Most Mileage in a Week Thus Far

Yesterday marked the end of my 12th week of training, and there’s no greater way to celebrate this milestone than by finishing the week with my most mileage in a week thus far in my training – 15.25 miles in seven days.

I was so proud to see 15.3 miles as my weekly total after entering yesterday's elliptical workout into RunKeeper

I was ecstatic to see 15.3 miles as my weekly total after entering yesterday’s elliptical workout into RunKeeper

After spending much of the week before and the early part of last week battling a cold, I’m so proud of the mileage I managed to complete last week.  Last week’s mileage breaks down to:

Running – 6.33 miles

Walking – 5.32 miles

Elliptical – 3.60 miles

Total – 15.25 miles

Since I made it my goal after completing my first 100 miles to complete another 100 in only seven weeks, I have to average 16 miles per week between now and the end of that seven week period in order to meet my current distance goal, which will be the week of June 30-July 6th.  I absolutely know after my successful week last week that I can conquer this goal!  I’m well on my way to completing this week’s 16 miles after having walked another 4.45 miles this afternoon on the W&OD Trail with Preston and Riley.  I’m hopeful that the enthusiasm and focus can be maintained, despite the fact that we will be visiting my family in Illinois starting on Friday.

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