I Finally Ran a 5K Without Any Walking!

I finally did it – I ran an entire 5K without stopping to do any walking!  I’ve slowly been progressing from a mile, then a walk break, to 1.5 miles, then a walk break, to 2 miles, etc, and yesterday I finally ran a full 5K without any walking!  I had hoped to complete my run outside, but with yesterday’s rain and tornado watches, I was left with no other option than running on the treadmill.  Although not fast (my finish time was 31:21, which is also my current 5K PR), my focus since starting my training has been on reaching the finish line regardless of how long it takes me.

As long as I get to the finish line, that's all that matters to me at this point!

As long as I get to the finish line, that’s all that matters!

Let me back up, since most of you recently read that I was switching gears from 5K distances to building my running distance.  That was until over the weekend Preston and I decided to join the DC Area Chapter’s Team Red White and Blue in running the Firecracker 5K on the Fourth of July.  Since this race is a week and a half before the Biggest Loser 10K, I need to focus my training on a combination of both 5K and distance running.  My plan, which is consistent with most published running training plans, is to spend the next month running shorter distances during the week and longer distances on the weekends.  With the school year ending a week from today, I should be able to manage this in combination with other cardio and weight training exercises.  I may even have time to log my first two-a-day in the coming week or so!

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