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Friday Five – September 26th – What I Love About Fall

This week marked the official start of fall!  I’ll admit, fall is my least favorite season of the year.  However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a couple of things that I do love about this season. 1.  Its sweater and … Continue reading

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Friday Five – September 19th – My Five Favorite Running Songs

Music has always played a huge role in my fitness activities.  With dancing, music set the tone for each of my dances.  With running, I find that music helps me to stay focused, especially during difficult runs.  If I’m struggling, … Continue reading

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Friday Five – September 12th – Five Blogs to Love

Happy Friday everybody!  With yesterday being such a serious and somber day, I’m thankful that Courtney, Cynthia, and Mar wanted to keep things lighthearted for the linkup today.  This week’s theme: Blogs to Love! I absolutely love this theme, as I’m … Continue reading

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Friday Five – September 5th – Five Things I’m Thankful For

This week has absolutely flown by!  I know that’s partly due to Monday having been Labor Day and it was only a four day work week, but with this also having been the first week back at school with students, … Continue reading

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Friday Five – August 29th – Fall Race Preview

Wow, how is it already the end of summer?  I can’t wait to close out this summer in Virginia Beach, and run my third half marathon on Sunday.  While I’ve spent the summer mentally and physically preparing for Sunday’s race, … Continue reading

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Friday Five – August 22nd – Five Things I Love About Cooking

When I first shared our Cooking Challenge with all of you a month ago, and my intention to share here on the blog, I didn’t realize how interested some of you would be!  Some of you have been very vocal about how … Continue reading

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Friday Five – August 15th

Happy Friday everybody!  Is it just me or are the days and weeks flying by this summer?  It seems like the 2013-2014 school year just ended, and the new school year is just around the corner! There’s been a lot … Continue reading

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Friday Five – July 25th – Summer Goals Check In

This week’s Friday Five theme with the DC Trifecta is Goals, and I thought that this would be the perfect time to give a status report on the progress I’m making in meeting my summer fitness goals.  At the beginning … Continue reading

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Friday Five – July 18th – Friday Favorites

With us having moved from our apartment to our townhouse last Saturday, and having spent much of this week unpacking and trying to get back to normal life, its been an absolutely crazy week!  Since our house isn’t dog proof yet … Continue reading

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Friday Five – July 11th – Five Things I Love About Moving

Tomorrow is the big day – the day we’re renting a U-Haul and moving our belongings, or at least most of them, from our apartment into our new house.  Over the past week and a half since we closed, its … Continue reading

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