There’s No Turning Back Now


Preston and I are officially registered for the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend!  Preston will be completing the new Dopey Challenge, which is 4 races in 4 days (5K on Thursday, 10K on Friday, half marathon on Saturday, and full marathon on Sunday), and I will be completing the 10K on Friday and the half marathon on Saturday.  Although both of us are being very ambitious in our plans, we also plan on being smart with both our training plans as well as our completion of the races during marathon weekend.

We plan to utilize the Jeff Galloway approach, which focuses on a combination of running and walking, what he calls the Run-Walk-Run method.  Our plan is to utilize this method not only for our training, but also during the completion of our races during Marathon Weekend.  This is our current thinking in how we will approach completing these races:


Plan for Completion

5K on Thursday (Preston)


10K on Friday (Kathryn and Preston)


Half Marathon on Saturday (Kathryn and Preston)

Run-Walk-Run (Preston will run at Kathryn’s pace)

Full Marathon on Sunday (Preston)


We’re still in shock that we’ve registered for and are committed to completing these challenges.  Now that registration is complete and the races have been paid for, there’s no turning back now!

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