Walt Disney World Half Marathon Training Log – Week 15

After feeling run down during much of week 14, I knew that I wanted to play it a bit safer during this past week of training.  Since I had an 11.5 mile run planned for over the weekend, I only worked out three days total – 2 shorter midweek runs and my long run over the weekend.  Although I would have liked to get to the gym more than I did, I’m really focused on trying to play it safe right now, especially with the amount of travel that I have leading up to Marathon weekend.

I definitely think that playing it safe this past week paid off.  I ended the week with more than enough energy to complete my 11.5 mile run, which is my newest personal distance record.  For my last long run of 10 miles during week 13, I was able to maintain a 3:1 run-walk interval, but I’m a bit worried about maintaining that interval at Disney World next month.  So for Sunday’s 11.5 mile I scaled back my run-walk interval to 2:1, which I was able to successfully maintain for the duration of my run.


I’m currently 87% of the way to completing a half marathon!

Its amazing to see the progress I’ve made, not just physically through my improved running endurance but also visually through the use of my RunKeeper account.  I must credit Jeff Galloway and his Run-Walk-Run method for this, as without my use of his method I’m not sure that I would have made the training progress that I have.

My focus between now and January 11th is to follow my training plan and not overdo it.  I have one more long run planned for this coming weekend, when I’ll run 13.1 miles..  I have two other runs as well as a couple of walks planned for this week, and then during week 17 I’ll start to taper.  My first half marathon will be here before I know it!

Mon 12/9 – 3.24 mile treadmill run, abs, foam rolling

Tues 12/10 – Rest day

Wed 12/11 – Rest day

Thurs 12/12 – 3.87 mile treadmill run, foam rolling, kettlebell squat swings, abs

Fri 12/13 – Rest day

Sat 12/14 – Rest day

Sun 12/15 – 11.50 mile treadmill run, 2.59 mile cool down walk, foam rolling

Total Weekly Mileage – 21.20 miles (6.88 miles more than week 14)

Total Half Marathon Training Mileage – 238.26 miles

QOTD: Whose/what training plan do you follow when training for a major race?  Have you had success with one plan over another?

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2 Responses to Walt Disney World Half Marathon Training Log – Week 15

  1. I have followed Galloway’s method for all of my races! I have also followed his plan to the letter for both my first half (Princess 2012) and am following it now for the Dopey Challenge. I’ve also used Hal Higdon’s training plan for the mileage but always use Galloway’s method. I wouldn’t be able to accomplish all I have without it! Good luck with your first half- soak it all in. All finish lines are special but the first one (of any new distance) is extra special 🙂

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