Race Goals for Next Week’s Firecracker 5K


Preston and I will be running our third 5K of 2013 next Thursday – the Firecracker 5K with Team Red White and Blue.  Since race proceeds will benefit the USO, I’ve been completing my outdoor runs with the Charity Miles app in support of the Wounded Warrior Project, the same organization that I ran for at our last 5K, the Semper Fi 5K.  (The USO isn’t one of the available charities with Charity Miles that you can run for.)

Since our last race, the primary focus of my training has been on increasing my running endurance.  I have focused on both increasing my 5K speed as well as increasing my distance in advance of my first 10K, which is only two short weeks away.

My disappointment about both my time and running performance at the Sepmer Fi 5K, as well as the lessons that I learned, have been driving my goal setting for this next race.  With that said, I’m going into the Firecracker 5K with the following goals:

1.  Properly fuel my body with a filling breakfast, allowing my body enough digestion time.  This means I have to get up earlier than I did for the Semper Fi 5K.

2.  Run the entire course, with the exception of the water station.  Unlike at the Semper Fi 5K, I’m hopeful that the weather will cooperate and that my right ankle won’t be hurting too much.  (With all of the recent storms, my ankle has been bothering me quite a bit, but this pain is something that I’ve become accustomed to since first injuring my ankle when I was younger.  Since spraining it back at the end of April, I haven’t completed a run without wearing my brace, and until I feel more confident about restrengthening it, I won’t dare run without it.)

3.  No matter what my finish time is, own it, and don’t be disappointed.  Neither Preston nor I have run this race before, so the only picture we have about this course is the course map on the race website.  All we know for certain is that its being advertised as a “relatively flat and fast course.”  We’ll see if this description is accurate!

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5 Responses to Race Goals for Next Week’s Firecracker 5K

  1. These seem like great goals! I’m running my first race (a firecracker 4K) on Thursday and #1 is something I definitely need to keep in mind.

  2. Kristen says:

    Good luck tomorrow! I know you’ll do great!

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