First Attempt at Hot Yoga

hot yoga

Last Sunday while in San Diego, Preston and I had the opportunity to try out hot yoga for the first time.  One of our friends that we were visiting goes to yoga regularly, and brought us along as guests for the day.  Preston and I have both done yoga before, but never in a room with the thermostat turned up to over 95 degrees.  Let me tell you, this was a completely different experience!  Doing yoga stretches and poses in our living room while following one of the yoga DVDs that we own is one thing, but performing these poses while also sweating in a heated studio with about 20 other people is an entirely different experience.  We left drenched in sweat, but at the same time feeling great about all of the toxins that the class allowed us to release from our body.

The class we attended, CorePower Yoga 1.5 (a class designed for beginners ready to begin the transition to the next class level) seemed perfect for all three of us (Preston, myself, and our friend).  Because of my years of dance, I’m much more flexible than Preston is, but we both benefited from the class.  Because it was an 8:30am class, we both felt energized for the rest of the day after the class ended.  After not being on our normal diet and in our usual workout routine as a result of our trip, we also felt that this class was a great way to sweat off some of the calories that we’d consumed throughout the trip.  We both see the many positives to adding yoga into our training routine, especially how it could enhance our running endurance and abilities.

Unfortunately, our home gym doesn’t offer any yoga classes.  The closest CorePower studio to our apartment is in Georgetown, which on a good day is about a 25-30 minute drive away.  My search for another studio or gym that offers hot yoga classes hasn’t yielded much success yet.  Since we’re getting ready to focus intensely on a training schedule geared specifically towards our Disney World races in January (I’m hoping for a September 1st start date for my own training), its difficult to consider committing ourselves to a second gym membership, especially for a gym that could take us an hour to get to in traffic.

Would we both like to add yoga to our training routines?  Absolutely.  For now, we’re limited to continuing to practice yoga poses in our living room, and we’ll have to wait for our apartment building to switch the HVAC back to heat, when hopefully we can create our own simulated “hot yoga” room here at home.

Disclaimer – I was not asked to nor compensated by CorePower Yoga to write this post.

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