Race Goals for Tomorrow’s Veteran’s Day 5K


This weekend many people’s calendars are filled with Veteran’s Day related activities, and ours is of no exception.  Tomorrow morning Preston and I will complete our last 5K of 2013 – the Veteran’s Day 5K with Potomac River Running.  Tomorrow morning’s race not only will recognize the efforts of veterans from across the country, but will also benefit Team Red, White & Blue, the veterans organization that both Preston and I are a part of.

Because I will be completing my weekly long run today (I’m scheduled to set a new personal distance record of eight miles!),I’m planning on taking tomorrow’s race very easy.  Right now its unknown how sore my body will be or how tight my legs will be from today’s run, so I plan on deciding tomorrow morning whether or not to run or walk the majority of this race.

My focus for tomorrow’s race is to listen to my body and not overdo it.  Jeff Galloway, the  running expert whose training plan I’m following for my half marathon training, suggests that running on back to back days poses greater risk of injury.  Now that I’m at the halfway point of my training, I certainly don’t want to risk injuring myself, and if my body is too sore to run then I’ll walk all 3.1 miles of tomorrow’s race.

QOTD: Do you ever walk races in order to prevent risking injury while training for another race?

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5 Responses to Race Goals for Tomorrow’s Veteran’s Day 5K

  1. I ran 8 today for my last long run before Richmond — hope your run was as great as mine! Good luck tomorrow 🙂

  2. I ran a 5k Saturday then a half on Sunday. My legs are soooooreee today but I went as slow as I could for the 5k so as not to over do it. Of course, driving on top of all of that didn’t help. Hope your race went well!!

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