Adjusting For DC’s Heat and Humidity

My new running tool - the Nathan Trail Mix 2 Hydration Belt

My new running tool – a hydration belt

What great timing – the start of my long distance running has been accompanied by the arrival of DC’s notorious summer heat and humidity.  Without a doubt, summer is my favorite of the four seasons.  I love the warmer weather and the ability to spend so much time outside, especially during Summer Break.  However, I’m finding it difficult to complete my outdoor runs without bringing a water bottle along, and up til this point my solution has been to carry a water bottle during my long distance runs.

Carrying a water bottle is a huge pain though!  As part of my farewell gift from my old school a couple of weeks ago, I received a CamelBak pack, but I don’t think I’m quite ready to carry a pack on my back.  Its currently being stored until I build up my endurance a bit.

Over the weekend, I purchased my first hydration belt – the Nathan Trail Mix 2 Hydration Belt.  Because of the extreme heat and humidity during the early part of this week, I haven’t run outside since Saturday morning, but I look forward to using my new belt in the near future.  Hopefully my new belt proves to be my solution to keeping hydrated during my long distance runs!

In addition to focusing on hydration, the other major change I’ve been trying to focus on is moving my long runs up in the day.  Because of my schedule during the school year, its nearly impossible to run before work.  However, the temperature and humidity in this area are both much lower in the mornings.  I’m not usually a morning person, and I actually feel as though I run more effectively and efficiently in the evenings, but this is not the season to mess around with long runs at 5 or 6pm.

Will both of these adjustments to my training make long distance training 100% tolerable, especially on days like today when at one point the heat index was 104 degrees?  Probably not.  But will these adjustments make training more manageable?  Absolutely.

Disclaimer – I was not asked to nor compensated by Nathan or Dick’s Sporting Goods to write this post.

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