Chicago Marathon Training Log – Week 9

On October 8th I will be running the Chicago Marathon as a member of Team Ronald McDonald House Charities.  Please consider visiting my fundraising page and supporting this worthy cause.  Thanks!

This past week was a physically challenging one.  Between the heat and humidity, and increasing the distance of my long run, my body was certainly put to the test of how much it can endure.  This past week also marked the halfway point of my training.  I am now officially halfway done with training for my first marathon!  Time has been flying by and I cannot believe that in just nine short weeks I will be able to call myself a marathoner!

Monday, July 31st

I kicked off the week with a run with my little man.  Since my legs were still quite sore from last Saturday’s 15 miler, it was very slow going.  Little man was also a tad fussy during the run, which created an extra challenge for me.  But the important thing is that I got my run done!

Smiling post run, despite how challenging of a run it was

Tuesday, August 1st

After Preston was done with work for the day I headed to the gym, where I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical and 35 minutes doing full body weight training.  Even though my muscles were still a tad sore, I decided to push through.  No pain, no gain, right?

Wednesday, August 2nd

Little man went to daycare for the day, which allowed me to complete my run on my own.  Even without having to push the stroller, the humidity really got to me and slowed me way down, especially during the last couple of miles.

I love summer, but the humidity has become quite brutal! Marathon training during the summer is most certainly a challenge, but I’m praying that pushing through when it’s hot and humid will make me that much stronger on race day.

Thursday, August 3rd

I had wanted to get to the gym but with us getting ready to head out of town I had plenty of chores, errands, and packing that dictated otherwise.  Instead, I did 35 minutes of strength training at home.

Friday, August 4th

We had a long day of travel to my parents’ house in Illinois, plus a rest day before a long run is usually a smart idea.

Saturday, August 5th

I had been looking forward to this run ever since looking at my training plan and realizing that I’d be doing a long run while in Illinois.  I always looking forward to running in flat Central Illinois, as I’m usually able to push my pace just a tad more due to fewer hills than are on some of my usual routes at home.  However, my 16 miler wound up being quite challenging, as my legs felt tired and heavy during much of my run.  The further that I ran, the slower that I became, but I pushed through, didn’t stop, and reached a new personal distance record!

Since I was in Illinois at my parents’ house this past weekend, I had the opportunity to run on the beautiful trail in my hometown. And it was an absolutely gorgeous morning for a run, 60 degrees when I started and 75 when I finished, with lowish humidity.  Marathon training is definitely slowing me down, especially since my legs were tired and heavy during much of my long run. But I’m still celebrating because I didn’t stop and reached another new PDR!

Sunday, August 6th

Unfortunately, I spent Saturday night and the first half of Sunday battling a migraine.  Thankfully I felt better after taking an early afternoon nap, but since we had plans to go to a baseball game late Sunday afternoon/evening I lost out on the opportunity to do any cross or strength training.

We had a blast at the baseball game, and we got to meet Corny the Corn Belter!

Total Weekly Mileage – 30.05 miles (2.21 miles more than week 8)

Total Chicago Mileage – 250.05 miles

QOTD: How is your summer training going?  Is the heat and humidity finally catching up with you?

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August 2017 Goals

I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit sad that its already August.  Although my big vacation for the summer is this month, I’m sad to see my summer at home with little man rapidly coming to an end.  Due to being in school until almost the end of June, and going back to school a week earlier than usual this coming school year, my summer break has felt especially short this year.  Little man and I have been having a blast together, and when you take out my upcoming vacation, we only have a handful of days left before I go back to work and he goes back to school, aka daycare.

We have had an absolute blast together this summer

July was a very active month, especially when it came to keeping up with my marathon training.  My July mileage was the highest monthly total ever, and for the first time I ran over 100 miles in a single month.

1.  Log at least 115 miles.

Grade: A

My July mileage total was 135.1 miles, 102.5 of which I ran.  To say that July was a productive month when it came to my running and cardio is an understatement.  I also made significant progress towards meeting my 2017 mileage goal.  My current mileage total for the year is 668.5 miles, which put me at 67% of the way towards meeting my goal of 1,000 miles.  Its clear that I need to reevaluate this goal for 2017.

July was quite a productive month, especially when it came to running and cross training

2.  Strength train at least three times per week.

Grade: B-

There were a couple of weeks in July when I only did strength training twice, not three times like my goal was.  The further into the month I got, the less time and focus I put into this goal.  I regret not having been more focused on my strength training.

