2014 Arlington Police, Fire & Sheriff 9/11 Memorial 5k Recap

Six days after running my third half marathon I ran another race: the Arlington Police, Fire & Sheriff Memorial 5k.  Although my legs still felt heavy the morning of the race, I decided to at least attempt to run it, especially after Preston decided to run the race at my pace.  I’m not sure that I would have run the entire race had it not been for him running beside me.

We opted to pick up our race packets the evening of the race, and arrived in Crystal City where the race was held about 75 minutes before the start of the race.  Packet pickup was held in the basement of a local hotel, and after running our race shirts back to the car, as well as making a bathroom stop back at the hotel, we headed out to the start line.  One of my favorite parts of this race was that an American flag was hung from the ladders of two fire trucks.  It was the perfect backdrop for the start of such a patriotic race.


In the hour leading up to the race, I wondered whether or not the race would be delayed or canceled because of the threat of thunderstorms.  Fortunately, the race was able to be held as scheduled, and most runners crossed the finish line of the race before lightning started to appear in the sky.

With the storm rolling in though, the weather was anything but ideal for the race.  The temperature was well above 90 degrees and the humidity was close to 100%.  The weather was one of the main reasons why Preston decided to run with me at my pace.

Preston and I before the start of the race

Preston and I proudly wore our Team RWB shirts for this race

The course started and ended in Crystal City, with a loop around the Pentagon.  While the course itself isn’t my favorite 5k course that I’ve run, I absolutely loved the support and entertainment along the course route.  The entertainment included a local high school marching band and bagpipers.  The sense of patriotism was more than evident at this race, which is the main reason why I decided to sign up for this race in the first place.

Despite how heavy my legs felt, and how unbearable the weather was, I was able to pace myself and keep moving until the last hill during the last half mile of the race.  I had slowed down to nothing much faster than a shuffle, but Preston encouraged me to keep trying and to not give up and walk.  I’m so glad that I did, because I was able to reach my A goal, having finished the race in 34:00.  While this is a couple of minutes slower than my current 5k PR, I’m beyond proud of myself given the weather and the fact that I had just run a half marathon six days earlier.

I must applaud the race organizers for quickly adapting to the storm that rolled in.  We received a bottle of water immediately after crossing the finish line, and the rest of the food and drinks were moved under an overhang in the front of the hotel.  There was more than enough food to go around, which included pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, and bananas.  Drinks included water, Gatorade, and beer.

Because we were worried about driving through the storm, we didn’t stick around for long after the race.  After eating a couple slices of pizza and a banana (which served as our dinner for the evening), as well as enjoying a beer, we made our way back to the car and headed home.

Proudly wearing my second medal of the week!

Proudly wearing my second medal of the week!

QOTD: What are the worst weather conditions that you’ve run in?

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Army Ten Miler Training Log – Week 2

After a great first week of training, this past week has been even more incredible!  For many reasons, I’ve felt like I’ve been on cloud nine.

My dad was in the DC area for work for, and we were able to spend Friday afternoon and evening and all day Saturday together before he headed to the airport yesterday morning.

I completed my first long run since Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach yesterday afternoon.  Between the gorgeous weather and how I felt during my run, I felt on top of the world when I finished.  Better yet, I felt like I could have easily kept running!

5 mile run

The icing on the cake of my incredible week was the e-mail that I received Friday afternoon.

fitfluential e-mail

I was selected to be a FitFluential ambassador!  I’m ecstatic about this announcement and feel so privileged to have been selected to join such an incredible group of fitness enthusiasts.

This week was also a first for me in quite awhile.  I completed all of my runs outside!  Part of this was due to the lower temperature and humidity, but part of it was also due to the fact that I’ve become quite bored on the treadmill and need a bit of a break from it.

