Learn From the Journey and You Will Make It to the End

As my friend Robert told me yesterday, “The journey has its bumps along the way.  Learn from the journey and you will make it to the end.”

His words resonate loudly.  Robert’s words remained in the foreground as I read what Jeff at My Everyday Power Blog posted yesterday about overcoming obstacles and making it to the other side.  We all have a choice.  We can either look at brick walls as barriers to our success, or we can use our encounters with brick walls as a way to learn how to work through the obstacles and come out on the other side.  Yes, I could choose to continue to be hard on myself about not meeting the goals I had set for myself for Saturday’s Semper Fi 5K.  Instead, I’m choosing to use the lessons I learned as a way to move forward.  Preston continues to remind me that everybody has bad running days, including bad races.  I won’t let Saturday’s race get me down though.

My friend Steph shared a John Bingham quote with me today on Pinterest, which reminded me that Saturday’s race isn’t the most important part of my journey.  The fact that I’m on this journey is much more important, and Saturday’s race was only one small part of my overall training.  She probably doesn’t realize the emotional impact that this quote has on me this week, and I can’t thank you enough Steph for your support.

Thanks Steph for sharing this with me.  Your tag on Pinterest means more to me than you probably realize.

Thanks Steph for sharing this with me.  Your pin means more to me than you probably realize.

I still have a long road ahead of me in getting ready for my first half marathon.  Throughout my training, I’m sure I’ll encounter additional obstacles.  While I can’t control all the factors that will impact my training, its most important that I continue to learn lessons along the way and keep my focus on the ultimate goal – crossing the finish line at Disney World in January.

As I’m writing this blog post, none other than “That’s What Friends Are For” starting playing on my iTunes.  I couldn’t think of a more appropriate song for how supportive all of my friends and family have been of me at the beginning of my running journey and how grateful I am of everybody’s e-mails, texts, posts, comments, etc.  Your words of encouragement and your support of my running journey mean more than words can describe.  From the bottom of my heart, thanks.  This song is dedicated to all of you.

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