The Waiting Game

On Monday I sent in my current 10K PR race information to runDisney as my proof of time for corral placement for the Disney World Half Marathon in January.  My current 10K PR is 1:10:17 (pace of 11:19min/mile) from the Perfect 10 10K earlier this month.  Although I had hoped to cut some more time off of my 10K pace last weekend at the Charlottesville Fall Classic (full recap to come once I receive the professional race photos), the hilly course prevented that from happening.

Proof of time has to be sent in prior to November 1st, and although there are other 10Ks in the area that I could run between now and the race itself, runDisney has changed their policy about changing corrals at the expo.  In the past runDisney allowed runners to bring proof of time with them to the expo to be moved into a faster corral.  However, with the changes that runDisney has made to both increase the number of corrals and decrease the number of runners in each corral, runners can no longer make corral changes at the expo starting in 2014.

runDisney’s next race, the Wine and Dine Half Marathon, will feature the increased number of corrals.

2013 Wine and Dine Half Marathon corrals

2013 Wine and Dine Half Marathon corrals

Based on my proof of time and these corrals, I’d be estimated to finish the half in 2:28:22, which would place me in Corral F.  Although the Disney World Half Marathon corral times will likely be slightly adjusted based on those who are running the race, this gives me an idea of where I’ll wind up.  My biggest worry has been that I’ll wind up in the last corral, but I don’t think I have to worry about that anymore.

It won’t be until sometime in December when runDisney will send out the final race instructions, which will include the corrals.  Until then, I’ll be playing the waiting game as I continue my training and work on our travel plans.  We have our hotel booked and have made our dining reservations, but still haven’t bought our plane tickets.  I suppose its time to finally get on that!

QOTD: How anxious do you get about your corral placement for major races?

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2 Responses to The Waiting Game

  1. szzllips says:

    This will be my second runDIsney Wine and Dine and it should be interesting to see how the differences in the corrals shake out compared to last year. I think having less runners in each, and spreading them out more, will be much better than last year. There were so many people in each corral, (and I was in the last one!) that you ended up feeling a bit crowded until you actually got though Animal Kingdom and on the way to DHS. Either way, it’ll be fun!

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