Mon 9/8 – 3.14 mile run around the neighborhood, 0.30 mile cool down walk, abs

Tues 9/9 – Rest day

Wed 9/10 – 3.21 mile hill workout on the Cub Run Stream Valley Trail, 0.31 mile cool down walk

Thurs 9/11 – 30 minutes on the elliptical, kettlebell squat swings, abs, arms, shoulders, glutes

Fri 9/12 – Rest day

Sat 9/13 – Rest day

Sun 9/14 – 5.14 mile run on the Cub Run Stream Valley Trail, 0.43 mile cool down walk

Total Weekly Mileage – 15.28 miles (6.54 miles more than week 1)

Total ATM Training Mileage – 24.o2 miles

I cannot wait to carry the momentum from this past week of training into week 3.  While I’m faster and stronger than I was at this time a year ago I’m always seeking improvement.  There’s only 26 days until Army Ten Miler and I want to ensure that I’m in the best position possible to achieve a new ten miler PR!

garland quote

QOTD: What exciting thing(s) happened in your life this past week?

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Friday Five – September 12th – Five Blogs to Love

Happy Friday everybody!  With yesterday being such a serious and somber day, I’m thankful that Courtney, Cynthia, and Mar wanted to keep things lighthearted for the linkup today.  This week’s theme: Blogs to Love!


I absolutely love this theme, as I’m always on the search for fabulous new blogs to follow.  Many of my favorite bloggers are fellow Friday Five bloggers, so I’ve focused on including non Friday Five linkup participants in my list.  One thing that I have in common with all five of these bloggers: we all participated in Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend back in January (although I only met two of these wonderful women in person that weekend).

1.  Black Dog Runs Disney

If you need a daily dose of humor and entertainment, look no further than Kimberley’s blog.  Between her lighthearted outlook on life and her stories about her Wonder Mutt dog, I always go to her Kimberley’s blog when I need a good laugh.

2.  Run Stretch Go

Like so many of us, Cyanne strives to find a balance in her busy life.  The incredibly delicious, but healthy, food photos that she posts on Instagram are part of what inspired me to focus more on clean eating as a way to better fuel my body.

3.  Maker Mother Marathon Runner

With Kimberly from Maker Mother Marathon Runner

With Kimberly during the Disney World 10k

If you’re familiar with runDisney, then you’ve likely heard Kimberley’s story.  This woman is one of the most inspirational people that I’ve ever met.  Her battle with breast cancer, and her ability to continue running while facing her battle, make her one of the most motivating people that I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet.

4.  Sparkly Runner

Like Kimberley, Sarah is also a huge fan of runDisney.  Sarah’s weight loss journey is quite inspiring, and reading Sarah’s story inspires me to push myself more and more everyday.

5.  Road Runner Girl

Speaking of inspiring weight loss stories, my list of blogs to love wouldn’t be complete without including Mindy.  Like me, Mindy is also a teacher, but doesn’t allow her busy schedule to be an excuse for not running and working out.  Earlier this year, Mindy started on a weight loss journey, and her transformation has been incredible to watch!

QOTD: What is one of your favorite blogs that you follow?

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Spartan Race Giveaway Winner

Thanks to everybody who entered my Spartan Race Giveaway for the chance to an entry into a future Spartan Race.

Photo Credit: Spartan Race

Photo Credit: Spartan Race

Congrats to Heather for winning the giveaway!  Please e-mail me (dancingtorunning@gmail.com) to receive your entry code and instructions for redeeming your free race entry.

If you didn’t win and still want to register for a Spartan Race, you can still save 10% on any open heat race in the continental U.S.  Just enter code SPARTANBLOGGER at checkout.  And if you haven’t already, be sure to enter Spartan Race’s giveaway for the chance to win a trip for two including airfare, a 3 day Spartan Cruise, and an entry into the ultimate tropical island Spartan Race!  (Open to U.S. residents only)

Photo Credit: Spartan Race

Photo Credit: Spartan Race

Thanks again to everybody who participated!

QOTD: If you could cruise anywhere, where would you go?

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2014 Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon Recap


Ten days ago I ran the race that I spent all summer training for.  After having attended the expo the morning before the race, and then having spent the afternoon relaxing on the beach, I went to bed very anxious about what lied ahead of me.  I was nervous about pushing myself hard enough to reach my A goal – the sub 2:30 half finish time that I so badly wanted.

Since Preston’s volunteer shift started at 5:00 a.m. and we were staying about 20 minutes from the start line, our alarm went off at 3:45 a.m.  I quickly showered and got dressed, and by 4:30 a.m. we were on our way to the start line at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.  Although there wasn’t any runner parking at the start line, Preston had access to the VIP parking lot because of his volunteer assignment.  It was very convenient to park right at the start line, and as he headed off to check in with the volunteer coordinator, I relaxed in the car and ate my regular pre-race breakfast: a peanut butter sandwich and a banana.