3.  Cross train at least three times per week.

Grade: B-

Just like with my strength training, I lost energy and focus with my cross training, especially during the second half of the month.  Part of that was because of how hot and humid it was on many days last month, which resulted in little man and I doing a lot of indoor instead of outdoor activities together.

4.  Stop obsessing about my weight.

Grade: A

I stop weighing myself on an almost regular basis.  It feels good, and is a huge sigh of relief, to be going based on feel, not just what the number on the scale is.

5.  Enjoy the month’s social activities.

Grade: A

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that there was no shortage of enjoyment this past month.  From my friend’s wedding to celebrating my wedding anniversary to spending time with family, July was an absolutely amazing month.

Preston and I before the start of the wedding ceremony

Although July was a great month, I know that August will be an even better month, especially as I continue to progress with marathon training and reach new personal distance records.

1.  Log at least 145 miles.

I’m not going to lie, seeing my mileage goals increasing over the past couple of months is quite scary.  But now that I’m at the height of marathon training, and am running more miles per week than ever before, I know that setting these lofty goals is important.  After logging 135 miles last month, I’m slightly increasing the number for this month’s goal.

2.  Cross train and strength train at least two times per week.

Although this is a decrease from last month, I think that twice a week for cross training and strength training is more realistic, especially given that I will not only be out of town for part of the month, but that I am also going back to work later in the month.

3.  Stay active while on vacation.

There are so many things that I am looking forward to about going to Antigua with my husband next week, including running at the beach and taking walks on the beach.  We also plan to do some water sports, as well as to utilize the resort’s fitness center.  I’m also looking forward to giving pool aerobics a try, which is one of the many activities at the resort that we will be staying at.

Snorkeling in Hawaii during our honeymoon in 2011. We’re hoping that snorkeling will be one of the many ways that we can stay active while in Antigua.

4.  Don’t overindulge while on vacation.

Given that we are staying at an all inclusive resort, there will an abundance of food and alcohol available to us.  While I do intend to enjoy myself and have a good time, I also need to avoid the temptation to overdo it.  The last thing that I want to do is undo all of the hard work and effort that I have put into marathon training thus far.

QOTD: What are your goals for August?

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Tunes Tuesday – End of Summer Jams

Since my husband and I are getting ready to head to Antigua next week to celebrate our anniversary, I’m thinking that I need to update my playlist so that I have some Caribbean tunes to listen to while running.  Even though we’ll be on vacation, I still need to keep up with my marathon training.  Our trip coincides perfectly with this month’s theme for the Tunes Tuesday Linkup: End of Summer Jams.

Some songs I’ll be sure to include on my playlist are:

Summer Breeze by Seals and Crofts (Philip Steir remix)

Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams

The Pineapple Song by Good Size

Kokomo by The Beach Boys

Hot Hot Hot by Buster Poindexter

QOTD: What other upbeat summer songs should I include on my playlist?

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Chicago Marathon Training Log – Week 8

On October 8th I will be running the Chicago Marathon as a member of Team Ronald McDonald House Charities.  Please consider visiting my fundraising page and supporting this worthy cause.  Thanks!

Logistically, this past week was a difficult week.  Little man and I were out of town for five days, and travel in and of itself often makes keeping up with workouts difficult.  Although I did complete my three planned runs, I didn’t hit either my cross training or strength training goals for the week.  We were in northern New Jersey at my grandfather’s house, helping my parents work on cleaning it out (he passed away at the end of January).  Between spending time with them, and playing with little man in the backyard and taking him swimming in the pool in the backyard, my attention for working out was turned elsewhere.

Little man loved his play time in my grandfather’s pool

However, there’s also some things from last week to celebrate.  Runkeeper notified me that I reached a couple of milestones for running this past week.  I have now run the highest number of miles in a single month (my current total is at 98 miles, and I’m planning on running today).  I have also run the highest number of miles in a single week (this past week I ran 25 miles).

Monday, July 24th

Time wasn’t on my side on Monday, as I needed to pack up for little man and I to head north the next morning.  And since there was absolutely nothing for little man up at my grandfather’s house I had a lot to pack up (pack ‘n’ play, toys, pool float, the list was very long).  Since my time was limited I didn’t get any running or cross training in, but I did do 30 minutes of strength training.

Tuesday, July 25th

Before hitting the road, I was able to enjoy a beautiful summer morning during my run.  After my run, I packed up the car and started the drive north.

