Sprained Ankle Recovery Progress

To say I’ve been eager to get back into my training is an understatement.  In trying to balance my enthusiasm with taking care of my ankle, I’ve been focusing on a combination of strength training and light cardio since Sunday.

I was on my crutches through Friday, and although Preston and I ventured out to a winery with some friends on Saturday, I focused on minimizing my walking and staying off of my foot as much as possible.  What a perfect excuse to stay seated at a picnic table for most of the day and enjoy the views, company, food, and wine!

My first “workout” since my injury was on Sunday.  Preston and I took Riley for a 5K walk on the W&OD Trail.  We maintained a fairly slow pace at 18:33 since the purpose of the walk was not to exhaust myself but rather to loosen my ankle up a bit and start putting weight back on it.  I experienced some minor pain in the middle of our walk, which prompted us to turn around, but the pain lessened as we got back closer to the car.

Riley was a bit more tired after our walk on Sunday than either Preston or I were

Riley was a bit more tired after our walk on Sunday than either Preston or I were

On Monday, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical followed by weight training.  I focused my weight training on lower body activities that didn’t require putting much weight on my foot, as well as abs and upper body.  I haven’t done a lengthy upper body workout at the gym in awhile, and boy did I feel it yesterday after spending four days on crutches followed by a fairly intense workout with the weights.

Yesterday I focused on resistance training and recovery for my ankle.  After having gone through physical therapy for my ankle several years back, I still remember many of the exercises that the therapist worked with me on.  I pulled out the resistance band last night, and after not having much ankle pain for the past couple of days, the 15 minutes of work I did last night brought on more pain than I’ve had for several days.  I finished my resistance workout with some arms and squats, and retreated to the couch with the icepack.

Tonight’s plan: rest.  If I’m going to be careful with my recovery and have any chance of running the Semper Fi 5K next Saturday then I have to slowly get back into my training and focus on resting my ankle enough in between workouts.

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