Walt Disney World Half Marathon Training Log – Week 14

This week has been a roller coaster.  I started the week off on a high after last week’s many accomplishments – my first 10 miler, running and walking a complete half marathon in one day, and reaching the 500 mile training mark.  However, my runner’s high quickly crossed paths with feelings of a cold coming on.  Early on in the week my throat was sore, much how it feels when I’m about to get a full blown cold.  Wednesday morning I also woke up a bit stuffed up.  Fortunately, I think its been more the roller coaster weather we’ve had over the past week or so that I’ve been feeling (it was in the mid 60s a couple days ago and today it snowed), since thankfully my symptoms never progressed.

Because I felt run down, I scaled back this week’s workouts.  Instead of running on Thursday I powerwalked instead, and I didn’t complete my planned walk on Friday.  Although I’m kicking myself a bit for the fact this week’s mileage is the lowest weekly total that I’ve logged since week 7 of my training, I know that I cannot afford to let myself get sick or injured at this point, especially since runDisney tweeted this today:

Its hard to believe that we leave for Disney World in 31 days, (by my calculations runDisney is a day off in their countdown), I’ll participate in the inaugural Disney World 10k in 33 days, and I’ll run my first half marathon in 34 days.  I definitely can’t afford to get sick now, especially since I have another long run (11.5 miles) planned for next weekend.  I’m crossing my fingers that this week was just a temporary set back and that I’ll be good to go from here on out!

Mon 12/2 – Rest day

Tues 12/3 – 2.53 mile treadmill run, kettlebell squat swings, legs, abs, glutes, foam rolling

Wed 12/4 – Rest day

Thurs 12/5 – 3.40 mile treadmill walk (powerwalked at 13:43 pace!), chest, back, arms

Fri 12/6 – Rest day

Sat 12/7 – 5.00 mile treadmill run, 0.64 mile walk, foam rolling

Sun 12/8 – resistance band strength training for my ankle, abs, glutes

Total Weekly Mileage – 11.57 miles (14.32 miles less than week 13)

Total Half Marathon Training Mileage – 217.16 miles

QOTD: How do you adjust you’re training when you’re not feeling well?

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9 Responses to Walt Disney World Half Marathon Training Log – Week 14

  1. Kristen says:

    Hope you’re feeling better! One more month!

  2. Hope you feel better quickly!! I tend to listen to my body and I will try to just lower the overall intensity or even just take a walk…sometimes that is enough to help me feel good enough to get moving a little more too

  3. rest up! it’s okay to have a couple recovery weeks during training

  4. Chelsea says:

    I want to run the Disney half at some point in my life. It sells out so fast too! It’s a big process for someone who lives so far away amd having to take time off of work and everything… Buts it’s on my bucket list of races to run! Especially now with my first half under my belt. Good luck! This month will fly by!

    • I definitely agree about planning for runDisney races being a big process! Between the flights, hotel, taking time off, etc it all adds up. We actually had to shorten our Christmas trip to see my parents and sisters in Illinois a day or two shorter than we would have liked in order to make sure that my husband has enough leave from work. Thankfully, my parents are also coming to Disney World with us so it all worked out this year.

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