Runcation Planning Is Underway

Preston proudly displaying his 2013 marathon bib at the Expo at Wide World of Sports

Preston proudly displaying his 2013 marathon bib at the Expo at Wide World of Sports

We’re about six months out from arriving at Disney World for Marathon Weekend, and Preston and I have been busy starting to nail down some of our runcation details.  Preston hates this part of our vacations – he hates the planning and would much rather just get there.  I, on the other hand, love the planning almost as much as the vacation itself.  (Preston often jokes that I should be a travel agent or vacation expert instead of a high school teacher.)  Aside from the fact that this is the trip that I’ll be running my first half marathon during, part of what also makes planning this trip even more exciting is that my parents will be flying down from Illinois to come support us running and join in on the Disney fun!

This morning I was able to book our first dining reservation, and I’m so excited that we were able to get into Be Our Guest.  Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie, and the restaurant is not only gorgeous but truly depicts several of the scenes from the movie.  I’m so glad I booked our reservation as early as I did this morning because when I checked an hour later, all of the reservations for Be Our Guest for our first day of the trip were gone.   When we went to Disney World last January, we were unable to secure a dinner reservation for one of Disney’s newest restaurants, so we ate lunch there instead.  Although lunch there was great, we’ve been wanting to go there for dinner, and are overjoyed that we’ll be enjoy this fabulous restaurant on our first night of the trip.  Looking back at all of the pictures that I took of the restaurant brings back so many great memories of eating lunch here, and I’m sure the dinner will be equally great.

We can't wait to eat at Be Our Guest again!

We can’t wait to eat at Be Our Guest again!

Inside the ballroom at Be Our Guest

Inside the ballroom at Be Our Guest, which is the room we ate lunch in last January

With my favorite Disney princess and her Prince Charming

With my favorite Disney princess and her Prince Charming

The dining planning will continue throughout the next week, when each day I can make another dining reservation for our trip.  We have several other favorites on our wish list, so each morning I’ll be crossing my fingers that the restaurants we want are available.  In the meantime, I’m also looking forward to our California trip, and that two weeks from today I’ll be going to Disneyland for the first time!

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5 Responses to Runcation Planning Is Underway

  1. I’m so jealous that you can start planning your runcation (btw I love this term and might just steal it from you) already! I still have over a month of waiting before I can start making reservations for my princess half trip. Great job securing a reservation for Be Our Guest! That’s one of the restaurants on my list too.

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