Race Goals for Sunday’s Biggest Loser 10K


Its hard to believe that I’ll be running my first 10K on Sunday!  Although I had walked a couple of 5Ks prior to starting this running journey, this will be my first time completing a race of any distance more than a 5K.  I’m beyond excited!

When Preston and I first signed up for the Biggest Loser 10K at the end of April, my focus was solely on 5Ks.  Since then, I’ve completed a couple of long distance runs, my most recent one this past Saturday when I ran 5.21 miles on the treadmill.  My longest distance thus far is 6.64 miles.  I’m feeling fairly confident and ready to tackle this new race distance.

My initial purpose in signing up for the 10K was so that I have at least one practice 10K race before the Charlottesville Fall Classic in October.  Because I have to submit a race time of a 10K or longer to RunDisney for corral placement for the Disney World Half Marathon, it is essential that I complete a couple of races of this distance.  I already know that running a race of any length in the summer is not going to yield ideal results, but I truly believe that this will still help better prepare me for the best finish time possible in Charlottesville, and ultimately my first half marathon.

I have three goals for this weekend’s race:

1.  Properly hydrate myself prior to the race, and keep myself hydrated during the race.  Its summer, we’re in DC, and its hot and humid.  Enough said.

2.  Finish the race in under 1:20 (pace of 12:52).  I’ve been completing my long distance runs utilizing the Run-Walk-Run method, and my pace has been ranging from 10:58-12:26 since I started my long distance runs about a month ago, depending on the weather conditions and whether or not I’m running outside or inside on the treadmill.  I’ve also been greatly varying my Run-Walk intervals and I’m still working on finding the best interval for me.

3.  Have fun!  Several former Biggest Loser contestants are scheduled to be at the race as well as at packet pickup on Saturday, so hopefully I’ll get to meet at least a couple of them.

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5 Responses to Race Goals for Sunday’s Biggest Loser 10K

  1. These sound like great goals! With the summer heat, hydrating definitely needs to be a priority. I completely understand the desire to run multiple 10Ks to get a good corral placement in the Disney races. I just registered for my first 10K this September. Hopefully 3 months is enough time to train for a good time. Maybe I’ll sign up for a second one in case the first doesn’t go as planned (or maybe a practice – I really like that idea).

  2. hemingwayrun says:

    Good luck! The run/walk method got me round a marathon in April, it’s the way to go! Also, if you find yourself struggling, use the ‘run 100 steps walk 50’ method. Again, Good Luck!!

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