Halfway to Donald!

This week marks the halfway point of my half marathon training. Its hard to believe that I only started running back in March, and that it was only two months ago that I started training for the Disney World Half Marathon. The arrival of fall means that its cooler outside and it gets darker much earlier, which entices me to want to retreat to the couch each day when I get home from work. Those of you that know me well know that I hate being cold, so the idea of coming home from work and curling up on the couch under a blanket, especially at this time of year, is often hard to resist.

But I can’t let myself become fall’s victim. Its often in the fall that people let their fitness routines go to the wayside. With only 65 days until the big day, I know that now isn’t the time to let my training slide. So what is motivating me to keep moving forward? My current top five motivators are:

5. E-mails, Facebook posts, and Tweets from runDisney


Just last night I received the above e-mail from runDisney, which further emphasized just how close I am getting to my first half marathon. Its hard to believe that in 65 days I will have run my first half marathon, and the reminders from runDisney are definitely helping me keep my eye on the prize!

4. A more fit me

Since I started running back in March, I’ve lost a considerable amount of body fat, which has been transformed into muscle as a result of my running and weight training. I’ve back down to the size I was just before Preston and I got married in 2011, when in the months leading up to our wedding I spent hours in the gym on the elliptical and lifting weights. Preston continues to be amazed and how tight my back side and legs have become as a result of the running, which of course brings a smile to my face whenever he compliments me on my appearance. Most of my work clothes don’t fit (I only have a couple of skirts and pairs of pants that currently fit), which wouldn’t be such a bad problem if we weren’t trying to watch our spending.

3. My Minnie Mouse tutu

Back in September I ordered a Minnie Mouse tutu to wear during the Disney World 10K, which is the day before the half marathon. Because Preston and I plan on walking the 10K in order to conserve energy for the half (as well as the full for him since he’ll be completing the Dopey Challenge), I’ve known since we registered that I want to wear a costume for this race. For now, my tutu is sitting in our guest bedroom, just waiting to be worn for this inaugural race. I can’t wait to wear it!

2. The running community on Twitter and Facebook


One of the main outcomes that I’ve loved as a result of starting this blog is the outlet it has provided me with to connect with other runners, especially the runDisney ones, on both Twitter and Facebook. My favorite group, Team #runDisney on Twitter and Facebook, is one of the most supportive groups of people I’ve ever encountered, despite the fact that I have yet to meet any of these people in person. These runners are so inspiring, and when I’m not feeling up to training, I know I can count on logging onto either Facebook or Twitter and finding motivation through social media. The Tower of Terror 10 Miler was held at Disney World about a month ago, and the posting and tweeting of photos and other updates throughout the race weekend not only allowed me to experience the event through the eyes of those that were there, but gave me the extra push that I needed to get out there for my own training runs at the beginning of October. The Wine and Dine Half Marathon is this weekend at Disney World, and I can’t wait to once again experience a runDisney event despite not physically being in Orlando.

1. The bling!

Photo Credit: runDisney

Photo Credit: runDisney

Who doesn’t love these medals? I can’t wait to get wear these beauties around my neck, especially the Donald medal after I complete my first half marathon!

QOTD: What is keeping you motivated to keep moving forward with your training for your next major race?

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4 Responses to Halfway to Donald!

  1. beckydancer says:

    I am motivated by the distance of the race AND the distance I am travelling to get there!

  2. I find motivation in many different ways, but mostly it comes from goals I set, and inspiration from others:)
    Half way on your training, way to go!!! Good luck with the 2nd half of training and gearing up for that fun race!!!

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