Friday Five – What I Learned from RnRDC

Since crossing the finish line of Rock ‘n’ Roll DC earlier this month, I’ve been doing a lot of reflection as to what worked for me last training cycle and last race and what did not.  Obviously, things did not go as I had hoped on race day even though I had overall had a successful training cycle.  After doing a lot of reflection, I’m taking away from the experience a number of lessons that will help me as I train for and run future races.

1.  Plan for the unexpected.

It doesn’t matter how much you plan, unexpected things will always come up.  During my ten weeks of training for DC, both little man and I were sick at various times.  My mommy duties had to take precedent over training on a number of days, especially on days when I received the call from daycare that little man was sick and needed to be picked up.  My grandfather also became ill and very unexpectedly passed away at the end of January.

2.  Flexibility is one of the keys to success.

Piggybacking off of planning for the unexpected, you also have to be flexible and be willing to shift things around as needed.  Depending on what else is on my calendar, I usually plan to complete my weekday training runs on Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays, and my long runs on Saturdays.  I can’t always 100% follow my training calendar, especially when my mommy duties call, and that’s okay.

My little running partner is worth any and all changes that I have to make to my training

3.  Sometimes you won’t complete every planned run, or all of the miles that you had planned on running.

My last double digit training run for RnRDC is a prime example of this.  I had planned to run 14 miles two weeks prior to race day.  However, between recovering from having been sick, as well as running on a hilly route and battling high winds, my body was screaming for me to stop.  So after running 12 miles, I had to call it quits.

4.  I am stronger than I think I am.

There were a number of times last training cycle that I completely surprised myself with my pace.  On days that I felt great, I pushed myself as fast as I could, and proved to myself that I can run faster than I think I can.

5.  You can’t control the weather.

This has been the hardest pill to swallow since my last half marathon.  Everything can go just “right” up until race day, and then the weather gods decide to present you with completely unfavorable weather conditions.  Running a half marathon with a wind chill in the teens, coupled with strong winds, on a hilly course, is far from ideal.  The weather conditions definitely got the best of me two weeks ago and made it difficult for me to reach my race goals.

Trying to warm up post race

QOTD: What lessons did you learn from training for and running your last race?

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Loudoun Half Marathon Training Log – Week 1

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit lacking in the motivation department this past week.  Between last Saturday’s disappointing race, and the couple of inches of snow that fell Monday night and during the day on Tuesday, I had trouble finding the desire to stay on top of my training for most of the week.

Monday, March 13th

Since I knew we had snow heading our way, I wanted to ensure that I got my first run of the week in before there were any obstacles on the ground.  The incoming snow helped me push myself a little harder during Monday’s run, and I was able to run at a much faster pace than many of my recent runs have been at.  I also ran negative splits!  9:29, 9:22, 9:18, 9:05

After last Saturday’s disappointing half marathon, it felt so good to run fast for my first run post race. What made the run even better was that my hubby and little man pulled into the driveway as I arrived back home and were able to celebrate with me!

Tuesday, March 14th

Even though we only received a couple of inches of snow from Snowstorm Stella, we finally had our first snow day of the year!  I took the opportunity with the day off from work to work on a number of chores around the house.  It felt great to get a lot done.

Wednesday, March 15th

Both little man and I had a chiropractor appointment after school, which left me no time to head to the gym (and running outside wasn’t an option due to the ice).  I did do 10 minutes of strength training though.

Thursday, March 16th

My plans were completely thrown for a loop.  I had planned to go to the gym after work to run on the treadmill due to the snow and ice covered sidewalks, but that plan was thrown out the window when I received a phone call from little man’s daycare that he had a fever and needed to be picked up.  By the time that Preston got home from work, I didn’t have enough time to drive to and from the gym, and run, so instead I headed out the door and zigzagged/ran circles in the few ice free areas in our neighborhood.  The whole situation made for a slow run, and running in circles was also mentally exhausting.

I spent my entire run zigzagging and running in circles in order to avoid as much ice as possible. Have I mentioned how much I hate winter?!?

Friday, March 17th

Little man was still sick, and I just didn’t have it in me to work out.

