Rain, Rain, Go Away – Race Goals for Tomorrow’s Charlottesville Fall Classic 10K


This afternoon Preston and I are headed to Charlottesville to run in the Charlottesville Fall Classic tomorrow morning.  Preston will be running his second half marathon and I will be running my third 10K.

This is the 10K that I’ve been looking forward to ever since I found out that I need a 10K finish time to send to runDisney for my corral placement for the Disney World Half Marathon.  The other two 10Ks that I’ve already run, the Biggest Loser 10K in July and the Perfect 10 10K two weeks ago, were added onto my schedule after putting this race on my calendar.  Thankfully, I completed the Perfect 10 10K well ahead of my target pace, which takes some of the pressure off of tomorrow morning’s race.

Tonight and tomorrow morning's weather forecast for Charlottesville

Tonight and tomorrow morning’s weather forecast for Charlottesville

The current weather forecast isn’t ideal for racing.  Here on the East Coast its been raining since Wednesday evening, and the rain isn’t going away anytime soon.  Tonight and tomorrow morning the forecast in Charlottesville includes a 30-40% chance of rain and calls for 100% humidity.  I have yet to run in the rain, so this will be quite an interesting experience.

In other words, the odds are not on my side for a great finish time.  But I’ll still put forth my best effort and give it all that I have.

My one and only goal for this race is to not give up and feel defeated by the weather.  I refuse to let the rain prevent me from going out and putting my best foot forward.  I refuse to give up.  I plan to utilize the same run-walk plan that I completed the Perfect 10 10K with, and I’d like to strive to run this 10K at about the same pace I finished my last in (11:19 min/mile pace).  I’m trying to remain as optimistic as I can despite the gloomy weather.

QOTD: What do you do when running in the rain is inevitable?

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2 Responses to Rain, Rain, Go Away – Race Goals for Tomorrow’s Charlottesville Fall Classic 10K

  1. linda says:

    You will do great!!!

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