Fun On the Swings

My recovery from my sprained ankle continues.  On Saturday I jogged 1.5 miles on the treadmill, and my ankle felt pretty good afterwards.  Today was my first day back at work brace free – it was so nice to be able to choose which shoes to wear as opposed to wearing gym shoes with my dress clothes (the little things in life, I know).  What marks even greater progress in my recovery though was our nearly 10K long walk yesterday on the W&OD Trail.  As we got back to the car I checked RunKepper and realized that we were just .05 miles shy of a full 10K.  Although a bit disappointing to not have actually made it to the 10K mark, we can still celebrate my ongoing progress towards a full recovery.  I’m still likely several weeks away from training brace free, but nonethless, I’m more than pleased with my recovery thus far.  If this week goes well, I should be able to jog most or all of this Saturday’s Semper Fi 5K.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, and again since time and pace wasn’t our priority, we decided to have a little fun along the trail to break up our walk.  During one of our water and rest breaks for Riley, Preston opted to relive his childhood on the swings.  I enjoyed the sight.  Riley on the other hand was a bit freaked out seeing Preston swing up and then come back down towards him feet first.  Poor little guy!

A little fun during training to break up the time does the body good.

A little fun during training is always good for the runner’s soul

Will Preston or I swing every time we train on the W&OD Trail?  Probably not.  But breaking up the training with a little fun every once in a while isn’t a bad thing, especially on days when time and pace are not of importance the greatest important.

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