Around 6:00 a.m. I made my way to the porta potties, figuring that I should use them at least once before the lines started to form.  It was so nice to walk up to one and not have to wait in line.  I returned to the car for about half an hour, before I went to check my gear bag and return to the porta potties for a second time.  By this point, there was a line, but I don’t think I waited more than 10 minutes.  After taking the car key to Preston, who was holding the rope in the front of Corral 17, I met up with Pam and Christine from We Run Disney.  Both Pam and Christine were very encouraging, and gave me a last second pep talk before the start of the race.

With Christine and Pam before the start of the race

With Christine and Pam before the start of the race

The race started at 7:00 a.m.  As the race announcer got ready to send the first corral off, he reminded runners of the unideal race conditions – that hot and humid were not a recipe for setting a PR.  Little did he know since I proved him wrong!

I was in corral 11, and just after 7:15 a.m. crossed the start line.  Having run the 5k last year, I was very familiar with the first three miles of the race.  The course takes you from the convention center east towards the beach.  During the first three miles near the oceanfront, the crowd support was incredible.  There were several groups of cheerleaders out cheering us on, as well as a couple of bands.

Around the one mile mark I ran past the area where last year I had seen a guy on the ground receiving CPR (who later died at the hospital).  Running past this part of the course was a reminder that I needed to pace myself if I was going to push myself later on in the race and reach my A goal.

After the third mile marker, we headed over the Rudee Inlet Bridge and headed towards Camp Pendleton.  Running on General Booth Blvd (which you run on a second time after you exit Camp Pendleton and head back towards the oceanfront), I saw several of the top finishers.  It was amazing to see just how fast they were moving, especially given how hot and humid it was.

One of the many groups of cheerleaders out on the course

One of the many groups of cheerleaders out on the course

My plan was to start the race using 2:1 run/walk intervals, and to increase my intervals to 3:1 if I was feeling good.  At the Leesburg 20k (which was my test race for this race), I increased my run interval for the last four miles of the race.  By the time I reached the mile 7 marker in Virginia Beach, I was feeling good and wanted to see what my body was capable of.  For the last six miles of the race I increased my run interval from two minutes to three minutes.

On base at Camp Pendleton we received military orders to "Keep Moving!"

On base at Camp Pendleton we received military orders to “Keep Moving!”

As I got closer and closer to the boardwalk, I knew that I was going to be cutting it close to reach my sub 2:30 goal.  Less than a mile from the finish line, while running on the boardwalk, several parents were not keeping control of their children.  The boardwalk is only fenced off during the last quarter mile or so of the course, as well as through the finisher’s chute, so people were able to be right on the course path.  Several children ran right out onto the boardwalk, in the way of runners running.  I had to yell “Move out of the way” several times, which I’ll admit wasn’t my finest moment, but it was the end of the race and I was trying to finish strong!

We ran on the boardwalk for the last mile of the race

Our view for the last mile of the race

At 2:30:14, I crossed the finish line of my third half marathon.  While I was initially disappointed that I was 15 seconds off from my goal, I quickly realized that I did in fact reach my goal pace for this race.  I got to celebrate my accomplishment at the finish line with Pam and Christine, Megan, and Preston (he had walked from the start line to the finish line after his volunteer shift ended).

Post race with Pam, Megan, and Christine

Post race with Pam, Megan, and Christine

After chatting with Pam, Christine, and Megan for awhile, Preston and I retrieved my gear bag and I changed out of my sweaty clothes.  We met up with Lacey and Meranda from Fairytales and Fitness, as well as Heather, on the sand and chatted with them for awhile before we headed back to the start line where our car was parked.