Saturday, March 18th

Some of the snow and ice had melted, so I figured that the sidewalks would be clear enough to run on.  The extra challenge was pushing the BOB stroller on the areas where there was still lots of snow and ice, and areas where running on the road wasn’t realistic.  It was definitely a challenging long run, but little man and I did it, but boy was my upper body sore from the experience!  Between the hills and the areas where I had to push the stroller on slushy sidewalks, my splits were far from consistent: 10:36, 10:22, 10:22, 10:41, 10:20, 10:43, 11:10.

Pushing the BOB along snowy and icy sidewalks is anything but easy, but little man and I conquered 7 stroller miles together yesterday! Thank goodness the sidewalks didn’t look like this for our entire run!

Sunday, March 19th

I woke up in the middle of the night with a migraine, which didn’t go away until mid-afternoon.  In between running errands, taking care of chores around the house, and going to a friend’s house for dinner, I did my best to lay low to get rid of the migraine.

Total Weekly Mileage – 16.22 miles

Total Loudoun Half Mileage – 16.22 miles

QOTD: How do you rebound mentally after a disappointing race?

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Friday Five – Potpourri v. 19

This has been one of those weeks where there was a lot going on, and I have a lot of exciting updates to share!

1.  After my disappointing race on Saturday at Rock ‘n’ Roll DC, I’ve started to collect my thoughts and reflect on what went well with my training and on race day and where I can make improvements.  Since the weather odds were stacked against me on Saturday, and I put in a lot of hard work with my training, I want to run a redemption race this Spring.  After much consideration, I’ve decided to run the Loudoun Half Marathon on April 23rd.  With the race just over five weeks away, my focus will be on maintaining the strength and endurance that I developed during my RnRDC training.

2.  Yesterday was my 4 year runiversary.  Last year on my runiversary I took a big walk down memory lane.  Over the past year, I’ve run four half marathons, two 10ks, and two 5ks.  While this was significantly fewer races than in previous years, I focused on running quality races while balancing spending my time with my family.

Preston and I crossing the finish line at Wine and Dine back in November, which was by far my favorite race from the past year
Photo Credit: Disney World PhotoPass

3.  Despite the cold, windy, snowy, and icy weather that we’ve been dealing with here in Northern Virginia, I couldn’t let my runiversary go by without going for a run.  Winter running is not my thing, and I’m more than ready for Spring to arrive and stay for good.

4.  Other than yesterday being my runiversary, it was also an exciting day because I bought our plane tickets to Chicago for the Chicago Marathon!  Its hard to believe how quickly the year is already flying by, and that before we know it we’ll be flying to Chicago for my first marathon!

5.  Not only did I register for the Loudoun Half this week, but I also registered for ZOOMA Annapolis in June.  This will be the last half marathon that I run before I officially start marathon training.  I had a blast running ZOOMA last year and can’t wait for this year’s race weekend.  (And want to join me, either in person or virtually?  Use discount code KATHRYN2017 to save 10% off of your race registration.)

QOTD: What exciting news do you have to share this week?

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2017 Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon Recap

Disclaimer: As a Rock ‘n’ Blogger I received a complimentary global tour pass, which I used for entry into this race.  As always, all opinions are my own.

This was my third time running Rock ‘n’ Roll DC, so I knew what to expect in terms of the hilly course.  Just because I was familiar with the course did not automatically make for an easy race day experience.  In fact, I had quite the opposite during Saturday’s race, mainly driven by how cold and windy it was during the race.

Race weekend started out on Friday when I drove to the D.C. Armory where the expo was held.  After standing in the security line for about five minutes, I was inside the armory.  There were virtually no lines anywhere, and I walked right up to pick up my bib.  I browsed the official merchandise, wasn’t impressed with this year’s selection, and then walked the expo floor.  The only two things that caught my eye were the new lineup of new heavy medals and the large RnRDC medal backdrop.  I was in and out of the expo in less than an hour.

Because the start time of the half marathon was pushed back from previous years to 8:30 a.m. due to Metro Safetrack construction, I was able to sleep in until 5:30.  Yes, that is actually sleeping in for me, as my alarm goes off at 4:45 each morning for work.  I was on the road by 6:30, and drove to RFK Stadium since I had purchased a parking pass to park at the finish line.  After parking I took the Metro downtown to the Smithsonian station, quickly dropped off my gear bag, and found a set of porta potties with almost no line.  I then met up with Cynthia, and we chatted as we walked towards the corrals and the start line.  We parted ways as she headed to Corral 5, and I met up with Chelsea in our corral, Corral 10.  It was nice to be able to chat with her for a bit as we slowly made our way towards the start line.