After almost a week of high heat and humidity, the 66 degrees and only 70% humidity was a welcome relief. And I got the chance to run solo on Monday. What a winning combo for this mother runner!

Wednesday, July 26th

Little man and I were able to enjoy another beautiful summer morning during a just over two mile walk around my grandfather’s neighborhood.

Thursday, July 27th

Thank goodness it was yet another beautiful summer morning with low temperatures and lowish humidity, because the hills of northern New Jersey were quite the challenge during my run.  I was so happy that despite the hills that I was able to maintain a sub ten minute average pace.

The hills of northern New Jersey made for quite the challenge during my run.

Friday, July 28th

After struggling during my long run last week, partly due to sore leg muscles, I decided that I needed to take a complete rest day in advance of my 15 miler.  I am so glad that I made this decision.

Saturday, July 29th

I was worried for several days that my long run wouldn’t happen.  Between driving back from New Jersey and arriving home in the early afternoon on Saturday, and there having been storms here for a couple of days, I questioned how I was going to be able to fit this run in, especially since I really didn’t want to run 15 miles on the treadmill.  Thankfully, there was a break in the storms and I was able to get outside for my run.  Yes, there were puddles that I had to dodge, some of which I successfully navigated around and some that I didn’t, but I got my run in and reached a new personal distance record!

Celebrating a new PDR!

Sunday, July 30th

Between recovering from my long run and celebrating my 6th wedding anniversary, I took another rest day.  Since my sister is in town, we were able to go out to a nice dinner thanks to her volunteering to babysit little man.

On our wedding day, and photos from each of our anniversary dinners, starting with our 1st anniversary on the bottom left going around to our 5th anniversary on the top right.

The restaurant gave us personalized menus in recognition of our anniversary

Total Weekly Mileage – 27.84 miles (1.96 miles less than week 7)

Total Chicago Mileage – 220.00 miles

QOTD: What milestones did you reach last week?

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Today is the last day to enter the Sea to Shining Sea Virtual Race Giveaway.  Don’t forget to ente

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Friday Five – My Current Running Essentials

Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored or paid to promote any of the following products or brands.  I am simply sharing what I am currently loving.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Every runner needs shoes, clothes, and sports bras (if they’re a female).  But what else am I currently heavily relying on, especially while in the midst of marathon training?

1.  Body Glide.  Running in the summer, especially when its incredibly hot and humid, leads to a lot of sweating, which increases the potential for chafing.  I probably don’t need to tell you how much chafing hurts, especially when you get into the shower right after a run.  Ouch!

2.  KT Tape.  Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been getting some horrible chafing, even after lathering up with body glide before I head out for a run.  I read online a suggestion about putting KT Tape over the area that is prone to chafing, and tried this out for the first time during last Saturday’s long run.  When I arrived home after my run, I found that the KT Tape had worked, and that I hadn’t chafed!

3.  Camelbak Hydration Vest.  I received my Camelbak for Christmas from my father-in-law, and have used it for every run over 6 miles (unless I’m running with the stroller) since I received it.  I love that it holds enough water for a double digit run, even on hot and humid days, and that there’s enough pockets to also hold other essentials, including my fuel, phone, and key.

4.  Gu Energy Gels and Clif Bloks.  These are my go to fuel for my long runs.  I alternate between taking a gel or eating a couple of energy chews, and this system seems to work well for me.

5.  Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport Kit.  As a Rock ‘n’ Blogger, I received this as a complimentary gift from Eagle Creek, and have found it to be the perfect solution to traveling with sweaty running shoes and clothes.  I always hesitate to bag up my running clothes post run with my other dirty laundry while traveling, but have found Eagle Creek to be the perfect solution to keeping the sweaty shoes and clothes separate from my other clothes.  And the best part?  The bag is machine washable, so I can throw it in the laundry with all of my dirty clothes to get the sweat stink out.

QOTD: What running essentials are you currently loving?

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Sea to Shining Sea Virtual Race Giveaway

Disclaimer: I am not being financially compensated for this post.  All opinions are my own.