Post race with Heather, Lacey, and Meranda

Post race with Heather, Lacey, and Meranda

Overall, Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach was a very positive race experience.  Some of the positives of the race included:

  • There were plenty of water stations (about every 1-1.5 miles).  Although I was wearing my hydration belt I didn’t finish all of the water in those bottles.
  • Volunteers were holding hoses at water stations to help cool us off which helped in combating the heat and humidity
  • There were wet sponges on the course, and wet (and very cold) towels at the finish
  • I heard earlier corrals also got orange slices early on in the race, which I never saw, but would have passed on them anyway since I’m not a fan of oranges
  • There were more than enough volunteers at the start, finish, and along the course
  • The crowd support was incredible, especially during the last couple of miles of the race (people were holding their own hoses to help cool runners down, as well as handing out food, beer, and leis)
Spectators handing out beer

Spectators handing out beer

  • Team RWB handed out ice pops around mile 10
  • The course was super flat, parts were shaded (although on other parts we had the sun beating down on us)
  • There were lots of finish line treats, including Popsicles!
  • The start time was moved up to 7:00 a.m. (last year the race started at 8:00 a.m.)

Of course, there were also some cons to the race:

  • The corrals weren’t enforced (I saw somebody with a corral 17 bib two people away from me in corral 11, and Preston said that the volunteers were told to not stop people from jumping corrals)
  • While there were lots of post race treats available, I didn’t have enough hands for all of them!  I needed a bag at the end of the race!
  • Runner tracking wasn’t working properly (I only got 5k and 10 mile splits, and Preston only got my 10 mile split)
Theres no better way to celebrate a summer race than on the beach!

There’s no better way to celebrate a summer race than on the beach!

Not every race is going to be perfect, and I realize that.  Overall, I found Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach to be a very positive experience, and I would definitely run this race again.  Preston and I debated signing up for next year’s race (the preregistration special for $45 was very appealing), but we decided to pass on it for now.  There are other races that we’re interested in exploring, and we didn’t want to commit to Virginia Beach a year in advance.


QOTD: How far in advance do you register for major races?

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2014 Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Expo

Last Saturday morning I kicked off my racecation by spending a couple of hours at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach expo, which was held at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.  Because we drove down to Virginia Beach Friday afternoon/evening, with a stop in Williamsburg for some shopping at the Yankee Candle Flagship Store and a pasta dinner, we were able to head to the expo first thing Saturday morning.


Just like last year’s expo, parking at the convention center was plentiful, and the expo itself was well organized.  Once we arrived, our first stop was to pick up my bib.  The line for my corral was short, and I waited less than five minutes to pick up my bib.  With my bib in hand, I headed a short ways down to retrieve my race shirt and gear bag, and then we exited into the official merchandise area.

So excited to have the bib for my third half marathon!

So excited to have the bib for my third half marathon!

Unlike at the previous Rock ‘n’ Roll expos that I’ve attended, I was much more impressed with this event’s official race merchandise.  I debated between two different tops for awhile, and ultimately decided to get a new long sleeve half zip, which I’m sure will get a lot of use this fall.  Preston also wanted a pint glass to add to his collection to commemorate his volunteering at the race.

As we were getting ready to exit the official merchandise area, we ran into Meranda and Lacey from Fairytales and Fitness.  After talking with both Meranda and Lacey online for awhile now, it was great to finally meet these sisters in person!

With Lacey and Meranda, who ran the Mile on the Sand before we met up at the expo

With Lacey and Meranda, who ran the Mile on the Sand before we met up at the expo

After saying goodbye to Meranda and Lacey and paying for our merchandise, we entered the main area of the expo.  We immediately walked into the Sports Authority area, where I picked up a couple of pairs of Thorlos Experia socks for a great price.  I also picked up a new pair of sunglasses (so that I don’t have to keep running in my regular sunglasses), as well as a new Sparkly Soul headband for only $10.  We also tried a couple Power Bar samples and visited with the J&A Racing booth since we hope to register for Shamrock Marathon weekend, which is in March.

Im pretty proud of my conservative shopping at the RnRVB expo

I’m pretty proud of my conservative shopping at the RnRVB expo

Compared to last year’s expo, we found this year’s expo to be very underwhelming.  It seemed as though the number of vendors present at this year’s expo was much fewer than the number that had been present at last year’s expo.  We didn’t leave all too disappointed, as we had hoped to not spend too much money at the expo (which we didn’t).  It just meant that we spent less time at the expo than we had planned on, which allowed for us to spend more time at the beach.

