Running for Charity Miles


Since I started running about six weeks ago, I’ve been searching for a way to allow my training and race miles to assist those in need.  Although many of the country’s major races allow you to support a charity through the raising of funds, which many times also covers your race registration, this isn’t the route that I’ve been looking to go, particularly since I’m not only looking into running nationally recognized races but also smaller, local races as well.

Today I came across Charity Miles, which seems to fit exactly what I’m trying to accomplish.  Through the use of a GPS enabled app on my iPhone, I will be able to earn money for a selected charity based on the distance that I run or walk, and then Charity Miles will donate $0.25 per mile to the selected charity.  Some of the charities currently available, and that I hope to raise funds and awareness for, include Achilles International, Feeding America, Habitat for Humanity, and Wounded Warrior Project.

Although this seems like a small amount of money, each run or walk that I complete will add up, and every dollar will count towards helping those in need and raising awareness for various charities.  As I train, my plan is to select a charity related to my next upcoming race.  Since tomorrow morning’s Jaguar 5K is an athletics fundraiser for the school I work at, I will be running tomorrow for Achilles International, an organization committed to helping the disabled participate in athletics.

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