Walt Disney World Half Marathon Training Log – Week 7

At Sunday's Army Ten Miler, where Preston ran and I volunteered

At Sunday’s Army 10 Miler, where Preston ran and I volunteered

Week 7 was a week of high expectations and lower than expected results. What I mean by that is I was a bit ambitious in what I wanted to accomplish (I wanted to train more than three days last week, adding in a day on the elliptical to my three planned runs), but my body didn’t agree with that mission.

The hilly Charlottesville Fall Classic 10K course left my body very sore and achy. I took my planned rest day on Monday, but then running back to back days on Tuesday and Wednesday resulted in unplanned rest on Friday. I had also hoped to get a walk in on Sunday, but was beyond exhausted and napped the afternoon away instead.

The highlight of my week was my first volunteer race experience at the Army Ten Miler yesterday morning. It was an unforgettable experience that I cannot wait to have the chance to reflect on, especially as to how it will affect my attitude and approach at future races.

Mon 10/14 – Rest day

Tues 10/15 – 2.64 mile treadmill run, arms, chest, back

Wed 10/16 – 3.38 mile treadmill run, kettlebell squat swings, abs, legs

Thurs 10/17 – Rest day

Fri 10/18 – Rest day

Sat 10/19 – 4.23 mile hill workout in the neighborhood surrounding my apartment

Sun 10/20 – “Rest” day, on my feet all morning while volunteering at the Army Ten Miler

Total Weekly Mileage – 10.25 miles (2.72 miles less than week 6)

Total Half Marathon Training Mileage – 96.63 miles

QOTD: Do you push through training when you’re body is tired, or do you listen to what your body tells you to do?

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8 Responses to Walt Disney World Half Marathon Training Log – Week 7

  1. For me, it depends what I listen to. I try and distinguish between exhaustion, injury, and just mental fatigue. I try and push through mental fatigue — but my body fights back when I don’t listen to injury or exhaustion.

  2. It depends how I’m feeling if I know it is just I can’t be bothered I push through if I am getting sick or am run down then I tend to try and rest. I am much better at rest than I used to be!

  3. I did not realize you were so close to me! We should definitely run together sometime — it seems our paces are relatively similar and I always love meeting blogger buddies! As far as your question, I do both. Sometimes I push through and other times I give myself a rest. I think err on the side of rest — you don’t want to get injured!

    • It would be fun to get together soon. In my opinion, we live in one of the best areas of the country for a group run! And I totally agree, its always important to err on the side of caution for the sake of avoiding injury. I especially try to remind myself of that since I pushed myself too much back in the springtime and wound up spraining my ankle.

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