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Weekly Training Log – Week of March 24th

I’ll just come right out and say it: this past week was one of the best training weeks I’ve ever had!  It was full of lots of highs, especially since my three runs this week were some of the fastest … Continue reading

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Happy Blogiversary!

Today marks From Dancing to Running’s birthday.  One year ago today I wrote my first blog post.  My oh my how my blog has evolved since that first post! When I first started this blog, I had no idea where … Continue reading

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Friday Five – March 28th – So Much to Celebrate!

Happy Friday everybody!  Its hard to believe that today is the 13th Friday of 2014 and that we’re already a quarter of the way through the year.  I feel like I’ve accomplished so much in 2014, and so little, all … Continue reading

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My Half Marathon Bucket List

The past week has been filled with lots of excitement in the running world.  With the release of the Marine Corps Marathon lottery results last week and the NYC Marathon lottery results yesterday, social media has been a buzz with … Continue reading

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Why My Half Marathons Went As Well As They Did

I’ve been anything but quiet on here about how proud I am of myself for completing two half marathons.  Just over a year ago I hadn’t started running, and now as I contemplate registering for my third, and possibly fourth, … Continue reading

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PRO Compression Marathon Socks and Calf Sleeves Review

Last fall when I kicked off training for my first half marathon, I quickly went into investigation mode about the “must have” products for half marathon training.  As my miles started to increase, I did more and more research into … Continue reading

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Weekly Training Log – Week of March 17th

Having run the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Half Marathon last Saturday, this past week was focused mainly on recovery and letting my body relax.  However, with the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run coming up in two weeks, I didn’t want … Continue reading

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Friday Five – March 21st – I Couldn’t Have Done It Without All Of You

My runner’s high from last weekend’s Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Half Marathon is still going strong.  Three weeks ago today I was admitted to the hospital.  Who would have thought that two weeks later I’d cross the finish line of … Continue reading

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I’ve Run Two Half Marathons…What’s Next?

Thanks everybody for all of your congratulations and encouragement about my second half marathon!  It still hasn’t quite set in that I ran my second half, or that I PRed by 20 minutes.  One thing is for certain though: crossing … Continue reading

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Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Half Marathon Recap

Last Saturday I ran my second half marathon.  When I wound up in the hospital two and a half weeks ago, I had no idea if I’d still be able to complete the race.  By the time I was cleared … Continue reading

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