I’ve participated in a handful of virtual races.  There are a number of reasons that I like participating in them, some of which include:

  • They serve as a source of motivation to get out the door and run or walk
  • They are a great way to bring like minded people together from across the country, and sometimes the world, to participate in the same event
  • Unlike a traditional race that takes place on a set date, at a set time, and on a set course, virtual races allow for time and location flexibility
  • Like you would at a traditional race, you’ll often receive a set of swag for participating, which can include a participant shirt, finisher’s medal and/or a race bib

Personally, I like to use virtual races as training runs as I prepare to run a goal race.  They offer me the extra motivation that I need to push myself just a tad harder during a training run, and are a great way to test where I am with my pace and endurance as I prepare for my goal race.

Fellow runner and blogger Kristy has put together a virtual race as part of her college thesis project.  (She is using this virtual race as a way to assess the validity of influencer based advertising.  You can read more about the project here.)  The “Sea to Shining Sea” Virtual Race will take place from September 17th-23rd, and offers participants three race distances to choose from: half marathon, 10k, and 5k.  As a part of registering, participants will receive a race bib, a shirt, and a finisher’s medal.

Unlike other virtual races, participants in the “Sea to Shining Sea” Virtual Race will be:

  • Helping support the small businesses that are working with Kristy to help with the production of race materials
  • Helping support a college student with their research for the thesis

Although I received a free entry into the “Sea to Shining Sea” Virtual Race I have decided (with the approval to do so) to give my race entry to one From Dancing to Running reader.  Be sure to enter my Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win an entry into this virtual race.  Don’t delay, as the giveaway ends at 11:59pm EST on Monday, July 31st.

Eager to join the virtual race fun?  You can also register now for the race, and use code “FUNRUN15” to save 15% on your race registration.  This code is valid from now until August 5th.  Don’t delay with registering though, as the registration price will increase from its current price of $28 to $35 after August 1st.

QOTD: What is your motivation for participating in virtual races?

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Chicago Marathon Training Log – Week 7

On October 8th I will be running the Chicago Marathon as a member of Team Ronald McDonald House Charities.  Please consider visiting my fundraising page and supporting this worthy cause.  Thanks!

Boy am I glad that this past week was a cut back week.  We were under Heat Advisories here in the D.C. area multiple days in a row, including during the weekend, which made for an incredibly challenging week of working out.

Monday, July 17th

My body was still tired, and my feet and calves were still incredibly sore, from last Saturday’s 14 miler and my friend’s wedding.  So instead of doing my first run of the week, I decided to take another rest day from running, and opted for an easier workout at the gym instead, where I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes doing weight training.

Tuesday, July 18th

My body was finally feeling a bit better Tuesday morning when I headed out for my run with little man.  The heat and humidity were already in full force at 8:00 in the morning when we headed out, and the difficult stroller run unfortunately set the tone for the rest of my running last week.  After completing my 5 mile run I walked another 1.76 miles, which was a welcome workout after completing a mentally and physically challenging run.

Running with the stroller is never easy, but it’s during the difficult runs that I keep reminding myself that the stroller is making me stronger with each mile that I run with it.

Wednesday, July 19th

Sore muscles + lots of playtime with little man = an unplanned rest day.  I took him to an indoor play place on Wednesday, and his smiles while we played together were well worth taking a rest day.

Thursday, July 20th

Little man and I kicked off the day with a walk to the grocery store.  Our round trip mileage was 2.63 miles.  Because of the high heat and humidity, and the heat advisory, I opted to complete my run on the treadmill Thursday evening as opposed to running outside.  I attempted to do a 5 mile progression run, but around the end of the 4th mile I started to feel dizzy, so I decided to cut my run short.  Better safe than sorry, especially with the heat outside.

I was so happy to be done with that run!
Around 4 miles I started feeling lightheaded and dizzy, and since I couldn’t shake it off I cut my run short. Its much better to be safe than sorry!

Friday, July 21st

Preston was off from work on Friday, so we decided to kick off the day with a family walk.  We walked just under 3 miles, and afterwards I did a 35 minute full body strength training workout.

Saturday, July 22nd

I had been looking forward to a slightly shorter long run, and had 10 miles on tap for the day.  Unfortunately from the moment that I started my run, my legs felt heavy and I struggled with the effects of the heat and humidity.  Although I chose to run on a fairly shaded route, it was also quite hilly, which made dealing with the heat and humidity extra challenging.  There were several times when I wanted to give up, but I wouldn’t let myself stop.  I did wind up taking some extra walk breaks during the last four miles, but the important thing is that I didn’t cut my run short, and still ran all 10 miles that were on my training plan.

After a challenging and difficult week of training, I’m not surprised that Saturday’s long run was an extremely hard one for me. My legs felt heavy from the moment I started, and I wound up having to take extra walk breaks during the last four miles.

