rest day

Tues 2/25 – Rest day

Wed 2/26 – 3.10 mile treadmill run, 0.40 mile cool down walk, kettlebell squat swings, abs

Thurs 2/27 – Rest day

Fri 2/28 – Admitted to the hospital

Sat 3/1 – Discharged from the hospital

Sun 3/2 – Rest day

Total Weekly Mileage – 3.50 miles (15.96 miles less than week 5)

Total Half Marathon Training Mileage – 80.33 miles

QOTD: How do you approach set backs?

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28 Responses to Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Half Marathon Training Log – Week 6

  1. This is so scary! So glad that you were able to drive home with no incidents and that Preston got you to Urgent care when he did.

    That must be some fancy hospital to provide towel animals! Haha

    Hope you are on your way to recovering. Please keep us updating. Did you go to school today? I know how much of a pain it is to write sub plans. I use to have an emergency Sub box with plans in it. Most of the time they were just Random assignments but at least it was something!

  2. Lauren says:

    Wow, that is so scary Kathryn. I am glad you got to the doctor to figure out what was the matter and I hope you are feeling better.

  3. I am so sorry you were in the hospital! My dad suffers from serious migraines too and is always taking excedrin. I hope they figure out what is wrong and that you can race! In the meantime, rest! there will be other goal races!

    • Thanks Heather. Walking the race is my back up plan, but if the doctor recommends not doing it altogether then I’ll definitely listen. I’m also registered for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in April, so if that has to be my next major race then that’s the way it’ll have to be.

  4. hbarnstein says:

    How scary!! Feel better!

  5. Oh no Kathryn! That’s really scary! Take care of yourself! There will always be other races…but there’s only one you!

  6. So scary — I’m glad that you went to the hospital before things got worse and will be praying for you! Take care and rest up, Kathryn!

  7. Holy you-know-what Kathryn! At least you did the smart thing and went to the hospital! Hope you’re feeling better and everything gets back to normal soon. For the moment, I would just take things day by day and take care of you!

  8. Oh my gosh, how scary!!! I’m glad you went to the doctor and got (some sort of) answers about what was going on. I hope you’ll get back to normal quickly. You have a good mentality about the race, too–you’ve got to do what’s best for your overall health and well-being!

  9. cheriarmour says:

    Wow that sounds like a really scary scary experience! Give yourself whatever time you need, and then reassess when you’re feeling 100%! Get well soon!

  10. MJ says:

    Oh my gosh, that’s so scary! I hope that they can figure this out quickly and that it’s nothing serious for the long-term. Sending you good thoughts…

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  12. Oh my god. This is terrifying. It really does force you to think about how quickly and unexpectedly anything can change. Sending well wishes your way!

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