Prerace with Chelsea and Cynthia

My plan for this race was to use 4:15/0:45 intervals, as that was the run/walk interval that I used for all of my long runs during this training cycle.  Despite how cold it was (the wind chill was in the teens), I tried my best to stay warm and keep moving forward.  I had done a good job of layering (I wore a short sleeve shirt, long sleeve half zip, and a thermal vest, in addition to a hat and gloves), but I’ve never been a fan of cold weather running, and absolutely hate being cold.  Between trying to warm up, and the thrill of the start of the race, I was able to maintain a strong pace early on in the race, and was quite pleased with the splits that I ran during the early miles of the race.  After running down Constitution Avenue, I was disappointed to see that the course had been slightly altered.  Instead of the usual out and back on Memorial Bridge, the course instead had a new out and back portion near the Watergate Complex before entering Rock Creek Park.  I much prefer the older version of this course.

Splits for Miles 1-4:
10:17, 10:15, 10:07, 10:33

I always love running through Rock Creek Park.  Even though I know that running up Calvert Hill to exit the park is anything but easy, there’s something so peaceful about running through the park.  During this portion of the race I was entertained by several fellow runners who were dressed in interesting costumes, including somebody dressed in a full on panda bear costume, as well as a spectator dressed as Mr. Incredible.  Then at the foot of Calvert Hill was the start of the “Wear Blue” memorial.  This lineup of photos of fallen soldiers as well as service men and women, and volunteers, holding American flags, was quite inspiring, especially while running the toughest part of this course.  I thanked as many of the members of the military as I could, and although their presence was inspiring, I had to start walking about halfway up Calvert Hill.  I resumed running at the top of the hill.

Splits for Miles 5-7:
10:17, 10:26, 11:42

As I entered Adams Morgan just before the mile 7 marker, “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey came up on my playlist.  Not only did running through Adams Morgan bring back memories from my college days at American University, but hearing Journey always does the same thing.  It was just what I needed to hear to help me regain some of my momentum after completing a tough part of the race.  During the 8th mile the course went through Howard University, and the all women drum line was out helping motivate runners.  They are always one of my favorite parts of this race, and hearing their music helped give me an extra pep in my step as I continued on.

Splits for Miles 8-11:
10:24, 10:13, 10:01, 10:12

The closer that I got to the finish line, the more difficulty that I started having.  Throughout the race, I knew that I was on track to PR and reach at least my B goal.  However, the further that I ran, the more that the cold really started to get to me.  At one point, I had trouble feeling my legs and my face.  But I kept pushing forward and did my best to maintain my 4:15/0:45 intervals.

After passing the mile 11 marker, I texted Jenny, who I knew would be out cheering on 13th Street with Courtney.  As I neared them, I did my best to keep running with a smile on my face, but deep down I knew that I had to start walking.  I was feeling slightly lightheaded, but being as close to the finish line as I was I did not want to give up.  I walked much more during the last two miles of the race than I would have liked, but I just kept telling myself that I needed to keep moving forward.

Splits for Miles 12-13.37:
10:56, 11:17, 4:20 (last 0.37)

I crossed the finish line at 2:20:57 (10:46 pace), just over 5 minutes slower than my current half marathon PR.  To say I was disappointed is an understatement.  After putting in a lot of hard work over the past 10 weeks, I was so hopeful and optimistic that I would have a different outcome on race day.  I know that I cannot control the weather, but it was still a difficult pill to swallow.  Looking at my Garmin data makes me feel slightly better (I ran 13.37 miles in 2:21:00, a 10:33 pace, which is substantially closer to my C goal).

Trying to warm up post race

While I had hoped to stick around and meet up with a couple of fellow bloggers post race, I was just too cold to do so.  I was so happy that I had oped to park at the finish line, and was able to warm up in the comfort of my car before driving home instead of having to deal with being cold on the Metro.

I’m still processing what went right vs. wrong on race day.  But one thing is for certain: since I didn’t get a PR on Saturday I’m very eager to run another race this Spring in hopes of accomplishing that goal.

QOTD: Do you prefer running in cold or hot weather?