Sunday, July 23rd

Between being exhausted from my long run and battling a migraine for most of the day, my body had been screaming for complete rest, which is exactly what I gave it.

Total Weekly Mileage – 29.80 miles (1.39 miles less than week 6)

Total Chicago Marathon Mileage – 192.16 miles

QOTD: How do you adjust your workouts to accommodate for high heat and/or humidity?

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My Love/Hate Relationship with Summer Running

There’s no nice way to say it: summer running is hard!  I’ve trained for half marathons over the summer before, but with me being in the midst of training for my first full marathon this summer, I have found running this summer to be more challenging than in the past.

Nice and sweaty after a long run

Summer is one of my favorite months of the entire year.  My least favorite is winter.  I hate layering up, especially when I head out for a run.  I hate dealing with snow, ice, wind, the cold, pretty much anything and everything associated with winter.  Even though summer means I can wear shorts and tank tops, especially when I’m out running, it also means that I’m sweating much more than in the winter.  And what often comes with sweat?  Chafing, which is so incredibly painful!

While in the winter you get to battle conditions like cold and wind, in the summer you get to battle heat and humidity.  Although I would much rather be hot over cold, the summer weather conditions do make it difficult to run sometimes.  There are plenty of times over the summer when I question my sanity about running outside, but I’ll take being hot and sweaty over not being able to feel my face, hands, and toes any day.

I’d much rather be hot and sweaty than shivering like I was during much of this year Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon

One of the many reasons that I love summer is the longer days and greater number of hours of sunshine.  I hate how dark and dreary the mornings and evenings are in the winter, especially when I find myself at work for the majority of the daylight hours.  It is often a race against the clock to beat the sunset so that I can run after work, but during the summer that is far from the case.  During the summer, especially on days of long runs, its often the opposite, trying to beat the clock to get outside for that long run before it gets too hot and humid.

Summer running is also more scenic.  Many of the flowers and trees that bloomed during the Spring are still retaining their color.  During the winter, the scene more sparse and far less colorful.  I love the way that the sun shines through the trees and creates picturesque backdrops while I am out running.

One of the many beautiful scenes that I have been able to capture this summer while out on a run.

So while there are pros and cons to summer running, and I do have a love/hate relationship with it, I would take running on a hot, humid, sunny day over a cold and snowy winter day.

QOTD: Which do you prefer: summer or winter running?  Why?

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Chicago Marathon Training Log – Week 6

On October 8th I will be running the Chicago Marathon as a member of Team Ronald McDonald House Charities.  Please consider visiting my fundraising page and supporting this worthy cause.  Thanks!

This past week was another incredibly active, busy, and productive one.  I pushed my long run mileage to 14 miles, which is the furthest that I have ever run before.  (I have run a couple of 14 milers prior to previous half marathons.)  When I next increase my long run mileage, I will be pushing myself to a distance that I have never run before, which is exciting and scary all at the same time.

My workouts this week brought my current mileage total for 2017 to just over 600 miles.  It was so exciting to import my Garmin data last night and see the progress that I have made.

Monday, July 10th

I kicked off the week with a stroller run in the morning with my little man.  I felt strong throughout the run, and managed negative splits.  The cooler weather and lower humidity were a huge help with me being able to complete a strong run while also pushing the stroller.  Since it was such a beautiful morning, I walked an additional mile after completing my run.

Negative splits with my little buddy was a great way to kick off the week.

Tuesday, July 11th

Tuesday morning little man and I walked three and a half miles while running errands.  That evening, I completed a 35 minute strength training workout, utilizing the new lower body workout that had been included in this month’s StrideBox.

I opened up this month’s StrideBox right before my planned strength training workout on Tuesday and found a great lower body workout on this month’s workout card. I added my ankle weights, and after 35 minutes was feeling the burn.

Wednesday, July 12th

My one and only gym workout for the week was Wednesday evening.  I cross trained for 30 minutes on the elliptical, and followed it up with a 30 minute full body weight training session.

Thursday, July 13th

Since my dad had been in town for the night, I was able to leave little man at home with him and escape for a solo morning run.  With little man at home with me for the summer, solo weekday runs are a rare treat, so I’m thankful for whenever I’m able to get them in.

Thursday morning’s run was quite peaceful, and it was nice to be able to run by myself.