After the expo we headed to the beach, had lunch on the outdoor patio at Waterman’s Surfside Grille while overlooking the Virginia Beach boardwalk and the Atlantic Ocean, and then enjoyed an afternoon on the beach.  Lounging on the beach was just what I needed in order to relax before the half marathon the next morning.


QOTD: How do you relax the day before a major race?

Don’t forget to enter my Spartan Race Giveaway!  The giveaway ends tonight at 11:59 p.m.

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Army Ten Miler Training Log – Week 1

The day after I crossed the finish line of Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach, training officially began for the Army Ten Miler.  You may recall that last year I volunteered at the finish line handing out finishers’ coins, and I’m very much looking forward to participating in this DC area tradition in just five short weeks.

Between having run a half marathon a week ago, having spent this past week readjusting to my school routine, and having Back to School Night on Thursday, training was very light this past week.  I’m definitely looking forward to hitting my training hard in the coming weeks, in hopes of pushing myself towards a ten miler PR come race day.

The highlight of this past week was running the Arlington Police, Fire & Sheriff 9/11 Memorial 5k.  I shared on Thursday that I was uncertain as to how I was going to approach this race.  I wound up run/walking it, and finished 20 seconds faster than I did when I ran the race last year!  What an incredible way to end my first week of ATM training!

Preston and I before the start of Saturday evening's Arlington 9/11 Memorial 5k

Preston and I before the start of Saturday evening’s Arlington 9/11 Memorial 5k

Mon 9/1 – Rest day, travel home from Virginia Beach

Tues 9/2 – Rest day, first day of school

Wed 9/3 – 2.72 mile treadmill run, 0.37 mile cool down walk, kettlebell squats, abs, arms, shoulders

Thurs 9/4 – Rest day, Back to School Night (left for work at 6:15 a.m., got home at 9:00 p.m.)

Fri 9/5 – Rest day

Sat 9/6 – Arlington Police, Fire & Sheriff 9/11 Memorial 5k

Sun 9/7 – 2.52 mile walk with Riley around the neighborhood, 15 minutes of yoga

Total Weekly Mileage – 8.74 miles

Total ATM Training Mileage – 8.74 miles

Some people may be wondering why I’m eager to push myself so soon after having run a major race.  I’m not approaching this training cycle as starting over, but rather as continuing to push myself since I never feel like I lost momentum after Virginia Beach.  I can’t wait to push myself as hard as I can and see what I’m made of, especially as it (hopefully) starts to cool off and the humidity starts to decrease a bit.

montana quote


QOTD: How soon after you run a major race do you start training for another?

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Friday Five – September 5th – Five Things I’m Thankful For

This week has absolutely flown by!  I know that’s partly due to Monday having been Labor Day and it was only a four day work week, but with this also having been the first week back at school with students, its been one super busy and absolutely crazy week!  To all of my fellow bloggers, my apologies for not commenting on your posts as much as I usually do, or for not being as active on Social Media this past week.  Its nothing you’ve done, its all been because of how crazy this week has been!


Where I’ve spent the majority of my week

If the first week back with students weren’t crazy enough on its own, we also had Back to School Night yesterday, which meant I left for work at 6:15 a.m. and didn’t get home until after 9:00 p.m.  Talk about one long day!  And of course I spent most of the day on my feet, which given that I ran a half marathon on Sunday, to say my feet and legs are a bit sore is an understatement!

With how crazy this week has been, its gotten me thinking about the simple things that I’m thankful for.  This week I’m thankful for:

1.  A routine

Last week I started to get back into my morning routine, and this week I’ve been working on getting back into my school routine.  Although we haven’t had a normal bell schedule at school this week, which has only added to the craziness, I’m looking forward to getting into a regular routine with my students next week.

2.  The gym and my ability to work out

Although I’ve only worked out once since Sunday’s half marathon, the hour that I spent at the gym on Wednesday was the perfect mental break I needed from the craziness.

3.  My coworkers

I’m very fortunate to have incredibly caring coworkers.  We all look out for one another, and after my unfortunate stay in the hospital earlier this year, many of them have been extra vigilant about looking after me and asking how I’m doing.  Yesterday, one coworker noticed that I was at school a bit late and kindly told me to “Go home.”

