Race Goals for Sunday’s Perfect 10 10K


On Sunday, I will be running my second 10K – the Perfect 10 10K in Reston, VA. Because my first 10K experience, the Biggest Loser 10K back in July, was a bit disappointing, I have very high expectations for this weekend’s race.

I am confident in my abilities to complete this distance. Last weekend’s long run was 5.48 miles, and my current PDR (personal distance record) is 7.05 miles, which I completed at the end of August. What I’m not as confident in is what my pace will be on Sunday. My recent runs have been all over the place, ranging from 10:18-12:26 min/mile paces depending on the weather, distance, and where I’ve completed the run (treadmill vs. outside).

Despite the highs and lows that I’ve been going through lately, I’m trying to focus on being as optimistic as possible about Sunday’s race. Between this race and the Charlottesville Fall Classic 10K in two weeks (which I’ve recently heard is a very hilly course), I need to submit one of my race times to runDisney for my corral placement for January’s half marathon.

2013 Disney World Half Marathon corrals

2013 Disney World Half Marathon corrals

Based on last year’s Disney World Half Marathon corrals and last weekend’s 12:26 pace for my 5.48 mile run, I’d be estimated to finish the half in 2:43:00, which would have placed me in Corral C. runDisney has already announced that there will be more and smaller corrals this coming January, so its possible that this pace could push me back a couple corrals, depending upon how many corrals runDisney adds and if they make the corrals as small as they’re really saying they will.

As I shared in last week’s training log, my body wasn’t cooperating with my head during last weekend’s long run. I’ve felt much more better during this week’s workouts, so I’m hopeful that Sunday’s race will go much more smoothly than last weekend’s run did. With that said, I’m going into Sunday’s race focused on:

1. Finishing the race in under 1:15 (pace of 12:04 min/mile). This would give me an estimated half marathon finish time of 2:38:13, which per last year’s half marathon corrals would have placed me in Corral C. Although last weekend’s long run is certainly no indication of being able to run in under 1:15, other recent long runs are and I know that I can in fact do this. My Biggest Loser goal had been to finish in under 1:20 (pace of 12:52), and I was estimated to have completed the course a bit faster in 1:17:22 (12:27 pace).

2. Maintaining a positive mindset throughout the entire race. Last week I was pretty hard on myself, and I’m certain that this contributed to a slower than expected pace for last weekend’s long run. I’m confident that if I stay positive during the entire race that I can surely maintain the pace that I’m after.

3. Properly hydrating myself prior to the race. Preston and I have a friend’s 30th birthday party to attend Saturday evening, and although I’m sure there will be plenty of drinking I need to steer clear of the alcohol. I’ve also been battling a sinus infection this week, so the last thing I need is for alcohol to have an adverse impact on being able to run at the pace that I want to.

I’m doing everything I can between now and Sunday morning to ensure that I can meet all three of these goals. I last ran on Wednesday, and won’t run again until Sunday, giving my body ample rest. I’ve been focused on pumping liquids into my body to fight off this sinus infection, and will be resting as much as I can between now and Sunday morning in order to ensure that I’m in the best possible shape to run this race the way I want to.

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4 Responses to Race Goals for Sunday’s Perfect 10 10K

  1. Hopefully you feel better soon! I drank alcohol last week when I was verging on getting a cold and I think it was what pushed me over and made me really really sick – so if that is any motivation not to drink at that 30th, I hope it helps šŸ˜‰

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