From Dancing to Running is Now On Facebook

Last March when I started this blog I never imagined where it would take me ten months later.  I never saw myself joining Twitter, I never saw myself refocusing my Instagram page away from my personal life and more towards my blog, and I definitely never saw myself starting a Facebook page for my blog. Preston has been encouraging me to start a Facebook page for the blog for awhile now.  Each time he’s brought it up, I’ve come up with one excuse after another to steer the conversation another direction, but after meeting several bloggers during Marathon weekend and briefly talking with some of them since then about the benefits of adding Facebook as a social media platform for their blog, I became a bit more convinced, but didn’t know when I’d have the time to get it going.  Now that I’ve unexpectedly been home four days this week thanks to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday followed by three snow days, I finally had the time to sit down and officially decide. facebook And I did it.  From Dancing to Running has finally joined Facebook.  Why did I ultimately make this decision?  There’s a couple reasons that drove my final decision.

  • A stand alone blog doesn’t drive the level of readership and interaction as a blog can when its supported by social media outlets.  When I first started blogging I didn’t realize where my blog would lead me to in the fitness world, and I can’t wait to see where increased interaction with readers and other bloggers through Facebook (I joined Twitter back in August) will take me to.
  • When I joined Twitter I swore that it would be the only social media outlet that I’d use for my blog.  But not everybody that wants updates on my running journey is on Twitter.  Thus, Facebook is another option to keep everybody up to date.
  • Its time that I start better distinguishing my blog updates on Facebook from my personal Facebook page.
  • Over the past couple of months I’ve started applying to various races to be a race ambassador.  I have yet to be accepted by one, but I know that it takes time and patience to be selected.  I also know that being on Facebook will increase the odds of eventually being selected.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out From Dancing to Running’s Facebook page!

QOTD: How do you successfully brand yourself and your blog?

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6 Responses to From Dancing to Running is Now On Facebook

  1. Isn’t it funny how when you start a blog you think that’s it? Then you learn about all the fun things that go along with it, like Twitter, Facebook, and Ambassador opportunities.

  2. We must have started our blogs around the same time! I felt the exact same way you did about social media. I came to the FB party a little late with a personal account first, but never used it, and then a blog account! I didn’t understand Twitter so refused to join that party too! To be honest, I don’t use FB that often now, but am totally into twitter! I usually go right to the blog site through my reading list to read blogs though! This whole social media thing is confusing still! I hope you find what works for you! I will go “like” your page!

    • Thanks Meranda! Part of the joy of blogging (and reading blogs) is that everybody has their personal preferences, and I’m still trying to figure out mine! For now, I think Twitter will still be my preference, but who knows, maybe time will tell me that it’s the other way around!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Congrats on your new FB page. I started blogging around September and can’t believe how much I’ve learned so far. I was hesitant to use Twitter at first (in addition to a personal one) and now I love it – meeting new people and sharing ideas. Joining new social platforms only increase those activities. I just started a Pinterest page and have a FB page in draft mode – thanks for sharing your thoughts – I completely agree!

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