4.  An almost empty calendar this weekend

Other than the Arlington 9/11 Memorial 5k tomorrow evening, we don’t have anything else on our calendar this weekend.  And that is exactly what my mental sanity needs right now.  Although I have a list of chores that I hope to take care of around the house this weekend, knowing that I’ll be able to sleep in both Saturday and Sunday and ease my way into the day will help me to relax after such a crazy week.

5.  My husband


With how crazy my week has been, I’m beyond thankful for the extra chores that Preston has taken on around the house this past week.  He’s also been getting up earlier in the morning than he has to in order to help me get out the door on time.

QOTD: What are you thankful for this week?

As always, thank you to the DC Trifecta Bloggers (Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC, Mar from Mar on the Run, and Cynthia from You Signed Up For What?!) for hosting the weekly Friday Five Link Up.  Be sure to check out their posts as well!


Also, be sure to enter my Spartan Race Giveaway for your chance to win an entry into a 2014 or 2015 Spartan Race!

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My Goals for Saturday’s Arlington Police, Fire & Sheriff 9/11 Memorial 5k

Yes, I just ran a half marathon on Sunday.  And yes, I’m signed up for a 5k less than a week post half marathon.  Am I crazy?  Yes.  But will I be at Saturday’s Arlington Police, Fire & Sheriff 9/11 Memorial 5k?  You bet!

9-11 race

The bigger question is: will I run this race on Saturday?  That is yet to be determined.  I ran last night for the first time since Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach, and my legs definitely felt heavy.  I jogged more than I ran, but it felt good to loosen my legs up a bit.  I don’t plan on running again before Saturday’s race, and whether or not I run, jog, and/or walk this race will be a last minute decision.

At the start line before last year's 9/11 Race

At the start line before last year’s 9/11 Race

Having run this race last year, I’m already familiar with the course.  The course is relatively flat, until the last half mile which includes running up and over an overpass.  Depending on how my legs feel, I may run part of the race and walk the other part.  But again, it’ll all depend on how I’m feeling on Saturday.

With that said, I have three different goals, and depending upon how my legs feel will determine which goal I’ll go after Saturday evening during the race.

Goal A – Finish the race in under 34:20 (11:04 pace) – this was my finish time for last year’s race – I’ll go after this goal if I’m feeling good and decide to run this race for time

Goal B – Finish the race in under 37:17 (12:00 pace) – I’ll go after this goal if I’m feeling okay and need to jog this race

Goal C – Cross the finish line – I’ll go after this goal if my legs aren’t feeling up for running

QOTD: How soon after you run a half marathon do you start running again?

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Spartan Race World Championship and Cruise News…and a Giveaway!

Earlier this year, I shared details about what a Spartan Race is.  If you’re looking to challenge yourself with an obstacle course race, designed to push you to the limit, then a Spartan Race might be right up your alley.  Check out the Spartan Race video below to see just how far you can push your limits!

Have you heard the most recent Spartan Race news?  NBC Sports recently partnered with Spartan Race to film six episodes of Spartan Races, which will culminate with the World Championship race in Killington, Vermont on September 20th.  The championship race will air on NBC on November 16th.  You can find the full schedule of televised races here.

Photo Credit: Spartan Race

Photo Credit: Spartan Race

If the Spartan World Championship weren’t exciting enough, there’s even more great news from Spartan Race!  Have you heard about the all new Spartan Cruise?  This three night cruise out of Miami will take racers to Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas, where they will compete in a unique Spartan Race that includes 15 obstacles.

Photo Credit: Spartan Race

Photo Credit: Spartan Race

Want to win a chance to join Spartan Race on this unique cruise?  Spartan Race is hosting a giveaway!  The winner will receive a trip for two including airfare, a 3 day Spartan Cruise, and an entry into the ultimate tropical island Spartan Race!  (Open to U.S. residents only)

Photo Credit: Spartan Race

Photo Credit: Spartan Race

And if the Spartan Cruise Giveaway weren’t exciting enough, Spartan Race has allowed me to host a giveaway for a race entry into any race in the continental U.S.  Be sure to enter my giveaway for your chance to win a free entry!

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Disclosure: I received all promotional materials for this post from Spartan Race.  Giveaway ends at 11:59pm on September 9th and the winner will be announced on the blog next week.

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