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Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon Training Log – Week 10

Race day has come and gone.  If you follow me on social media then you already know that the race did not go as I had hoped that it would.  I’ll fully recap the race at a later time, but the cold air and wind really got the best of me.  That, coupled with the hilly course, made for a difficult morning of running.  I’m proud of myself for not giving up, but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I am disappointed that my hard work and training was not able to pay off on race day the way that I had hoped that it would.

As has been the usual lately, this past week was another busy one.

Monday, March 6th

Since both little man and I had an appointment after school with the chiropractor, it was a planned rest day.  By the time we got home, it was time to make dinner and start getting little man ready for bed.

Tuesday, March 7th

It was a rainy afternoon, but I didn’t let that stop me from getting one of my last training runs in.  No excuses during race week, right?  I ran based on feel and my splits were far from consistent (9:55, 9:23, 9:50, 9:35), but I’m okay with that.  I got the miles in and that’s all that mattered to me for a rainy afternoon.

Wednesday, March 8th

I had planned to head to the gym after work for cross and weight training, but Northern Virginia traffic had other plans for me.  Instead, I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather (it was sunny and in the mid-70s!) and walk to daycare to pick little man up.  He was just as happy as I was to enjoy the commute home outside in the beautiful weather.

Post daycare smile

Thursday, March 9th

Another sunny and 70 degree afternoon meant that I was able to wear shorts and a tank top for my last RnRDC training run.  Between the warm air and it being my last pre-race run, I decided to take it easy with my pace.  My splits were: 10:01, 9:50, 10:05, 9:54, 5:15 (last 0.55 miles).  I finished up my workout with 10 minutes of ab work.

Friday, March 10th

I spent my rest day heading to the expo after work to pick up my bib.  It took me over 90 minutes to drive home from the expo.  Have I mentioned before how much I hate DC traffic?!?

Saturday, March 11th

Like I already said, race day did not go as I had hoped it would.  According to my Garmin I ran 13.37 miles, which was the result of a crowded course and lots of weaving.  Full race recap to come soon!

Trying to warm up post race

Sunday, March 12th

My body was tired and I needed a rest day.  We also had a lot of errands and chores to take care of around the house.

Total Weekly Mileage – 25.07 miles (5.95 miles more than week 9)

Total RnRDC Mileage – 190.84 miles

QOTD: If you raced this weekend, how did you do?

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Friday Five – Yay for RnRDC Weekend!

Thank goodness Friday is finally here!  Its been a bit of a long week at our house.  I didn’t share this until now for safety reasons, but Preston was in Florida for a business trip starting last Thursday.  It was hard to have him gone for a week, including over a weekend.  Although both my dad and father-in-law were here at different times in the week to help out with little man, nothing can replace having your husband and the father of your child at home.  We’re so glad that he is home!

At dinner last Saturday night with the grandfathers

Not only am I glad to have my husband back home, but I’m excited that it is Rock ‘n’ Roll DC weekend!

1.  I will be headed to the expo this afternoon to pick up my bib.  Although I don’t have any plans to meet up with anybody there, it will be a nice surprise if I do run into somebody.

2.  I am looking forward to seeing several familiar faces at the race tomorrow, including Cynthia, Janelle, Steff, and Chelsea.  I’m hoping to finally meet Chaitali in person.  And I’m very excited to see Courtney and Jenny cheering along the course.

With Cynthia and Mar before the start of last year’s race
Photo Credit: Cynthia from You Signed Up for What

3.  Due to Metro not opening until 7:00 a.m., the half marathon doesn’t start until 8:30.  It will be nice to not have to wake up as early as I usually do in order to make it to a race downtown.

4.  Since sharing my race goals on Wednesday, I’ve been questioning whether or not any of them will be achievable.  Although the chance of rain has disappeared from the forecast, it is looking like it will be an incredibly cold morning for a half marathon.  I don’t handle cold weather well, so I am assuming that I will be slowed down a bit tomorrow during the race.  I’m crossing my fingers that somehow the weathermen are wrong and that it won’t be as cold as they’re predicting, as I debate how many layers I should wear for the race.

It is going to be a cold morning for a half marathon!

5.  Despite how cold it is looking like it will be tomorrow morning for the race, I’m excited to kick off my 2017 racing year by running a hometown race.  I always love running in DC!

