Shine On Award

A couple of weeks ago Paul over at I Run Distance nominated me for the Shine On Award.  This award, which over the past weeks and months has been circulating the blogging community, is meant to provide shout outs to stand out blogs that us bloggers love to read. My apologies to Paul for it taking me so long to thank you on my own blog for this nomination (I’ve been trying to get caught up on my blog posts, especially my race recaps).  It was very touching to receive the notification when you posted your nominees, and is certainly greatly appreciated.

Paul's Nominations from his Shine On blog post

Paul’s Nominations from his Shine On Award blog post

Once you’re nominated, these are the rules of the award:

  1. Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Acknowledge that blogger on your blog, and link back.
  3. Share seven random, interesting things about yourself.
  4. Nominate up to 15 bloggers for the Shine On Award, provide a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs

My seven random facts are:

One of my many Nutcracker tutus

One of my many Nutcracker tutus

  1. If you haven’t already read it on my About Me page, I started dancing when I was four years old.
  2. I absolutely love sushi, but every time I eat it I get freezing cold.
  3. My running playlist is filled with more 80s and 90s music than music from today.
  4. I love to cook.
  5. I am notoriously known for taking an unhealthy number of pictures.  On our honeymoon, my husband and I had four cameras with us (not counting our iPhones), and took over 2,000 pictures!
  6. I love the beach.  Even if its freezing cold I love the feel of having my toes in the sand.
  7. My alarm goes off everyday at 4:45am.  Gotta love having to be at work before 6:45am!

And now for the nominations!  The Shine On Award has been circulating the blogging world for a couple of months now (my Google search pulls up posts about the award dating back to June), so its possible that this is a repetitive nomination for some of the blogs I’ve nominated.  Although many people have tried to limit Shine On nominations to fitness oriented blogs, I read blogs that cover topics beyond fitness and have included a couple of those blogs in my nomination list.  Although the Shine On Award allows for up to 15 nominations, I’ve tried to limit my list to the blogs that I find the most meaningful.  This list by no means includes all of the blogs that I read, but I felt it important to only focus on those that I find most helpful to my own running journey.  In no particular order, my nominees are:

  1. Through Heather’s Looking Glass – Anybody that runs Disney races is probably very familiar with Heather’s blog.  Although Heather’s blog is already well known in the blogging community, I had to nominate her because it was her blog that helped inspire me to run and became part of my encouragement to start my own blog as a way to track my training and progress.
  2. We Run Disney – Another blog that many runDisney fans are likely familiar with is Pam and Christine’s blog.  They are a mother/daughter duo, and although they don’t live in the same town their love for Disney and for running helps them support and encourage one another in their running journey.
  3. Run 5K A Day – Patrick’s goal is to run at least 3.1 miles a day.  In his blog, he chronicles his journey to meet this goal, and openly shares some of the physical and mental struggles that have impeded on him reaching this goal.
  4. Karen Loves to Run – I recently discovered Karen’s blog after we both participated in the same Twitter chat.  We’re both teachers, so its supportive to read about another teacher’s running journey and how she’s able balance both teaching and her passion for fitness.
  5. Sneakers and Fingerpaints – Kat’s inspirational story about how running helped her to loose weight and keep it off is quite moving.  I find many of her posts to continue to inspire me, and it was her August Core Focus Challenge that not only reminded me how important core strength is for runners, but also helped encouraged me to stay focused on my training during our two week vacation in California this summer.
  6. faNNetastic food – Anne also lives in northern Virginia.  Her blog is my go to resource when I want to discover new local races or places to complete training runs.  Anne is a registered dietitian, and most of the recipes that she includes in her blog promote clean, healthy eating, which is an essential component of any runner’s diet.
  7. Everyday Power Blog – If you need inspiration to be the best person that you can be, then Jeff’s blog is the place to look.  Jeff focuses his posts on motivational quotes that can be inspiring for all people of all walks of life.
  8. Basil, Garlic & Rosemary – In addition to Heather, Linda’s blog was the other half of my inspiration to start blogging.  Linda and her blog inspires me to push myself to try cooking new recipes (including many of hers).  She recently graduated from culinary school, and although many of the pictures of her recipes look intimidating to make, she explains them in such a way that makes cooking seem less intimidating.  Linda is also one of my closest friends, and was my Matron of Honor when Preston and I got married in 2011.
Linda and I on my wedding day, July 30, 2011

Linda and I on my wedding day, July 30, 2011
Photo Credit – Mark Romine Photography

So there’s my list!  I hope you find these blogs as inspiring and motivational as I do.

QOTD: Do you read blogs about only one topic, or a variety of topics?  What is your favorite blog topic to read?

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  1. you are so sweet thank you for nominating me! ❤

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