Friday, July 14th

On Preston and I drove north to State College, Pennsylvania for the weekend for a friend’s wedding.  It was our first weekend away from our little man since he was born (we have only previously left him for one night).  My father-in-law came into town to take care of him at our house, so Friday morning was spent picking him up at the train station, and getting him and little man situated at home before we hit the road.  It was a very busy day, with no time to workout even after we got to State College, as we attended a welcome party with the bride and groom.

Saturday, July 15th

Even though we were out of town, I still had to keep up with marathon training.  The bride knew about this, and a couple of weeks ago was able to forward a couple of running routes to me that she had received from another one of her friends.  I ended up choosing the route that included running at Penn State.  Despite how hilly the route was, the weather was quite beautiful Saturday morning (it was in the low 70s and only 65% humidity during my 14 mile run), which made running the hills a bit more bearable.

With the Penn State Nittany Lion statue during my 14 mile run through campus.

That evening we attended my friend’s wedding.  Preston and I had a blast celebrating with everybody, and didn’t walk back into our hotel room until almost midnight.  It had been a long day, and despite wearing flat sandals during the reception, my legs and feet were very sore from the day’s activities.

Preston and I before the start of the ceremony

Sunday, July 16th

Before leaving State College, we attended the wedding brunch, and then made a stop at the famous Penn State Creamery with a couple of friends.  It was a delicious way to celebrate National Ice Cream day.

We didn’t arrive back home until around 6:00 p.m.  Because we had been away from little man for the weekend, I prioritized spending time with him over anything else.  Even though I hadn’t met my strength training goal for the week, family time last night was much more important.  Today marks the start of a new week, and the opportunity to work towards reaching my goals.

Total Weekly Mileage – 31.19 miles (1.88 miles more than week 5)

Total Chicago Marathon Mileage – 162.36 miles

QOTD: Have you ever completed a long run and attended a wedding in the same day?  How did your body handle all of the activity?

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StrideBox Review

Disclosure: I received a complimentary subscription to StrideBox for purposes of this review.  No other compensation was received.  As always, all opinions are my own.

While exploring new products can be fun and exciting, there is always that hesitation to purchase a full box or a full supply of something new, because you just never know whether or not you will like it, or if it will work out for you.  While reading a running magazine over the weekend, I was introduced to a new flavor of one of the energy sources that I rely on during races and long runs.  However, I am fearful of wasting money on a full box of this new flavor, in fear that the taste won’t be to my liking.

That’s where monthly subscription boxes, like StrideBox, come into play.  They are a great opportunity to be introduced to new products without having to take the risk of purchasing a full supply of them.  StrideBox prides itself on being “the best subscription box for runners.”  Each month, subscribers receive a box full of assorted running related items to try, usually including snacks, body/skin care products, running gear/accessories, recipes, and workouts to try out.

This week I received my July StrideBox.  This month’s box included:

  • The Gluten Free Bar, Oatmeal Raisin Flavor
  • Science in Sport Isotonic Energy Gel, Orange Flavor
  • Nuun Performance, Blueberry Strawberry Flavor
  • Swish Energy Mouth Wash
  • Kinesys Performance Sunscreen, SPF 30
  • Stridebox Essentials Hydration Vessel
  • Bodyweight Leg Workout Card
  • Chunky Monkey Baked Oatmeal Recipe Card (on the backside of the workout card)
  • Motivation Sticker

Last night I opened my box right before my planned strength training workout, and found a great set of lower body exercises listed out on this month’s workout card.  I threw my ankle weights on, and after 35 minutes, was feeling the burn.

I opened up this month’s StrideBox right before my planned strength training workout last night, and found a great lower body workout on this month’s workout card. I added my ankle weights, and after 35 minutes was feeling the burn.

Some of the positives that I have found with StrideBox include:

  • A wide variety of products and brands are included in the boxes
  • The opportunity to sample new to me products before purchasing them
  • I’m more likely to use the products included in StrideBox as opposed to other subscription boxes that I have previously tried out
  • No two month’s boxes are the same
  • Each box includes a card with detailed information about the enclosed products, as well as purchasing information

The only negative that I have found is that I cannot log into a StrideBox account to indicate preferences, favorites, etc. to have my boxes customized.  StrideBox puts together the same box each month for all of its subscribers.

At only $15 a month, StrideBox is a low risk opportunity to discover new products.  Want to give StrideBox a try for yourself?  Head over to their website to sign up!

QOTD: Have you ever tried a subscription box?  What are your thoughts on them?

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