QOTD: Who else is running Rock ‘n’ Roll DC this weekend?

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My Goals for Saturday’s Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon

My first race of 2017 is finally here.  On Saturday I’ll be running the streets of DC as I run Rock ‘n’ Roll DC for the third time.  I first ran this race back in 2014, only weeks after facing a major health issue.  I had to walk more of the race than I would have liked to.  Last year, I ran the first eight miles of the race as a training run for ZOOMA Annapolis, and then walked the rest of the race.

With my 2016 Rock ‘n’ Roll DC medal

This year will be the first time that I’m actually able to “race” this race.  And I couldn’t be more excited about it.

The course for Rock ‘n’ Roll DC is far from an easy one.  It is quite hilly, the steepest hill being Calvert Hill just past the mile 6 marker.  But one of the things that I love about the RnRDC course is that it isn’t the cookie cutter DC half marathon course.  The course goes through both Rock Creek Park as well as Adams Morgan, in addition to several residential areas.  And the crowd support is always amazing.

The past ten weeks of training have been quite productive, and I have high expectations for what I will be able to accomplish on Saturday.  My three goals are:

Goal A – Finish the race in under 2:13:17 (10:10 pace)

Goal B – Finish the race in under 2:15:42 (10:22 pace), which is my current half marathon PR

Goal C – Finish the race in under 2:17:39 (10:30 pace)

I know that I have put in the hard work, and have run countless hills during my training.  I am a tad worried about the weather, and how that will impact my running.  The forecast seems to be changing every hour, so I’m crossing my fingers that there will not be any rain Saturday morning during the race.

Here’s to a great first race of 2017!

QOTD: Who else is racing this weekend?  What race are you running?

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Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon Training Log – Week 9

After a couple of difficult weeks filled with illness and difficulty with keeping up with my training, this past week was so much more positive.  Not only did I fit in my three planned runs, but I also got to the gym twice for cross and weight training.  Yay!

Monday, February 27th

I ended a stressful day at work by heading out the door for my first run of the week.  Apparently running for stress relief was just what I needed, as my average pace was 9:15!  My splits were just as incredible: 9:43, 9:03, 9:07, 2:12 (last 0.25 miles).

Feeling great after a very strong run at the end of a stressful day

Feeling great after a very strong run at the end of a stressful day

Tuesday, February 28th

I had to stay at school late and when I got home I decided to play with my little man instead of doing strength training.  The smile on his face as we played with his toys together was well worth the unplanned rest day.

Wednesday, March 1st

I kicked off the first day of the new month with a visit to the gym, where I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes doing a total body weight training session.

Thursday, March 2nd

My first run of March was a strong run.  Since I headed out for my run just before sunset, I felt the pressure to run as fast as I could in order to get back home before it got too dark outside.  And that motivation worked, as my average pace was 9:33 and my splits were 9:49, 9:17, 9:39, and 9:28.

I felt great at the end of my first run of March

I felt great at the end of my first run of March

Friday, March 3rd

Friday was a planned rest day.  I’m usually pretty good about following that part of my training plan 100%. 🙂

Saturday, March 4th

Unlike last Saturday when I wore shorts and a tank top for my long run, this week I had to bundle up and face below freezing temperatures for my last long run of RnRDC training.  Between it being taper time, and the cold air, I completed my run much faster than I initially anticipated that I would.  I felt great during the entire run, and maintained 4:15/0:45 run-walk intervals for the entire run.  My splits during my 6 mile run were: 9:55, 10:07, 10:01, 10:10, 9:56, 9:39.

Despite the cold air, I felt great during my last long run for this training cycle.

Despite the cold air, I felt great during my last long run for this training cycle

Sunday, March 5th

I headed back to the gym to close out the week with another 30 minutes on the elliptical and a 30 minute total body weight training session.  I left the gym sore, excited to be feeling the immediate effects of my workout.

Total Weekly Mileage – 19.12 miles (3.09 miles less than week 8)

Total RnRDC Mileage – 165.77 miles

QOTD: Do you try to run fast while tapering, or do you take things super easy during taper time?

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Friday Five – Five Bucket List Rock ‘n’ Roll Races

Disclaimer: As a Rock ‘n’ Blogger I received a complimentary Global Tour Pass.  As always, all opinions are my own.

