Who Wants to Run on an Airport Runway?


Running on an airport runway sounds like something that you’d have a once in a million lifetime chance to do, and it looks like I’ll be getting that chance in September!  Potomac River Running, the same local running store that put on the Firecracker 5K that we ran on July 4th, made a big race announcement today – the brand new Dulles Day 5K on the Runway.  This race will be a part of the Dulles Day Family Festival and Plane Pull which is held at Dulles International Airport each year.

As advertised on the PR Events website, the Dulles Day 5K will offer “the flattest, fastest course in the area.”  Since the race is on September 14th, and its on a runway, it’ll likely be a hot morning.  However, Preston and I quickly decided that we couldn’t pass up this unique opportunity, and that we’ll definitely be running this race.

Who doesn’t want to say that they ran 3.1 miles on an airport runway?  I’m super excited about this new race, and can’t wait to see how fast I can complete this race, especially since it’ll probably be the flattest race I ever run.

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2 Responses to Who Wants to Run on an Airport Runway?

  1. Kristen says:

    Hey, Kathryn! Congrats on doing the Biggest Loser race! You got to meet Michael – I’m jealous! He’s one of my favorite contestants.

    If we still have nice weather, I’m thinking about running Saturday night’s Crystal City Twilighter 5K without registering. (It’s $40!) Are you up for it?

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