First Impressions of runDisney as a Runner

After having experienced a runDisney event as a spectator back in January, I already knew that when I signed up last weekend for my first major races that I could look forward to a similar positive experience.  As I mentioned in my first blog post, Preston and I were blown away with how well organized marathon weekend was and how well supported all of the runners were.

Right before we left for Orlando in January I started following the runDisney Facebook page as another way to stay informed and up to date on all of the weekend’s events.  Not only do they post pertinent information about the races themselves, but they are constantly posting motivational thoughts and pictures.  Just yesterday, they posted a series of “This person is running the ___” race pictures.  Although serious marathoners may not need this type of encouragement to make it through training and the races themselves, I’m finding them to be extremely motivating in getting me out for my training runs.

Since runDisney races are geared towards more novice runners, I’m finding that this organization is the perfect fit for me as a beginning runner.  Both back in January as a spectator and now as a registered runner, I have been beyond impressed with the communication, ease of finding information, and most importantly, how motivating runDisney has been.  I cannot wait until January 11th when I can finally say I’m a part of the half marathon club!

Disclaimer – I was not asked to nor compensated by runDisney to write this post.

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