On Wednesday I received some exciting news in my inbox:


That’s right, I’ve been invited to be a member of the 2017 Rock ‘n’ Blog team!  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my involvement with the team over the past two years and am looking forward to working with the group for a third year.

After receiving my e-mail, I immediately started dreaming about which Rock ‘n’ Roll races I’d love to run.  If time and money weren’t an issue, I’d love to run:

1.  Mexico City – March 19, 2017

I’ve been to Mexico City once, and that was on a Spanish class trip during my junior year of high school.  I’d love to have an excuse to go back and explore the city.

2.  Madrid – April 23, 2017

I’ve never been to Europe, visiting Spain is high on my Europe bucket list.  I love running in new to me areas, so planning a racecation in Europe sounds like a great idea.

3.  San Diego – June 4, 2017

We visited San Diego back in 2013 and loved the city.  I’d love to have an excuse to go back again.

4.  Savannah – November 5, 2017

I visited Savannah on a girls’ trip back in 2009, but just like with San Diego, would love to have an excuse to go back and explore the city some more.

5.  Las Vegas – November 12, 2017

Running the strip at night has been on my bucket list for awhile now.  Maybe somebody I can make running this race a reality.

Realistically, I probably won’t make it to any of these races in 2017.  (The only maybe is Savannah, but the stars would have to align to make that happen.)  So which Rock ‘n’ Roll races are possibilities for me this year?  Next Saturday I’m running Rock ‘n’ Roll DC.  The other two half marathons that are strong possibilities are Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach over Labor Day weekend and Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia on September 17.  Both of these races fall on weekends in my Chicago Marathon training calendar when I plan to run 20 milers, so if I run these races I’d also have to run extra miles those weekends.

Want to run any of the Rock ‘n’ Roll races this year?  Discount code RnB15 will save you $15 on many races.  Some exclusions do apply.

QOTD: Which Rock ‘n’ Roll destinations are on your bucket list?

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March 2017 Goals

Even with this past month being the shortest month of the year, and both little man and I getting sick again, I remained extra motivated and determined to make February a strong month.  I did my best to not let illness steer me too far off track, and though I did take some unplanned rest days, overall I had a great month and was very successful in working towards meeting my February goals.


1.  Log at least 80 miles.

Grade: A

Even with getting sick and missing a couple of planned workouts, my February mileage total was 84 miles.  My January and February mileage combined puts me at 155.3 miles, or 16% of the way towards meeting my yearly goal of 1,000 miles.  I’m only slightly behind (just over 11 miles to be exact) of where I need to be in order to be completely on track for meeting my 2017 goal, and I have no doubt that I’ll be able to still reach my goal this year.

2.  Strength train at least twice per week.

Grade: B+

While I spent more time focusing on strength training last month than I did in January, I’d still like to have been able to spend more time on strength training than I did.

3.  Focus on self-care.

Grade: B

While I did make time for myself last month and tried my best to destress when I found my stress levels to be high, I could have tried to make even more time for myself.

As I shared last week, Spring is going to be an incredibly busy season for our family, and we have a lot on the calendar for March.  It’ll certainly be a juggling act to balance my work and personal life with my training life.  As always, I’ll be using my goals to help keep me focused and on track.


1.  Log at least 90 miles.

Since I met my February mileage goal it only seems natural to increase my goal for the coming month.  While I’m not sure that this goal is entirely realistic given that after I run Rock ‘n’ Roll DC in a week and a half I’ll be taking a short break from half marathon training and focusing more of my time on cross and strength training, I’m still ambitious and want to see what I’m able to accomplish.

2.  PR at Rock ‘n’ Roll DC.

Although I’ve battled being sick a couple of times while training for Rock ‘n’ Roll DC, I’ve overall had a very productive and successful training cycle.  Even though the course for Rock ‘n’ Roll DC is quite hilly, I’ve been doing a lot of my training runs on hilly routes and can’t wait to see what I’m made of on race day.

3.  Focus on cross and strength training post race.

After I run Rock ‘n’ Roll DC next Saturday, I plan to take a couple of weeks off from half marathon training.  During that time, I plan to focus less on running and more on cross and strength training.  Not only will it be a good physical break, but it’ll be a good mental break as well.

QOTD: What are your goals for March?

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